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This is a story that is mostly about Fang... so expect a lot of Fang's POV.

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The Flock has distroyed the school and Max has found their parents... all but one. Fang is the only one without paretns... so far. Max finds his mother and everything goes smoothly. Her name is Mary Brandon. She was named after her Aunt, Mary Alice Brandon. She lives in Biloxi. That is until certain events leave Fang alone once more and lead him to his only other living relative. His great aunt, Mary Alice Brandon, or well... you know her better as Alice Cullen. From Twilight.

Finding Home

(In Fang's POV)

Chapter 1

(Fang's POV)

It all started when we were 15. We shut down Itex and the school. We had gone halfway with our plans. See we had blown the story wide open and then we took all the bloggers around the world and got them to attack Schools and Institutes and places. Max and I are now considered an 'item' or whatever. We're going out basically.

After Max and I had gone off to find all the flock's parents and Iggy's parents had begged him to come back. We visited them all occasionally to make sure they were okay. Once we found them all Max went on a mission to find mine. I kept telling her I didn't need parents but she insisted that I at least meet them. So I agreed and Max did her research, with the help of Nudge, who talked non-stop during the whole thing about her life and how great it was that I was finding my parents.

I was sitting in Mrs. Martinez's kitchen drinking some orange juice when Max came down the stairs and handed me a piece of paper. I looked at them for a second before Max sighed in impatience and ripped them from my fingers. "Your last name is Brandon, your mom lives in Biloxi. Her name is Mary Brandon. She was named after her Aunt. We couldn't find anything on your dad. This is your best shot." She said handing back the piece of paper.

I sighed and drank another bit of orange juice. I didn't want to know my parents. It would only end it heartbreak, and I knew that heart would be mine. I didn't fit in the normal world. I could only exist, and be happy, in the abnormal.

I sighed, if it made Max happy then I'd go, but she can't make me like it.

Max and I flew across the sky 3 days later. She smiled comfortingly at me. Sure I wanted to meet my mom, but I also wanted to dive into a hole and never come out. We landed in a park near my mom's house and walked the rest of the way.

She took my hand and I only then realized it was shaking with fear. I swallowed and glanced at Max. She smiled and squeezed my hand. She walked up the front steps of a house and pressed the doorbell.

I held my breath as I waited. The door opened and a very beautiful at least 30-years-old woman answered the door. She had olive skin and black hair.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

I stiffened, but Max asked in a calm voice, she'd done this 3 times already, "Were you pregnant 15-16 years ago with a boy?"

She froze, "How do you…" She trailed off before looking at me very, very carefully. "No… it can't be…" She muttered and reached to touch me. She grabbed my forearm and flipped it over. Her fingers traced along a scar I'd never was sure how I got and gasped, "It is you."

"I never did know how I got that." I mumbled.

"You had a problem in your arm when you were born. They fixed it," She muttered. She squinted into my eyes and pulled me inside her house and Max followed. The woman, 'mom', shifted through a drawer. She picked up a picture of a baby boy's face. I nearly choked; he looked so much like me.

She raised the picture to my face and glanced between the two a few times. "It is you!" She shouted and threw her arms around me. She was slightly shorter then I was and I was thrown off by how sudden she was. Max gave me a look and I hugged her arm and Max smiled and nodded. She rolled her eyes at me and I rolled mine back at her.

My mom's hand brushed one of my wings and we all froze.

"Uh, what's this?" She asked poking it with her finger.

I glared at Max in annoyance, I sighed, "It's one of my wings." I mumbled and slowly extended my wings.

Her eyes bugged out and whispered, "Whoa, that's different." She mumbled.

"If you… don't like… I don't know… if you have a problem… with my wings… you can tell me…" I said avoiding her eyes.

"What? No way! They're so cool!" She said looking excited. I raised an eyebrow at her. "I'm Serious!" She said with a laugh.

Max smiled, "Well, so is it all good?" She asked.

My mom nodded, "You can stay if you want…" She said now avoiding my eyes. I could see the hope in them.

I nearly smiled; I shrugged and said, "Okay." She smiled and I realized I never asked something, "Uh, what… uh what happened to my father?" I asked.

She seemed to freeze in place for a second. "He um, well you see, what's your name?" She asked trying to side track me.

"Fang, what happened to him?" I asked again more sternly this time.

"You're name is Fang?" She asked with an odd expression.

"Or Nick, doesn't matter, what happened to my father?" I asked again.

She sighed, "I didn't know who he was. He raped me." She whispered. "No one ever knew except my mother. Your grandma, she kept it a secret and I gave you up so you could have a good life." She muttered.

Anger and sympathy boiled in me. I suddenly hugged her, Max smiled at the hallmark moment. "I hope I don't burst your bubble but my life was far from good." I whispered.

