Look deeper than the first glance

Summary: Very close up to books OOTP. (Pretend Lucius got away free). Follow the Slytherins through their last year of Hogwarts, and the winding roads that follow. Eventually will be a GWSS and long. If you don't like the pair, don't read. Don't waste my time sending flames about the pairing; I just don't care.

Ginny Weasley was not just another red headed Weasley with a temper, dingy frayed robes, countless freckles, and a member of the Order. People just assumed so. And you know what happens when you assume. In fact, Ginny Weasley, hated being called 'Ginny.' That was the name of a five or six year old, not a sixth year Hogwarts student. She wished people would just called her Ginevra. That's who she was, not a kid, but a blossoming woman, in more ways than one. Despite what she said to her parents, or her countless siblings, they just did not see that. Perhaps that is just one of the set backs of being the youngest of seven. Ginevra struggled for an identity of her own for years, but in the end, she was only seen as Ginny, Ron the sidekick's youngest sister, Bucktooth Mudblood's sometimes best friend, or a tag-along for the boy-who-won't-die. And unfortunately, that's how she saw them anymore. Everyone praised them to the sky, but didn't see the neglect they showed to one of their supposed friends. And that's how Ginevra came to be, sitting alone in the prefect compartment after the meeting ended fifteen minutes ago.

"Dirty tampon, the meeting ended ages ago. Why the bloody hell are you still in here?" Pansy shrieked entering the compartment loaded with sweets. Not that she needed any. Pansy easily weighed more than two first years combined, whiter than Malfoy, and had a voice that even a banshee would envy.

"I'm sorry Pasty. Am I in your way? No, I guess your ass is just too wide to even get through the door." Ginevra said standing.

Somewhere behind Pansy, a few chuckles emerged.

"Sorry Malfoy and Zambini. I would of said 'Hello', but Pasty's pumpkin asses hid you from sight." Ginevra smirked.

"Why you little bint!" Pansy raged.

"Jealous I'm little are you? OR are you jealous that I only need one robe, and not two sewn together like yourself?" Ginevra chuckled. "Nice retort by the way. Bint, how original." Ginevra drawled slowly checking her nails in mocked boredom.

"At least mine are new, and not obviously owned by at least four others!" Pansy shouted.

"I made fun of things that were in your control. You on the other hand are hitting below the belt, and I will not tolerate that." Ginevra said calmly.

"What are you going to do about that?" Pansy antagonized.

Ginevra pulled out her wand and touched her cheek in mock concentration. She pointed it at Pansy and performed two nonverbal spells, and sat back down laughing. She was quickly joined in by several others behind her.

"Pansy! You're hair is red! And your robes!" Another girl said laughing.

Pansy looked down, and did indeed see her robes in severe ragged condition.

"Why don't you just leave!" Pansy shouted as her voice rose in pitch.

"Clearly, your overeating Pasty ass is still blocking the door. Or are you really that insipid that you can't grasp that the only other way out would be through the window." Ginevra sneered.

Someone tugged Pansy from behind. Suddenly, she was out in the hall, and people made their way in. Ginevra sat down to allow them to move past her.

"Parkinson. Go take care of that! NOW!" Malfoy commanded as he passed her.

Ginevra shot her a smirk and tossed her silky hair over her shoulder as she rose.

"No, sit back down." Malfoy said warily looking at Ginevra.

She shot him a confused glance, but did as she was told. She had never had any problems with him before, with the exception of her Valentine Card, or when she was around the trio. She didn't want to start now. Malfoy, was definitely one of those people that you do not willing get on the wrong side of. Especially over something so trite as sitting down.

Parkinson beckoned for Millificent to follow, but she shook her head no. Pansy took off crying and Malfoy shut the door.

"Hopefully, your presence will keep her away for the rest of the trip." Malfoy said as he took his former seat from the meeting once again.

