The Holidays Can Change Everything

by: LunarEclipse360

Disclaimer: I want it but I can't have it

A/N: here it is...the last chapter of the story ::cries:: it sucks that this is ending, it also sucks that today is Christmas and I feel like shit. I feel nauseous and dizzy and my bones feel like bricks but I still typed this up for you guys because I love all of you. Well enjoy. Remember there will be a one-shot follow up of this that takes place on New Years.

Perfect Christmas

December 25; Merry Christmas

Troy awoke the next morning, his mind trying to awake from it's slumber. Suddenly a smile formed on his lips when he realized what day it was. He rolled over and saw Gabriella sleeping soundly next to him. He moved in closer and kissed her lips, awaking her from her sleep. Her brown eyes opened and she smiled when she saw him.

"Morning." she said softly.

"Merry Christmas." he said and her eyes widened, her body becoming fully awake.

"I can't believe it's actually here."

"Neither can I, love, neither can I." he touched her cheek and placed another kiss on her lips.

"If that's my Christmas present then you can forget getting mine."

"It's not your Christmas present. I just love kissing you, is all." she smiled and he continued to kiss her until they were just making out.

"Okay we know Christmas is the season of love but seriously can you two not make out" Taylor said standing in the door way. Gabriella giggled and rolled her eyes.

"Merry Christmas to you too Tay."

"Merry Christmas you two." she walked over to Gabriella and Troy, hugging them both. "Come downstairs, everyone's been waiting for you to get up."

"Well geez how long have you guys been up?" Troy asked.

"Since seven."

"And what time is it now?"


"You guys are nuts."

"Just get up already."

"Fine we're coming." Taylor left the room and Troy got up. "Come on Sleeping Beauty." he said to Gabriella and she held out her arms. He sighed but leaned down, allowing her to wrap her arms around him. He pulled her up and wrapped his arms around her waist. He took her hand and they went downstairs together.

Downstairs they saw everyone sitting in front of the tree, waiting for their arrival.

"You guys were really waiting for us?" Gabriella said as they took a seat on the couch.

"Of course. You can't open gifts if everyone isn't here." Destiny said "Shall we start now?" everyone nodded and she turned to the tree. "Okay first up. Taylor this is from Kelsi." she handed Taylor the wrapped box and they all watch Taylor open it.

"Thanks Kelsi." Taylor said as she looked at her new laptop. "How did you afford this?"

"I have my ways."

"Okay next is...Ryan from Zeke." Destiny said and handed Ryan a small bag.

"What did he get me?" he mused as he reached into the bag, pulling out a brand new hat.

"To add to your collection."Zeke said and Ryan smiled.

"Thanks." Ryan said giving his sister's boyfriend a one armed hug.

"No problem."

"Jason this is from your girlfriend." Destiny handed Jason a bag and Jason looked at it, wondering what was inside of it. He took out the tissue paper and gasped.

"No way." he said as he dug out an envelope with the NYU seal on it.

"What is it?" Chad asked as Jason opened it, his eyes widening at the sight of the words written.

"It's an acceptance letter to NYU's graduate school for film. How did you get this?"

"I know a few people on the board of directors and they pulled a few strings for me."

"You're the greatest Kels." he said as he took her in his arms.

"I know. But wait there's more." Destiny looked again and saw another bag with Jason's name on it. Jason went through it and smiled.

"Alright." he said as he pulled out an official Yankees jersey with the name Jeter followed by the number 2. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"Next is...Sharpay. This is from me." Sharpay took the box from Destiny and ripped the paper off.

"Aww Des." she said as she looked at her new pink shimmery dress. She pulled it out and held it against her. "Thanks." she said hugging her brother's girlfriend.

"You're welcome." she turned back to the tree and pulled out a bag. "Ryan this is from Troy." she said handing her boyfriend the gift bag. Ryan pulled out the tissue paper and smiled.

"Alright the Hairspray soundtrack and Footloose and...Wicked."

"Who says wicked anymore?" Sharpay asked.

"No I mean the play Wicked." he said and pulled out the original cast soundtrack to Wicked. "I love these plays. How did you know?"

"And you say I never pay attention." Troy said with a grin and Ryan shook his head.

"Thanks man."

"You're welcome."

"Next up. Chad, this is from Sharpay." she said handing Chad a bag.

"Finally I get to see what you got me." Chad said and went through the bag. "A jersey?" he said as he lifted up the shirt.

"Not just a regular jersey."

"A Lakers jersey. Okay and..."

"And keep looking." he raised an eye brow at her before taking the jersey out of the box. As he did that, two small pieces of paper fluttered to the box and his mouth dropped open.

"What are they?" Destiny asked.

"Lakers tickets. How did you...?"

"You're welcome." Chad had to get up and hug Sharpay. Even though it wasn't a car, he was still happy about it.

"Troy this is from Sharpay." Destiny said handing Troy a small box. Troy took the box and opened it.

