Chapter 1; Thank You

"I have already chosen my bride, I have decided, in fact, to marry Yuki," said the prince, indicating the white cat who was sitting beside Haru, the females finding comfort in each other. They both gasped in surprise at Lune's announcement.

"So these crackers mean that… you can marry the prince instead of me! I'm so happy for you!" Haru said, nearly crying with joy as she embraced Yuki, her first cat friend.

"How can we ever repay you?"

"Keep your father away from me," Haru said, not even thinking about it. She heard Muta laugh at that. Shaking her head at her flat statement, the school-girl/cat smiled. "You don't have to thank me, I'm just glad that everything turned out so well."

Lune smiled at Haru's frank request, and grinned when she said she didn't need to be thanked.

"You know, the exit to your world is still there, you can still get home," the prince said, looking up casually.

Haru looked up too, and considered her options. The sky was beginning to change colour, the sun about to rise. If she wanted her own life back she would have to move fast.

If? What kind of a thought was that? Of course she wanted her own life back, her quiet, predictable life… except that she had so many new friends here. There was Yuki and Lune, Muta, and the Baron…

"Actually, now that I don't have to get married, I'm not so worried about it," she admitted, still watching the sky beyond the exit. "Mum probably will though."

Looking back at her friends, she slipped a crooked smile on her kittenish feline face. "All those in favour of me going home?" she asked.