AN: Twoshot fic. First chapter Ironhide/Chromia, second chapter Optimus/Elita. An attempt to contrast their relationhips...and yes, yes, Sparks and Plasma is getting updated. Look for an update midnight Saturday.


A smile crossed Chromia's face as she removed the gun from the box. Purring in approval, she ran a finger over the sleek metal, testing the grip and weight. Gripping it, she aimed at an imaginary target.

"Hm. Not bad." Then she purred again as a pair of black hands appeared on the silver-blue of her frame, pulling her back to nestle snugly in a warm embrace. "No, not bad at all."

"Do you like?" Ironhide rumbled. "I made it especially for you."

"Where did you get my hand size?"

"I have a friend who's good at collecting information." The weapons specialist replied. He owed Mirage several cubes of vintage high-grade, but there was no need to reveal that. "After that, I did a little research…" Here he wrapped his arms fully around Chromia, marveling at how he could completely encircle her waist. "You needed something that was light enough for you to handle in addition to inflicting a good amount of damage on your…prey, so to speak."

"Plasma or live rounds?"

"Live. Tirithum bullets, with armor-piercing tips." Chromia raised an optic ridge.

"Oh really?" She asked.

"Live rounds may be outdated, but they're still useful as Pit and a good fallback when your energy weapons run dry." Ironhide rumbled. Daring, he ran a hand lightly over the silver-blue femme's midsection, smirking when he was rewarded with an elbow into his chassis.

"Just because you give me a useful gift doesn't mean you get to have your way." Chromia scolded, reluctantly backing away from that warm frame-and the intoxicating presence of having Ironhide's spark so very close to hers. Then she bit back a giggle as a hand spun her around and she found herself being pressed into the desk. The Autobot weapons specialist all but loomed over her.

"You know, you've been quite the tease ever since we met." He rumbled. "Your spark wants mine, and my spark wants yours. So why this charade?"

"Like I said." Chromia purred in return. "You have to earn me. Don't worry; you're well on your way…" Unable to resist the temptation, she slowly started to run a finger along her intended's chestplates, watching as Ironhide shuttered his optics. "These things…have to be done properly. We can't just go run into a room someplace and settle the matter." Then she bit back a crack of laughter as Ironhide started to move away, not stopping until there was a good several feet in-between him and Chromia.

"You would drive any mech insane." He rumbled.

"I don't want just any mech." Chromia replied, a smile on her faceplates. "The only mech I want is you-ah ah!" She pointed her newly acquired weapon at Ironhide as he started to step forward. "No."


"You're about to lose your very high standing in my affections right now-which means you'll only have to wait longer." The femme answered, her optics sparkling with mischief. "And I really don't want to shoot you…" Her spark sang, calling out to Ironhide's, creating frequencies that could only be used by them. The black mech growled-his spark was answering to hers-Primus fraggit, this was pure torture. He was used to getting what he wanted-immediately, and the waiting game Chromia insisted on playing was testing the limits of his patience.

"You do know once I get my hands on you-" The rest of the Cybertronian made the silver-blue femme smile even more.

"How romantic." She said, stepping away from the desk. That was one of the things she loved about Ironhide. He didn't see the need for meaningless pratter and non-useful gifts, no; he got straight to the point and was brutally honest. "Have I told you I so very much appreciate your candor?"

"Have I told you that you might as well stop the games-I'm going to have you anyway?" Ironhide replied. "This whole matter would have been settled several lunar cycles ago if you'd simply said yes to my proposal."

"But then we wouldn't be having so much fun!" Chromia protested, stepping away.

"There is no we in this, femme." The black mech rumbled, starting to move forward. "There is only you, and your twisted friends. I know Elita's helping you torture me."

"You stop that right now! Elita is doing nothing of the sort!" Pretending to be miffed, Chromia turned her back, intending to stalk away when a pair of black arms wrapped back around her waist. Ironhide pulled her into his frame once more, reveling in how perfectly she fit against him.

"Got you."

"You wish." Chromia answered, but she shuttered her optics and sagged slightly into Ironhide's warm embrace, frame relaxing-her spark and CPU soaking up as much of the black mech's presence as possible. Here was someplace she could finally let her guard down-to be free of the burdens of being a warrior, if just only for a little while. Nothing mattered save for the press of Ironhide's body into hers, the tantalizing presence of his spark, his strong and reassuring presence soothing her… The feel of her intended sparkmate's hands sweeping over her frame once again made Chromia hiss in delight, snuggling even more into Ironhide's body.

"I don't think I said you could do that."

"So stop me." Ironhide rumbled, his hands running over and pressing into sore sections of Chromia's frame, releasing the tensions gathered in the nooks and crannies. "You're so tense…you should take a couple days off…relax someplace."

"With you?" Chromia asked.

"Preferably." Was the softly-growled answer into an audio receptor. "In fact, we could start right now."

"Mmm. How about you finish this first, and then we'll see."

"How about you give me a promise you'll come though on?" Came the counter. A smile crossed Chromia's faceplates, and she turned around to wrap her arms around Ironhide.

"If you're very good…" She murmured, placing her hands directly over the black mech's spark. "Maybe we could be partnered together for the next set of missions."

"Or we could frag the missions and be partnered for life." Ironhide replied, his spark all but dancing in its chamber at the feel of Chromia's hands on his chest. Lifting her up so that their foreplates touched, he enjoyed the pull of the femme's spark to his. Primus, this was Pit on his good intentions…he honestly didn't know how much more he could take of this.

"Patience love-that'll come in good time." Chromia whispered.

"I don't do patience very well, femme."

"Well, you're just going to have to learn how to do it. And don't you dare say anything else-I know what was going to come out of your mouth next." Sighing, Chromia settled in against Ironhide's chest, letting the now-familiar peace steal over her again. Here, there was no war; no Decepticons…just the soothing pulse of her beloved's spark.

And for right now…it was enough. For the both of them.