She chuckled and sniffled, "That's okay, but I hope it's getting better."

I smiled, "Ya, it's getting better," I muttered. Max suddenly sniffed and I pulled apart from my mother. She wiped away a tear, "What are you still doing over there, come here," I said with a small smile. She sniffed and came over and we had a group hug.

It turned out I was seventeen, my real birthday had passed a few weeks earlier. Max left to go back to her old house and she knew that if there was going to be any trouble I would shooting across the sky to her house, but she made it obvious she wasn't going to be holding her breath for that. Mom worked a lot and I spent a lot of my time in front of the piano just learning and playing the piano. After about the second month of playing I could perform long and complex songs. What can I say? I have a knack for learning potentially pointless stuff.

It seemed that everything was perfect, right? Well, yes, it was, but everything was about to go south. 4 months after I met my mother we were driving to the store and she stopped at a red light.

She was telling me a funny story about her friend, she had just finished, when I saw a car losing control and speeding towards our car, "Mom!" I screamed and pointed. It was one of the only times I had called her my mother. She looked, but by then it was too late. The car slammed into ours and my hands instinctively were brought up to my head to cover my face. I heard an ear splitting scream as I felt the impact. I squeezed my eyes shut and kept my mouth closed to stop the screaming.

Something wet, warm and sticky was splattered across my arms and fear took over and I refused to open my eyes. I hit the airbag and I felt sharp shards of glass hit me. My left arm let out a sickening crack and I screamed as my hands collided with my face. Blood erupted from my nose and I was curtain that it was broken. I felt something hot, pointy and painful slash across my left temple and I let out an ear splitting scream. Then there was noise everywhere.

There were people screaming and someone was shouting something about the police and 911. I heard the ambulance before everyone else and I was hyperventilating, but I still refused to open my eyes.

A scream worked up through my throat as I realized the pain in the side of my temple took over. My hands rested on my eyes and I cried even though my eyes still remained securely closed.

I heard a loud crunching noise and I gave a low scream of fear and covered my ears. My hand bumped the thing that was still in my temple and I let out a scream of pain.

Someone above me said, "Hey, Doc, that kid is still conscious."

Suddenly there was a voice in my ear, "Hey, hey, calm down."

I had enough energy to be angry and sarcastic, "Oh ya, because I shouldn't be scared at all."

"You can open your eyes, but whatever you do, do not look to your left." He said clearly and I turned my head to the right and slowly opened my eyes.

There was a man there with blond hair and blue eyes. My right hand came up to pinch my nose but he said, "Don't, it'll hurt."

"I can't afford to lose blood." I answered and pinched my nose. I refused to let the pain take me.

He frowned and said to someone else, "Are you almost done cutting off the roof?"

"I'm going as fast as I can Doc," Someone said in an irritated tone and there was another ear splitting metallic ripping noise. I cringed.

"Hey, do you play any sports?" The man, Doc, asked. He was trying to distract me.

"No, I'm home schooled," I said and my voice shook. "She's dead isn't she, that's why you don't want me to look over there," I said.

He looked like he didn't want this conversation to go that way. "I'm not allowed to tell you." He said through clenched teeth.

"Either you can tell me, I can handle it, or I can look over at my mother. Either way there is nothing I can do. There is nothing you can do. You don't choose the cards you're dealt, you just got to choose which ones you put down and pray you'll be okay."

He looked me in the eyes, "I'm sorry, I can't tell you. Please don't look over." His eyes were shining with a look of desperation. I could only nod.

He looked like he was about to ask something when the guy above me said, "Roof's off."

Doc grabbed the edge of the door and yanked. It came right off. He pulled me out. My left arm hung limp and I pinched my nose. I shut my eyes just to be sure that I wouldn't see her.

I heard a door open and I was placed on something flat I could feel a vibration working up the flat thing, I was sure was a stretcher, so I knew we were moving. The motion under me stopped and I heard doors slam shut.

I opened my eyes. Doc was standing over me. A different guy was doing something with his back to me. I was thankful that my nose was plugged with blood. I was sure it would smell like antiseptic in here. I was however feeling claustrophobic. I started hyperventilating. Doc looked at me and took my hand from my nose and held it. He cut away my shirt and placed a thing for my heartbeat.

"Crap, look at it go," Doc said with a suddenly worried expression.

"I'll get the pads." The other said.

"I'm fine," I snapped and they looked at me in surprise, I sighed. "My heartbeat is like that." I said and I arched my back slightly and my black wings slid out from under me. Doc's eyes widened. "I'm not entirely human. It's supposed to be like that." I said I watched it while bobbing my head, "Only more like," I snapped my fingers as an example. "Crap I need Max," I muttered.

They asked "Who?" at the same time.

