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Chapter 40
(Max's POV)

I was relieved when I found out Fang was fine, but I was still worried. Iggy and Fang had seemed so distant lately. I knew he was helping him a lot with the Kari thing, but I wanted to know what was going on between them.

It kind of made me angry that he was so distant. Didn't he realize that I needed him more than ever before? I needed him like oxygen, it was ridiculous. He disappeared at the most random times and it was driving me crazy.

I hugged him tightly, even though his blood would most likely get on me. "Max, your squishing me, Max," He said in a very un-fang-like fashion, he sounded young in my ears.

I let go of him and kissed his lips. "Sorry, I'm just happy you're okay."

He smiled up at me, his brown eyes twinkling slightly, lighting up my world. How could I be angry at someone with a face like that?

I kissed his forehead, "Go clean yourself up, I'll be in my room." I said and headed for a stairs, I saw Fang get up and he looked pretty steady on his feet so I continued upstairs.

I reached the landing I could hear the rap pounding from Iggy's room. I heard a sniffle as I past Iggy's door. I stopped and turned to his door. I knocked softly and I heard Iggy crying softly and he yelled, in the best voice he could, "Go away!"

"Iggy?" I asked softly and opened his door. He was lying on his bed, tears running from his eyes, his arms around his chest as he cried on his pillow.

I quickly closed the door and went over to his stereo and shut off the music. I went over to his bed and helped him up into a sitting position and he was still sobbing. I held him in my arms and let the tears run their course. I would ask him later.

"Max, Max, I'm so sorry," he whispered.

I shushed and rubbed his back, wondering what this was about.

"M-Max, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Fang didn't see Kari getting hurt," He cried.

I froze, "What? Who did then?" I asked in confusion.

"I did," he cried and held him closer. He seemed really upset about lying to me, or seeing Kari get hurt, or both.

"Why didn't you just tell us? Why'd you get Fang to pull that whole charade with the vision?" I asked as softly as I could. I couldn't believe Fang had fooled us like this. It just proved how good at acting he was.

"I-I don't know," He cried, "I couldn't do it. I'm so sorry."

"Its fine Iggy," I soothed him. I couldn't really understand why he was so upset by it though.

"That's not all," He said shaking his head, I think he realized that I was confused about why he was flipping out so much about such a small thing.

"What else is there?" I asked softly.

"Max, please don't freak out okay?" He said calming a bit, his eyes still red and puffy.

"Okay," I said slowly.

"My-my parents they… well more my dad…" He said thoughtfully.

"What is it Iggy?" I asked finally losing my patience.

"Max, please don't send me back to my parents, please, don't," He suddenly blubbered, gripping my shirt roughly.

Whaaat? I thought in confusion and surprise.

Suddenly Fang burst into the room, "You didn't tell her did you?"

"Tell me what?" I asked him fiercely, "Tell me that you lied to me and made it look like you had a vision..." I glared at him.

"Look Max, it was the only way to protect him okay?" He suddenly snapped, "Iggy please, I can't lie to her anymore. Please just tell her," He half moaned, sounding almost in pain.

Iggy's eyes watered, "You're such a good friend Fang. You've kept my secret for so long… and- and ev-even now you don't even tell them." He was suddenly sobbing again. "Don't make me go back, don't make me go back," He said over and over again, weeping on me again.

"What is going on?" I asked sternly, looking at Fang.

"Max, I can't tell you." He said softly.

"Why not?" I asked feeling hurt.

"It's not my secret to tell." He said like a true friend, standing tall and confidently.

"The hell you can't!" I yelled at him suddenly, "Iggy is in tears, you need to tell me! You need to tell me now!"

"Max, stop it!" Iggy yelled breaking out with the tears for a second, "It's not his fault my dad beats me." He sobbed and I was sure I went white as a ghost.

"Iggy," I whispered in shock. He just kept crying. I looked up at Fang, he wouldn't look at me, his face crumpled in pain and he left the room.

I held Iggy for a long time. Trying to understand why Fang was so upset, I guess he figured I was angry with him for not saying anything. Really I was pretty peeved no one came around to tell me. I was also really angry with Iggy's parents, but Iggy kept whimpering about how he didn't want me to send him back to them and how he didn't want me to hurt them. I kept promising that I wouldn't.

I was also a little thankful, now I knew why they were distant, although I didn't like the reason why. I also loved how Fang kept the secret for Iggy. It showed me how loyal he was.

When Iggy calmed down enough I promised that I wouldn't tell the others in the house and he nodded. I watched as he lay down and I turned off the light as I could tell he pretty much slipped into sleep right there.

I walked into Fang's room and saw him sitting on his bed, staring out the window with a sad expression; he didn't even acknowledge that I had entered.

"Fang," I said softly. He slowly looked at me, misery in his eyes. I took a deep breath, "I won't lie to you, I'm kind of angry you didn't tell me." He looked down, looking slightly ashamed, "But I'm glad you didn't tell me."

He looked up at me in shock, "What?"

"Well, I mean if you told me Iggy would know that he couldn't trust you with his secrets, and that's an important thing for him, considering he seems pretty stressed about his parents." I looked him in the eyes as I spoke.

He suddenly was up and walking towards me. Happy notes in his eyes and he hugged me tightly. "It was so hard not to tell you. I wanted to tell you so badly," he whispered and I held him.

We stood like that for a while, just hugging. He stroked my hair and I felt like it was just like old times when he would kiss my forehead and hold me and whisper sweet things in my ear. I felt like we'd come full circle and now the only thing we had to do was hold each other. That's all we needed, everything we needed to say had been said and we could just relax and be together now.

The drama was over and everything was perfect, and even though I knew it wasn't actually perfect I could live with that. Even though Iggy's parents were evil and he was crying and in love with Kari and hurting because she was hurting and I didn't know how to help Kari. Plus just today Jim and Casey told me that Jim was worried about passing his grades and Casey was worried about him and her parents didn't approve of Jim because of his rebellious behavior. Even though the school was back and I was afraid to think about what they'd do next. Even though I had exams and finals and the talent show and a world of stress to deal with, Fang and I, with the others at our sides, would get by it. The story would go on and we'd always have this perfect moment to think back on.

I could wait to fix these problem another day. Right now I was content to just stand here in Fang's arms.

I heard Fang let out a little laugh, "I found it."

"Found what?" I asked softly.

"You were right," he said softly, still not telling me what he was talking about.

"Well I know that, I usually am," I joked, "But what about?"

"You were right; it doesn't have to be a place. It can be a person or anything…." He muttered he seemed in his own world for a minute. He smiled as he thought.

"What are you talking about?" I asked so softly it was like a whisper. I had no idea what he was going on about.

"I found home."

"Oh and where is that?" I asked with a small smile.

"Right here, when you're in my arms, I'm at home. Whenever you and I are in the same room, I'm at home," He whispered hold me tighter. I smiled as he whispered more sweet things in my ear, just like he used to. We held each other for a long time, him whispering in my ear and kissing my hair, and just loving me.

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