Heart to Heart
Rating: T
Pairing(s): LuxXig; hints of XigDem
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A lone figure stalked into the room, presence unknown to the blond, blue eyed gambler sitting at the dinning room table, playing a game with himself. A grin spread across his face at his unknown appearance. He silently walked to the Gambler of Fate, Luxord, his prey. Just when he was about to pounce--

"Xigbar." a British voice acknowledged.

Damn, caught...

"Man! How did you know it was me, Lux?" Xigbar groaned now standing by his once prey's chair with his hands on his hips.

"It is not that hard. Even if you try to be silent, your shoes still make noises."


"Do you need something?"

"Nah, just wanted to talk."

Luxord raised a brow at this "Hm? Talk?"

Xigbar nodded.

"About what?" Luxord asked getting curious.


"What kind of stuff?"

A pause.

"Xigbar?" Luxord questioned to Xigbar's silence.

"What would you do...?" Xigbar asked looking at him straight in the eye.

"What would I do about what?" Luxord was becoming confused.

"What would you do if a man told you he loved you?"

"Why ask that? Did Demyx finally admit his feelings to you?" Luxord grinned.

Xigbar scoffed "No, I was just curious..."

Luxord looked up thoughtfully "Hm, I guess it would just depend on who it was..."

"I see..."

A long line of silence filled the room. Xigbar just stared at the ground and Luxord just stared at him.

An "I love you." broke through the silence barrier.

"Excuse me?" Luxord blinked confused even more

"I. Love. You." Xigbar started dead serious

Luxord blinked once, twice, thrice. For a minute Luxord thought Xigbar was just kidding; testing him, but that was before he saw that faint blush spread across the Freeshooter's cheeks. Luxord smiled.

Xigbar squeaked in surprise as an arm wrapped around his waist and pulled into the other's lap swiftly. Just when he was about to protest a pair of lips covered his. His eyes widened in shock, but soon closed shut as Luxord nibbled his lower lip. He accepted the gesture by slightly parting his lips. Luxord wasted no time (haha, pun) slipping his warm tongue into the other's lips. It made quick, arousing laps around the Freeshooter's mouth, soon making it to his tongue. They fought each other with Luxord as the victor. Of course this could not last with the lack of oxygen, so the parted from the hot, wet kiss, panting.

"Wow." Xigbar gasped making Luxord grin.

"Does that answer your question?" Luxord asked.

Xigbar chuckled and layed his head on the Gambler's shoulder.

"I love you." Is all he could say.

"Love you, too, Xiggy."


"Oh, and by the way," Luxord started jokingly "you suck at stealth."

Xigbar slapped him.


((Laughs at Xigbar's reaction)) Don't worry, they kissed and did some unmentionable things after that! Sorry, Luxy! Anyway, sorry for the sucky kiss scene, I fail at that! ((Cries))

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