"That was bloody brilliant." Millificent said smiling. "I have had to share a room with her since first year! Owl's would come to our room to hunt the mice that ate her hidden sweets!" Everybody laughed except Millificent. She did not want to remember the time that one of the mice chewed on her hair as she slept. She was once defined as ugly and plump, but the years of puberty were generous and changed her into a beautiful, tall, tanned, black haired witch. Sensing Ginevra's awkward position, she shot her a friendly smile. One that is never seen in public. Ginevra managed to smile slightly and nod her head once in acknowledgment.

"So, does anyone know why we had to arrive at the platform at blasted six o'clock in the morning, and on a Saturday?" Zambini moaned. No one answered but looked out the window at the still dark sky. The sun was rising, but it was still god-awful early. They didn't even have to wake this early for classes.

Malfoy was the first to turn away. His eyes found Ginevra's proper sitting posture, and the calm collected face upon her. She may of thought that she was plain, but everyone around her thought it was polite modesty. Ginevra was extremely pleasing to the eye. They may have not liked her choice of friends, but they respected the blood, and the way she was the only Weasley acting like the way pureblood's was suppose to. She didn't flaunt it, but she respected the old ancient family traditions. She was friendly to everybody, but the true Slytherins thought it was more of manners, like they grew up in. Ginevra, in their eyes, was worthy of their respect, because despite her family, she did not seem that way. And they knew all about her family. One of their fathers, other Death Eaters, and occasionally themselves, were sent to spy on the Weasley's in various manners at all times. The true accomplishment was that since the Dark Lord arose, they've been there, and still undetected.

"Ginevra?" Millificent asked quietly.

"Yes?" Ginevra said looking up at her keeping eye contact. She knew that if she didn't, it would appear that she had something to hide, fear, or would lie. 'One must never provoke a sleeping dragon. You will never come out unscathed.' Her father once told her.

"Why are you so unlike your family?" She asked quietly.

Out of all the questions she expected, that was certainly not any of them. "What do you mean?" Ginevra said tilting her head to the side smiling slightly.

"Seriously." Zambini said rolling his eyes. Despite his outward appearance, he was quite intrigued.

"We were all given the talk, and no I don't mean the sex talk, but a talk about our ancestors, the traditions, and what not. Our parents did tell us all them, but it was our decision to respect, or live by them. Since they do not fully, they can't force us. Besides, with six sons, how would you? If one gets out of line, another is already in trouble and you already forgot what you were mad about." Ginevra smiled.

"Doesn't it bother you?" Malfoy asked calmly.

"At times, immensely, at others not at all. I get the freedom to be alone, without all the accusations of 'What's wrong?' while they are handling my brothers like nifflers in a jewelry store." She answered him thoughtfully.

"Then why does it bother you?" Malfoy continued taking over the conversation from Millificent.

"My parent's disrespect of the old traditions kept the family fortune and estate from being passed down from my grandfather to my father. He refused to be betrothed. It went to his younger brother instead. Life isn't always about the money, but it would of been nice to have a new pair of robes, or a new book every once in a while. It would be nice to eat a dinner without people spraying you with food when they talked past you to a person that isn't even family." Ginevra answered quietly.

Regardless if they wanted to or not, their hearts and respect went out to her. They each saw her unspoken to at family dinners while her siblings went to town, and her parents tried to keep them in order while laughing at their antics at the same time. They left Ginevra out of the loop altogether. And despite all that, Ginevra never felt the need to join in, but rose above it with grace. Millificent knew that pain to a certain extent. It was all about her two older brothers, and very rarely, her. After her mother died, she spent less and less time at home. Her father was all to happy with the arrangement, and gave her ample money to 'hold her over' until she came back at the end of summer each year, or her monthly allowances at school. He was hopping that she would gain the attentions of Draco Malfoy, as she stayed there with his parents. Despite the lack of blossoming romance, they gained a deeper bond of friendship, understanding, and loyalty for the other that many thought did not exist in Slytherins. Slytherins were more cunning than they appeared. They didn't even let others see their true friendships, only polite acquaintances.

