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"I don't know if I approve of this." Elita purred coyly from her resting place on the berth she shared with Optimus.

"Stop lying femme." The Autobot leader rumbled.

"I'm not lying." Elita countered, rolling onto her back and lifting a leg up into the air. "Though I feel that I must point out, I would prefer my name."

"Well, I prefer this." Optimus said, examining an outline on one of his legs. "Besides. When everybody sees this, they'll know it's you." He shuttered his optics in bliss as a pair of hands slid around his waist, nimble fingers slipping under armor to the protoform beneath.

"Will they now?" Elita cooed. "I suppose so…but still, can't you add my name underneath it?"

"No. And nothing you can do or say can change my mind." Elita arched an optic ridge, a small smile crossing her faceplates.

"Oh really?" She whispered huskily. Her fingers went probing-resulting in a low moan from Optimus. "Now, what were we discussing again?"

Ratchet bit back the urge to cackle-especially considering who his patient was. But he couldn't help himself…he was only a 'bot after all.

"I must say, this is one of the most endearing things I've seen any mech do for the femme that owns him." He remarked. This earned him a dark glare from Ironhide.

"Shut up."

"No no. I mean it. This is just so…touching."

"Frag you." Ratchet grinned at the retort, giving Ironhide a cube full of Energon.

"Here, drink this. I don't want you screaming like a femmebot when I start cutting into your face." He said. The weapons specialist gave the cube a dirty look.

"I don't need any slagging painkillers."

"Drink it or else I'll be welding your interface panel shut." Ratchet countered. "And after that, your chest chassis." Then he started to cackle as the cube was yanked from his hand.

"You are a sick son of a glitch." Ironhide pronounced, starting to take several swallows of the medical Energon.

"Aren't we all?" The yellow mech replied. "Now, where did you want this again?" Ironhide took another swallow, and then tapped the right side of his face.


"Since when did you start doing inscriptions?" Prowl asked from the nearby berth. The Autobot second-in-command was in recovery from the latest skirmish with the Decepticons.

"Since there isn't anyone around in Iacon who can do it properly." Ratchet answered, starting to trace an outline on Ironhide's faceplates. "And because we have crazy fraggers who want to try and impress the femmes who had pity on them and selected them as mates."

"Greetings." Came the low rumble of Optimus' voice. Ratchet cackled again, putting away his marking tools and activating his drill.

"And here's the leader of them all right now!"

Optimus threw Ratchet a mock glare as he sat down on a nearby berth.

"Hard at work I see." He rumbled.

"Silence, or when I start doing yours, I'm not giving you any painkillers." Ratchet snapped. To this Optimus wisely chose not to answer, instead boosting his left leg up onto the berth. Prowl tilted his head, noticing an outline of a very familiar femme stenciled in on the Autobot leader's lower leg armor.

"Well, that's one way of showing that you belong to her." He commented. Optimus grinned, glancing down at the design.

"I couldn't think of any words, so I figured a picture would be better." He said impishly. "Elita tried to change my mind but this is what I want…"

"Well, while you went for art, this one got poetic here." Ratchet commented as he started to drill into Ironhide's faceplates. Optimus raised an optic ridge.

"Really? What did you-"

"Eternal sonata." Ironhide growled. "And if you must know, it means that my spark has only one song now-hers." Both Optimus and Prowl blinked, completely taken aback by this eloquence…and from Ironhide of all mechs!

"…That is very meaningful." Prowl finally ventured after several breems had passed.

"Tell anyone and I will kill you." The black mech threatened.

"Oh thank Primus, he sounds normal again." Ratchet said dryly.

"Shut. Up."

AN: Optimus's inscription? Based on his now infamous mudflap of Elita in War Within. Too good to pass up!! And yes, Ironhide has a few glyphs on him too-zoom into his face when he speaks and you'll see them on his right side.