"A key?" he asked, confusion written on his face. His eyes widened when he realize what they were for.

"No way."


"Where is it?"

"Out front." Troy quickly stood up and made his way to the door. He gasped when he saw the black Mercedes Benz sitting outside with a red bow on top. Everyone else had the same expression when they came outside.

"I can't believe you actually got me a car." he said to Sharpay before hugging her. "Thank you so much."

"You're so very welcome." they all went back inside and finished opening their gifts. Sharpay got a new actors chair from Chad, a reservation at her favorite restaurant from Zeke, a new mic from Ryan, a trip to Italy from Kelsi and Jason, a new purse from Troy, a necklace from Gabriella and a gift card to the Gap from Taylor.

Destiny got a brand new digital camera from Sharpay, a pair of gold earrings from Taylor, a gift card to Barnes and Nobles from Jason, a red halter top and ripped jeans from Kelsi, two tickets to The Little Mermaid from Zeke, a black and white checkered dress from Gabriella and a gold ring from Ryan. She understood fully when she didn't get a gift from Troy. They weren't that close and technically this vacation was the first time she'd seen him.

Ryan got a book of all of Broadway's plays from past to present from Gabriella, he got a few more soundtracks from Jason, his sister got him a new iPod, he got the sidekick LX from Chad, Taylor gave him a collectible screen play from The Phantom Of The Opera, and two tickets to Hairspray along with other Broadway memorabilia from Destiny.

Chad got a new basketball from Jason, a baseball jersey from Ryan, he got a one of a kind autographed baseball by Derek Jeter from Zeke (he has no idea how Zeke got it), he got a Jason Kidd jersey from Troy, and Taylor, Gabriella and Destiny chipped in to buy him four tickets to the Rangers game.

Taylor got a guide of the name of every romance novel written from Troy, new Echo sneakers from Destiny, a white gold bracelet from Sharpay, a new digital camera from Jason, a cook book from Zeke, an iTunes gift card from Ryan, Diamonds perfume from Gabriella and a trip to Cancun from Chad.

Zeke got a new cookbook from Gabriella, new cooking wear from Taylor, a Miami Heat jersey from Chad, an iPhone from Jason, a Lakers jersey from Troy, an autographed Michel Jordan jersey (back when he was part of the Chicago Bulls) from Sharpay, Super Bowl tickets from Destiny and Ryan and a Modells gift card from Kelsi.

Jason got a Lakers jersey from Troy, a new video camera from Sharpay, a new laptop from Chad and Taylor, he got a directors chair from Ryan, a Wii from Gabriella, cologne from Destiny and Zeke got him Making Movies for Dummies.

Kelsi got a new hat from Ryan, a new keyboard from Sharpay, a music program for the computer from Taylor, sheet music from Troy, a gift card to Forever 21 from Destiny, a gift card to Best Buy from Zeke, Gabriella brought her a green short sleeve shirt that said 'Music maker' on it, Jason gave her two tickets to the Philharmonic and an iTunes gift card from Chad.

Troy got a new pair of Converse from Zeke, a new digital camera from Taylor, a Lakers jersey from Ryan, a pair of Vans from Jason, cologne from Kelsi, a PSP from Chad, he and Destiny already had a mutual understanding about the gift, and he got a sidekick LX from Gabriella.

Gabriella got a blue and white shirt that hung off her shoulders from Kelsi, Sharpay and Ryan both got her two tickets to Maui, she got a new laptop from Jason, a video camera from Chad, a pair of low-rider jeans from Destiny, a Barnes and Nobles gift card from Zeke and a red strapless party dress from Taylor.

By time everyone had opened their gifts, it was already after one. They all went upstairs and got ready to head over to the Evans' other winter home. Gabriella sat in her old room, staring at the floor.

"What's wrong?" Taylor asked as she sat next to her best friend.

"He didn't get me a gift." she whispered.

"I'm sure he did."

"So why hasn't he given it to me yet?"

"You know how Troy is. He's a romantic. He wants to wait for the right time."

"I hope you're right." she said and stood up to go take her shower.

"So am I." Taylor whispered before looking for something to wear.

Troy went into his room, fully clothed. He went into the night stand and pulled out the box that held Gabriella's gift. He didn't want to give it to her downstairs. He'd rather wait until they were alone. He put the box in his pocket and went downstairs.

Troy was excited when he got to drive his new Mercedes. He spotted Gabriella coming down the stairs and he went over to her.

"Hey Gabs you wanna ride with me?" she looked at him, trying not to let her hurt show. She had to think about what Taylor told her.

"Sure." she said mechanically and walked over to his car. He knew something was wrong with her by the way she answered him but he didn't address it. The ride to the Evans' other home was silent between him and Gabriella.

"Are you okay?" he asked glancing over at him.


"You sure?" she looked over at him and forced a smile.