"Who's up for a trip?" Malfoy said standing smirking.

"I am!" Millificent had died when she knew what he was suggesting.

"I don't know. Some of us have to stay behind to cover." Zambini suggested eying Evelyn.

"Fine." Goyle and Crabbe said in unison moping.

"I think I'll stay here too, take a nap, and wait for Pansy to get back. You know she will." Evelyn said calmly.

"Thanks Eve." Millificent smiled. "We went to get snacks, and roam around. I expect we will only be gone two hours, tops."

"Come Ginevra!" Malfoy said sticking out his hand.

"Where are we going?" She asked confused.

"A trip silly!" Millificent laughed.

"I don't know." Ginevra contemplated.

Luckily, they got their way when they heard the trio hollering "Ginny!" up and down the hall.

"Alright. Count me in." Ginevra said standing quickly.

Just when Malfoy grabbed their hands and apparated, the door burst open.

"I could of sworn I heard Ginny in here." Ron Weasley murmured.

"Honestly Ronald! Why would Ginny be in here! We must of passed her that's all." Hermoine said knowingly. She tried to pull him back out here as she eyed Crabbe and Goyle standing up cracking their knuckles.

"What are you doing in our compartment Weasel? There are no loose coins on the floor." Evelyn laughed and rose as well shooting daggers at Hermoine.

"Nothing." Ron grunted as he turned and left.

"Why the bloody hell did you think she was in a Slytherins compartment!" They heard Harry exclaim as they took off down the hall.

Meanwhile, Malfoy, Millificent, and Ginevra were standing outside an elaborate door in Diagon Alley. They weren't open yet, but certain customers were never turned down an hour before opening. Malfoy knocked three times and stepped back.

"Malfoy, what are we doing here?" Ginevra questioned.

"Ginevra, not Malfoy, Draco." He told her.

"Fine, Draco, what are we doing here?" She sighed.

"You'll see." Millificent said looping their arms.

The doors opened to see a younger man in the height of fashion. At first he seemed disgruntled, but when he saw the children of extremely prominent males in all of Europe, he quickly changed it into a mask of gratitude. But what he really saw was money walking through the door.

"Mr. Malfoy, Miss Bulstrode, and a friend! What do I owe this pleasure?" Mr. Reginald

said bowing slightly.

Millificent pulled Ginevra out from behind Draco and Reginald smiled in delight.

"Yes, this will be costly." He thought inwardly gloating. "Say no more, let's get this taken care of immediately. Think of what this could do to your image if she is seen with you any longer!" He exclaimed pulling her in quickly. Draco and Millificent beamed at the surprised look on Ginevra, and followed in silently, and with more grace than Mr. Reginald had.

"We need a complete new wardrobe, shoes, a trunk, and whatever else Ginevra desires." Draco said idly as he took a seat near the sitting room in the women's section.

"Not a problem. Not a problem at all." Mr. Reginald said as he pushed Ginevra into a dressing room and began taking measurements. "A perfect three if I must say so."

After hearing those words, Millificent began pulling off the correct size and throwing them into the room that Mr. Reginald just vacated.

"What color trunk?" Mr. Reginald asked Draco.

"Black, as usual." Draco said in a drawling tone of indifference.

"Right away. I'll get the school robes from the back. What house is she in?" He questioned.

"Just give us the sheet with the incantations." Draco answered eying some shoes in the men's department and whisked over there.

"Right away." Mr. Reginald said to nobody in particular.

"Come on Ginevra! I want to see! Taking too long! I'm coming in!" Millificent laughed as Ginevra's face turned red as she was half dressed.

Millificent pulled out her wand and finished dressing her.

"Very nice." Millificent complimented her in a dark green robe.

