Epilogue : Court Date : End of Year

Pretty sucky last chapter, but...it is the epilogue, so no whining or cookies will be thrown.

Ash - 5 - does not like school ; facing charges

Gary - 5 - does not like school ; is very creeped out by Ash's kiss ; facing charges

Axletia - 6 - very dominant ; crush on Gary ; has grown ;

Carid - 6 - likes school , and is a brainiac ; does not like the teacher

Tracey Sketchit - 6 - likes drawing ; lived in the woods before he got a forced education by the police ; person who the kids beat up on

Teacher - pretty old and ugly

The school had been shot down. The flood had ravaged most of the classrooms. It destroyed textbooks, chalkboards, (and killed Juan, but he would later be revived to life due to being half Shinigami.)

So, since the school board had a pretty crappy budget, everyone decided that the last day of school would be the court date for Ash and Gary. Luckily for Tracey, Kiba, and Naruto, they were never caught (but got a serious beating).

Now it was the last day - Memorial Day. All of the kids were watching from far away the two kindergartener's court date.

Ash and Gary stood at one bench, with collared t-shirts and formal shorts. Both were snickering.

The jury included Miss Hartford, the principal, Miss Moo, and the whole kindergarten grade.

The judge snorted. " Okay. Redford Satoshi Ketchum and Garrison Solomon Oak, do you swear to say the whole truth, the truth, and nothing but the truth ? "

Ash grinned happily. " Hell yeah, Bastard Judge ! "

" Yeah ! We'll be happy to swear the truth ! That woman is a bitch ! " Gary cried, pointing to Miss Hartford. " And we have to smell gotdamn crap all the time ! It really sucks, Bastard Judge ! "

The judge groaned. " I don't mean swear - swearing. I mean swear - loyalty ! "

" Ohhh ! " Ash replied. " Just like the Plague of Aliens ? "

-.- " That's Pledge of Allegiance, " Gary corrected.

The judge gave a sigh. " Anyway, let's get this done and over with. Did you or did you not flood the school ? "

Ash nodded. " Yeah, but I was possessed by a poltergeist. "

" And I'm on crack ! " Gary added.

" Okay...are you lying ? "

(Both) " Yes, Sir Bastard Judge. "

" IT'S JUDGE RISI ! So...you admit it ? "

Ash grinned. " Of course ! It was prank day, after all ! "

Judge Risi sweatdropped. " Okay. You two are sentenced to two years of Juvie. And as for the school...it was a piece of crap, anyway. "

Principal Fairydust started bawling his eyes out. Miss Hartford cackled. " Finally ! I'm free from these sons of bitches ! "

Carid raised her hand. " Wait a minute. Your Honor, whatever happened to those slobbering preschoolers ? "

Everyone grunted. The judge shrugged. Principal Fairydust stood up from the bench. " Easy ! I shot everyone of those little mofos ! They all sucked ! "

" Okay, then..."

Axletia giggled. " I threw a seventh-grader's prealgebra math book at one of them ! It was fuuuun ! "

She giggled as she ran out of the courtroom. Judge Risi took a swig at his cup of coffee. " Okay. Balliff, before things get weirder, get these two kindergarteners to Juvie ! "

The balliff nodded. As he tried to grab Ash and Gary, though, the two little boys threw a smoke bomb at the area, confusing everyone and giving them a way to escape.

Gary groaned. " Where do we go , Ketchum ?! "

Ash grabbed Gary's hands tightly. " We drive...the shopping cart. "

He shoved Gary into the shopping cart, jumped in, and started to steer the wheel. Both of them waved a Japanese flag in the air, laughing maniacally. " HAPPY END OF YE - EAR ! " they both screamed...

...before jumping into the pond.

In the end, the punishment of Juvie for Ash and Gary was dismissed. Instead, everyone in the school board decided that since they, Carid, Axletia, Tracey, Kiba, and Naruto were somehow one big league, they had banned them from ever coming to that school again. It had seriously pissed off Carid, seeing as she didn't do anything, but that was the curse of being Ash's cousin. Daisy was banned too, but she didn't like the school, anyway.

Anyway, everything turned out well for the kids. (Except for Ash and Gary, who were grounded for a full month, but nobody really gave a freaking damn.)


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