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Bella's POV. She's about to get married and just can't shake the feeling that she has forgotten something important.

"How does that saying go again, Mom?" I stood in Alice's bathroom, staring incredulously at the reflection in the mirror. Alice and Rosalie are miracle workers; I looked like a fairytale princess. Renee fussed with my train for at least the dozenth time while Esme, Alice, and Rosalie had their heads together in the doorway running through the plan one more time. I don't know why I felt this way. I know Alice would never overlook a single detail, but for some reason I just knew I was missing something. Something a bride is definitely supposed to have with her when she walks down the aisleā€¦or stairs, in my case.

"What saying, Bella?"

"The one about what a bride is supposed to have."

"Honey, quit worrying. You look beautiful and Alice has absolutely everything else covered." Renee attempted to reassure me but it didn't help much since she wasn't really paying attention to what I had actually asked her. She was far to busy being mother-of-the-bride and lost in her own thoughts to hear my rambling.

"No, Mom, I really do think I've forgotten something." My face screwed up in concentration and Alice shot me a warning look. If I mussed my make-up now, with only 5 minutes until the ceremony started, I think she might literally kill me. My mother sighed, looked me in the eyes and said, "OK, so what did you forget?"

"That's the point, Mom - I've forgotten it. I don't know what 'it' is exactly."

Seeing I wouldn't be placated so easily, Renee resigned herself to figuring out what was bothering me. "All right, let's run down the list. Ring?" Never looking away from Esme and Rosalie, Alice held out her hand so we could see the band around her thumb. "OK, got that. Something old?" Renee touched my neck, "Your grandmother's pearls. Something new? Your dress. Something borrowed? Esme's linen handkerchief. Something blue?" She looked at me. "Wait, Bella, what's your something blue?"

I thought for a second about what I had that was blue. I blushed at the same time Rosalie looked over and grinned. Realization hit Renee and I like a ton of bricks, "Ah, so that's why your underwear is that color."