They arrived at the other house twenty minutes later and Troy pulled up behind Sharpay and Chad behind him. He and Gabriella got out the car and followed everyone up to the door. They were welcomed like they hadn't just seen their parents yesterday.

Throughout the night, Gabriella seemed to be ignoring Troy. He didn't know why but it was starting to upset him.

"Hey guys our song is on." Taylor said and turned up the radio where the song they had sung at the Children's Hospital played.

Hello friend, it's me again

I just called to tell you

Even though I miss you so

I've been thinking of you

All my dreams are coming true, at last...ooh

The perfect ending to a wonderful year

Will be to celebrate the good times with you here

Cuz I know

For sure

I never wanted anything more

Troy saw Gabriella sitting silently in the den. She had a mug of hot chocolate in her hand and her eyes were staring out the window. He walked over to her, staying as quiet as possible.

"Hey." he said lowly and she turned her head to look at him.

"Hey." she said as he sat down next to her.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong."

"I know you're lying. Come on tell me." she sighed and looked at the mug in her hands.

"Why didn't you get me a gift?"

"So that's what this is about?"

"Just answer the question."

"Who says I didn't?" she looked at him, confusion written in her eyes.

The greatest gift that there could be

Wrapped underneath my Christmas tree

Would be the same my whole life through

I'd spend the perfect Christmas with you

Though the winter seems so long

My faith in love has kept me strong

So if I had a wish come true

I'd spend the perfect Christmas with you

I can't wait

Till the day

When I finally see you

So hold on

I won't be long

Got so much to show you

All my dreams are coming true, at last...ooh

"No one said you didn''s just I didn't get anything from you."

"That doesn't mean I didn't get you a gift."

"Then where is it?" she asked looking at him. He looked back at her and smiled.

"Come on." he said taking her hand in his. He pulled her up and ushered her out the door. He led her over to the corner of the porch and she looked into his eyes. "The reason why I didn't give you a gift earlier is because I wanted to wait."


"Because I'd rather give it to you when we're alone instead of when everyone else is around." he reached into his pocket and pulled out the small velvet box. Gabriella gasped, looking down at the box before looking back up at him, surprise written across her face. "Go ahead open it." she took the box from him and held it in her hands before finally opening it.

"Oh my God...Troy it's beautiful." she said and stared at the golden heart-shaped locket with a gold rose inside.

"I thought you'd like it." he said and took the box from her hands, taking the locket out.

The perfect ending to a wonderful year

Will be to celebrate the good times with you here

Cuz I know

For sure

I never wanted anything more

The greatest gift that there could be

Wrapped underneath my Christmas tree

Would be the same my whole life through

I'd spend the perfect Christmas with you

He unclasped the chain and moved behind her, putting the chain around her neck. He fixed her hair and placed a soft kiss on the back of her neck. She smiled and turned around, looking into his eyes.

"You're amazing. You know that right?"

"So I've been told." she smiled and they were about to lean in to kiss when a squeal broke out. They looked towards the window where all their friends stood, Ryan holding his hand over Sharpay's mouth.

"So much for privacy." she said and he chuckled.

"Yeah. We never seem to have enough." she smiled and looked at him. They leaned in once again but a gasped interrupted them and they looked back at the window.

"'s snowing." Kelsi said and they turned to look the other way. Sure enough, white flakes were falling from the sky. Gabriella giggled, excitedly and Troy looked at her.

"Come on." he said and grabbed her hand, pulling her out into the open. Their friends followed, laughing and playing in the snow.

So when you ask me what I mean

To me the Christmas is complete

Boy can't you see

You're the one thing missing for me

The greatest gift that there could be

Wrapped underneath my Christmas tree

Will be the same my whole life through

I'd spend the perfect Christmas with you

Though the winter seems so long

My faith in love has kept me strong

So If I had one wish come true

I'd spend the perfect Christmas...

As everyone dance around them, Troy and Gabriella held each other close, staring into the each others eyes. There was nothing else around them. They were the only two in their world. They slow danced in the snow, letting all worry and care slip away.

"Before I forget." he said stopping their dance. "Look at the engraving on the back." she gave him a confused look before turning the locket around.

"Baby if I could have just one wish come true, I don't wanna spend one more Christmas without you"

She smiled at the words and looked up at him, his own smile playing on his face.

"You really mean it?"

"Of course I do. I've been miserable these past three years without you. I don't want to have to go through that again. I love you too much to want to go through that again." she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close.

"Then consider your wish granted." she said and he wrapped his arms around her waist. "And if I had one wish come true...I'd spend the perfect Christmas here...with you." Troy smiled and closed the space between them, placing a soft but passionate kiss on her lips.

For Troy and Gabriella, this truly was a perfect Christmas.

A/N: and that's the end. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, I know I enjoyed typing it. P.S. the engraving Troy put on the locket is from a song called I Don't Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You by Nsync. It's sad but I love it. P.S.S. I told you, you guys would see that S Club song again. Well guys, until next time...have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year or for those who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays :D