Fandom: Death Note
Characters: L, Yagami Light, Amane Misa, The Doctor, Near, Mello, R.Y.U.K.
Warnings/Ratings: Lack of coherency.
In A Nutshell: "Why couldn't we be pitted against some normal evil person? A nice sociopath serial killer would have been just as interesting!"
Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, thankfully.

Dr. Manet towered over them, a Goliath perched upon robotic spider legs, each ending in a lethal-looking tip that stabbed ever nearer to Light as he scrambled backwards.

"Why couldn't we be pitted against some normal evil person? A nice sociopath serial killer would have been just as interesting! Instead we've got a huge," he paused to dodge, "death arachnid here, which is a term so ridiculous even I can't believe it!"

"Calm down, Light-kun. There are flaws to exploit here," L called serenely from the sidelines.

"Wouldn't you be a dear and exploit them for me, then?" The last stomp has snagged on his tie, ripping it in half straight down the center and enraging him, the flaps lolling like limp tongues as he retreated further.

"I believe that it is my duty as the main hero to allow for growth and development in a secondary character like yourself."

"This is not the proper time for patronizing me!" He looked as if he were doing a bizarre, ritualistic dance with the five-meter-high leviathan, an amusing yet disturbing image that L could not resist enjoying.

Misa, seeing her knight in mortal peril, went for her last resort, whipping out her pistol and aiming.

There was a painfully resonant "BANG!" and the doctor was going down, one of his many legs now severed and sputtering oil onto the floor. He landed with a loud "THUMP," entangled in his contraption to the point of immobility. The gun safely returned to its holster, Misa looked around innocently.

"Must have been a malfunction, there was a large noise…" L speculated, eyes flitting up to the model knowingly.

Light was kneeling, face pointed towards the floor. "That worked out almost too perfectly."

There was a tell-tale chuckle accompanied by the sound of flapping wings. "Nah, too perfectly would involve me taking this guy off into the sunset. Which is exactly what I plan on doing." He picked the now-fearful man up, leering into his face. "I hope ya like apples!" He cackled again, turning to the mismatched crew of superheroes. "See ya!" With that, he glided off.

"I wonder what will happen to him," Misa said disinterestedly.

"I always thought the doctor had given R.Y.U.K. better pants." Mello pouted.

"Don't dwell on it." L replied. Light looked at him curiously. "Now we have paperwork."

Light, for his part, groaned.

That's always the worst part, not to mention they're still kind of backlogged from Mikami.