"Maximum Ride, I'm an avian genetic experiment from the school. My name is Fang." I said quickly.

Their jaws dropped to the floor. "You're Fang, from Fang's Blog, thee Fang who helped thee Maximum Ride bring down Itex and saved the world?" Doc asked with wide eyes.

"Dude, you're my hero." The other paramedic gaped.

Suddenly something flashed quickly past my vision. It looked like a photograph. It was of a girl who was maybe 17-19 and she was very beautiful. The photo in my mind was black and white but he could tell her hair was black and her skin was very, very pail. She wasn't looking at me, but then suddenly the picture moved. Her hair blew in the wind and someone shouted, "Alice," and she looked up to the sound. I knew it was her name and I wasn't sure how. The picture was suddenly splashed with colour. The colours snaked out across the picture and it looked like it went 3D. I could see her more clearly. I whispered her name in the mist. "Alice, Alice, Alice," I kept saying. I needed to know why she was there. I hung onto the name as if it kept.

Suddenly the picture changed and I saw a town flash past me in many different pictures all appearing like the first. Then there was a bright light that interrupted it all.

The world came to me in a hazy blur and I blinked and shook my head as I tried to see. I was lying on a hospital bed and the smell was killing me. I groaned and only then did I notice the gentle throbbing in my left temple. I tried to move my arms, but they felt like lead. My left forearm was cased in plaster and I knew it was broken. I groaned again and closed my eyes. I heard a door open and I slowly opened my eyes.

There was some sort of doctor standing there. "Hello, my name is Doctor Smith," He said.

"Hi, Doctor Smith," I said in a bored tone.

He smiled semi-comfortingly at me, "So…" he said and I saw a small flash from my right. At first I thought it was my weird hallucination vision thing acting up, but I turned my head slightly and saw a wall of glass with reporters behind it.

"Who the hell are all they?" I asked anger and fear suddenly growing in me.

The doctor gave the reporters a look before drawing the curtain.

"We have a problem." The doctor said.

"Where is my mother," I said abruptly.

The doctor gave me a sad look, "She was killed instantly in the accident." He said. I felt my eyes water and my hands curled into lethal fists. I blinked to force back my tears. "See the problem is," He said continuing, "We know about the wings. The press found out, sorry," He said and he looked truly sorry, "You lost a lot of blood and you need to get some. Incase you didn't know you were hit with a shard of metal. We can't do the operation to take it all out of your head because you lost so much blood. It didn't crack your skull, but you still lost a lot of blood and we need someone to donate some, but normal blood wont combined with yours. You need some donated blood or you will possibly die. Plus we were able to fix your arm and patch up some cuts without you losing too much blood, but it was quite a lot. Do you know anyone like you?" He asked.

I stalled; either I could totally rat out the flock or save my own skin.

"This is really important the person will be totally anonymous to the press. I promise but you need some blood." He said with an almost desperate look in his eyes.

I noticed I was freezing cold just then. I wiggled my fingers and toes. I sighed, "I…" I started before my eyes closed and I winced. There was a photo. I was in another hospital. I was traveling down the halls at a high speed before I saw Alice talking to someone I couldn't see.

"Alice," I whispered, "Alice," I said a little clearer.

"Who?" someone asked, I recognized the doctors voice and he broke through my concentration.

"I need to find Alice." I whispered, "And Max, Maximum Ride, I need her too." I whispered. I opened my eyes, "Please, I need them." I said I glanced at the window. I got an idea, "Can I talk to them?" I asked.

The Doctor looked hesitant. "Sure," He said slowly. He walked outside. I sighed and got ready.

They all had surprised faces on when they came in. Apparently they thought I wouldn't have let them come in. They all kept their distances. There was a moment of silence before they all started asking questions.

"Uh, I'll answer all the questions I can, but can you say them one at a time?" I asked and they eagerly nodded.

They started asking questions and I answered them the best I could. The world knew about the school now so it wasn't like they had to guess too much where I was from. They also knew that the flock brought it down, they knew about Max and a lot of other stuff. I didn't have to go into too many details about things. Finally it was my turn to talk. "Okay, can you guys send out a message for me?" I asked them and they all nodded excitedly. They trained their cameras on me. I took a deep breath, "Hi, it's Fang, from Fang's Blog and such," I said. The world also knew about my Blog it's been huge since the whole 'blow the story wide open, the school is going down!' plan type thing we had going on. "Max I need you to come with the flock and donate blood for me. And, Max, I need to find Alice." I said urgently.

They exploded with questions but I lay down, I had sat up to answer their questions, and closed my eyes. A nurse came in and shoed them away. She gave me something and I just before I slipped away into the dark I noticed the reporters talking to the doctor dude. I vaguely wondered how this would turn out before I was gone.