Draco resurfaced from the shoe section with three tags, and grabbed some regular clothes and tossed them into the stall as well.

Millificent had a decent pile of not acceptable, and Ginevra tried to add some over there

as well. Millificent told her not to worry about the money, and took them back out.

"I really cannot accept this." Ginevra said eying her with puppy dog eyes.

"Sorry, but those brown eyes don't work on me." Millificent eyed evilly laughing.

"Please then, tell me why you are doing this?" Ginevra asked nervously.

"Trust me for now. Draco and I will tell you when we are in private." Millificent whispered.

Ginevra had no choice but to nod in acceptance. She knew that Millificent would know that she could never pay them back. But truth be told, she was slightly afraid on what they would make her do instead.

When they stepped out, Millificent told Mr. Reginald which pile was which, and led Ginevra over to shoes.

"Go get the other stuff, and I will help here." Draco grinned.

"Draco, you know you are the only man I know who owns more shoes than any woman I've ever met!" Millicent laughed before she left.

Draco didn't even ask a question before he grabbed eight tags. "Which one did you like?" He asked afterwards.

"I liked three of them, but you grabbed them already." She admitted.

"Good taste." He grinned.

"Thank you, I guess. You really don't have to do this, either one of you." Ginevra whispered.

"I know. We want to." Draco admitted quietly. "Don't ask why until later."

"Thank you." Ginevra said confidently as she looked deeply into Draco's eyes.

"That's not going to work." Draco laughed as he pulled her to the accessory section.

"I got the other stuff already." Millificent said as she grabbed a few purses, wallets, and began working on hair stuff.

"All of that's not going to fit in the trunk without magic." Ginevra giggled despite herself.

"Luckily, we have magic." Millificent replied also giggling.

They then headed over to the register where Mr. Reginald already packed the other items, and had a separate bag for Draco's recently acquired shoes.

"I took the liberty of leaving out an outfit, and a pair of shoes for the return journey." He told them as he began to add the bill, and pack the accessories in.

"I forgot one thing!" Millificent said running back. She returned a minute later with a silver box that fit in her hand.

Draco cast a spell, and switched Ginevra's clothes. "You can certainly dispose of them." He said eying them distastefully.

"Certainly sir." He told Draco.

"Can't forget that!" Mr. Reginald eyed Millificent's addition greedily to the untrained eye.

"Come! We'll go grab some coffee." Meet you at the corner in five minutes!" Millificent exclaimed as she pulled Ginevra out the shop.

"Thanks Mr. Reginald!" They both yelled.

Ginevra and Millificent made their way to the store across the bricked road to Up 'n' 'adum. Millificent let Ginevra order first, and then chose something for herself, and Draco. True to their word, they met Draco at the bench five minutes later.

"Thank you." Draco said eying the hot coffee.

"Nope. They are both for meee!" Millificent said taking a seat next to him. Ginevra gingerly grabbed the cup out of her hand, and passed it to Draco as she sat on the other side of him.

"Thank you Ginevra. See Millificent. She's already a better friend than you could ever be." Draco teased.

"Thank you guys, really." Ginevra said eying them both.

"Don't be afraid. We don't expect anything from you. We won't force you to do anything." Draco said eying her.

"HEY! I wasn't allowed to use Legimency, but you can?" She said.

"What? You left your guards down." He chuckled.

"Touche." Ginevra said as she took a small sip of her espresso. (And no, they aren't the same as muggle's. They couldn't even duplicate that correctly.)

"It's been an hour and forty five minutes." Draco said finishing his cup.

"Alright. I'll take Ginevra back with me to the ladies room. We'll meet you in the compartment." Millificent smiled.

Draco pulled the shrunken trunk out of his pocket and handed it to Ginevra. He offered the ladies a mock salute and disapparated.

They pitched their trash in the nearby can, and stood.

"Ready or not, here we go!" Millificent smiled before she grabbed Ginevra's hand.