Pallet School Adventures Chapter 1 : Starting Day

So this is my first school fic. Eh. I had some inspiration from ShinyLucario with his fic. So, read, and let's see how this story goes for me !

Ages :

Ash - 5 - does not like school ; likes Gary

Gary - 5 - does not like school ; likes Ash , and hates the teacher

Axletia - 5 - very dominant ; has a big crush on Gary

Carid - 5 - likes school , and is a brainiac ; does not like the teacher

Teacher - pretty old and ugly

It was a rather cloudy day at Pallet Town. It was also the first day of kindergarten for Ash Ketchum and his cousin, Carid. Carid was optimistic , but Ash was having a fit.

" But Mom ! I don't wanna go to kindergarten ! Can't I just stay here and you can teach me until I'm old enough to run to the woods ? "

" No Ash. As much I'd like to keep you all day, the law requires me to let you go to school. But don't worry. I'm sure you and Carid will have fun at school. "

Ash sulked. There was no persuading his mom to change her mind. Ash's mom gave him his lunch, and the two kids went on the bus.

" So, Carid ? Can we sit together ? These kids look scary ! "

" No, Ash, " Carid said to him. " Unlike you, I want to meet new friends ! Look here - there's this girl near the front seat that looks friendly. Why don't you sit with someone else ? "

" Okay. "

Ash looked around, and saw that there was not a vacant seat available , except for one. A spiky brown haired boy with a mean look on his face had a space next to him.

" Excuse me, but can I sit in the seat thingie with you ? " asked Ash.

" Whatever. I don't care ," the brown headed boy responded, obviously bored.

Ash sat next to the boy and looked at him dreamily. " Wow, he's cute , " Ash thought .

" I don't like the way you're looking at me. "

" Oh, sorry. I'm Ash Ketchum . I'm five ! "

" I'm Gary Oak ! I'm also five, but I'm going to be better in anything than you ! "

" Uh - uh ! "

" Uh - huh ! "

" Well, I'm awesome ! "

Gary looked at Ash , bewildered for a moment, and smiled again. " Okay, I guess we can be friends, but I will be better than you ! "

" Okay."

The bus skidded to a stop, and the kindergarteners entered the school. Ash was still with Gary.

"So Gary. Do you know what teacher you have ? "

" Yeah. Miss Hartford."

" I have her too ! Do you know what she's like ? "

" I hear she's ugly and she smells like poo."

" Ooh. I'm glad you're in my class. I don't wanna be with an ugly lady ! "

Ash and Gary went in a classroom, where they saw Carid with the girl from the bus.

" Hi Carid ! " said Ash !

" Hi, Ash ! You made a friend ? "

" Yeah ! I'm Gary Oak ! "

" Hi Gary ! I'm Carid , Ash's cousin ! "

" Who's your friend ? " asked Ash.

" This is Axletia Rosonetis. She's from Pallet, too ! "

" Hi. I'm Axletia ! " Axletia said. She looked at Gary, and blushed. " So, you're Gary ? "

" Yeah, that's my birthname. My real name is Cool Guy ! "

" So can we sit here ? "

" Heck, you're free to sit anywhere you want ! " Axletia replied.

Ash and Gary decided to sit with Axletia and Carid. A tall, skinny woman with a pointed wicked witch nose came in, holding duct tape in one hand, and a fat book in the other.

" You're right, Gary. She is ugly ! " whispered Ash.

Miss Hartford wrote her name on the chalkboard, and glared at the five year olds. " My name is Miss Hartford. I am the teacher for you pathetic kindergarteners. And I don't care if you are five. You are my students, and I will punish you for what you did naughty ! " she said, her voice like a crow.

" What does punish mean ? " inquired Gary.

Some of the kids snickered, and Miss Hartford turned red. She picked Gary up by the scruff of the neck, and threw him across the wall. " Little bastard ! I am not taking questions right now ! "

Gary started crying, and Miss Hartford whacked him in the back of the head with a ruler. " I'll give you something to cry about ! " She slapped him in the face. " Now get to your damn seat ! "

Gary went back to his seat, and Miss Hartford gave a smile with her false teeth. " Well, it seems we have some troublemakers in here. It's going to be a wonderful year with you brats. Want to know why ? " She smacked the ruler in her hand. " I'm going to make your lives a living hell, that's why. And you may try to fight back, but I will win. "

Miss Hartford continued to give her tedious lecture, and pretty soon, it was lunchtime. The kindergarteners went to the cafeteria and started eating.

" That woman is mean ! She acts like we're sixth graders or something ! " Gary muttered. " And she smells like poo."

" Don't worry, Gary. We'll get back at her, " Ash said, giving Gary a hug.

Axletia tried to give Gary a hug too , but he backed away as she was the chicken pox or something.

" What do we do about nap time ? " Axletia asked. " What if she forces us to take our naps, and doesn't let us eat our milk and cookies ? "

" I hope not , " Carid replied. " I love milk and cookies! "

" So do I ! I love Oreos the best ! " Ash replied .

" She's too cheap to spend her money on Oreos ! She probably got us those minty cookies or those healthy granola bars ! " Gary announced.

Everyone crinkled up their noses, and they went back to the class. Sure enough, Miss Hartford did give the kids granola bars , and they were generic.

After the kids had their snack, Miss Hartford pounded the board with her ruler for attention.

" Class ! It's time for nap time ! Everyone go to sleep, or I'll knock you out with my fists ! "

All the kids went to bed, except for Ash and Gary. They were looking at a picture book when Miss Hartford glared at them. " Well, well, well, " she said, tapping her nails. " Looks like we have a couple of bratty boys who won't take their naps. Why is that ? "

" I dunno. "

" Cause you're ugly ! " shouted Gary.

Miss Hartford threw the two boys against the wall. She growled at them, like a ferocious Houndoor. " Shut up ! " she screeched. " I don't take that crap in my classroom ! "

Gary looked at Ash angrily. " She's a witch. She's a witch, and she's gonna kill us all with her ugliness ! "

Ash looked back at Gary. " I believe you."

After school was over, and the bus was going back to their houses, the four kids were still talking about Miss Hartford.

" Why is she so mean to us ? " inquired Ash.

" Maybe she has a bug up her butt ? " guessed Axletia.

" I'm telling you, that lady is a witch ! She wants to kill us all and turn us into toads ! " Gary insisted.

" I hear Miss Hartford was once dating a wart on her back, and it popped, and nobody ever wanted to date her because that same wart grew on her nose ! "

" Eww. I'm going with Gary and Carid's answer ! She is a witch. She only gave me a half a granola bar ! "

" She is evil ! " Ash said.

The bus stopped, and the four kids went to their houses to talk bad about Miss Hartford.


I rated it T, mainly for the cursing, and Gary will be doing some cursing later on. P.S. I hope none of you had a teacher as evil as Miss Hartford. If you did, I give you a fake chocolate in pity.