After the New Year's holiday party, Gin felt that time was speeding by too quickly for her taste

After the New Year's holiday party, Gin felt that time was speeding by too quickly for her taste. Before she knew it, the winter break was over. A few discoveries were made, but other than that nothing momentous had occurred. She was now going to be receiving extra potion lessons as per the Dark Lord. Gin wasn't that upset about it. She saw it as extra time with Severus.

Draco, Millificent, and Gin were currently sitting in a compartment waiting for the rest of their group to appear and the train to leave the freezing station.

"What are you going to do about your engagement?" Millificent asked cautiously.

"What do you mean?" Gin asked confused.

"Don't you think people are going to be a little confused about a student engaged to a professor?" Millificent said quietly.

Gin sunk back in her seat and thought. It had not occurred to her until it was brought up. "I'll handle it like everything else."

"Violet will not be happy about that." Draco smirked.

"That wench of a sixth year, who tried to seduce Filch to get out of a detention," Gin chuckled.

"Yep. She's had the hots for Snape since her first year." Millificent added.

"I always thought she was a captain's quarter kisser. Huh." Gin smiled evilly.

"What's going on in that Malfoy mind?" Millificent asked curiously.

"Nothing, I assure you." Gin said as she began smirking.

Blaise, Evelyn, Greg, and Vincent then joined them. Once inside, Evelyn locked the door quite quickly, and silenced it.

"You will not believe who Vincent is crushing on!" Evelyn laughed.

"Who?" Millificent said as she bounced in her seat and sat on her feet.

"Evelyn! I repeat, do NOT! You said I could trust you!" Vincent roared as he began smashing a cauldron cake he was holding.

"Come on! It is better than any gift I've ever received." She whined grinning like a chestier cat.

"Who?" Gin asked as curious.

"Luna Lovegood." Evelyn chuckled.

"At least she's a pureblood." Blaise reasoned.

"Better than the Wankjerk." Millificent laughed.

"Wankjerk?" Gin asked.

"Instead of Mudblood Granger. I thought Wank for how she wanks off Harry and Ron, probably at the same time as well. And jerk, well. I thought it kinda sounded the same." Millificent trailed off.

"Umm…I think we could do better." Blaise said trying to fight back the laughs. "Perhaps Her-mi-knee could be Cum-in-me, or Her-in-me. Well, she looks more like a guy than a girl any day of the week." He voiced quietly to chuckles from everybody.

"H-E-R-M-I-O-N-E could spell 'he, one rim' short for one rim job…" Vincent chuckled. "Or, 'eh, Ron emie' (SAY ALOUD like it's spelled) which sounds like ron in me, or ron 'n me." He continued earning several laughs.

"Let me try." Greg said. "R-O-N-A-L-D, 'RLD (purred) anol." Greg said faking sex noises. Gin shuddered thinking of her older brother begging for anal intercourse. She was pretty much sure the rest were thinking the same thing when they started chucking food at Greg.

"That's bloody nasty!" Draco sneered as he threw a Cauldron Cake at him.

"Harry, now that's easy." Evelyn smirked. "Hairy Balls, Hairy Ass, Hairy Back, Horny Hairy Hot Head, mmm…perhaps a combo, St Horny Hairy Pothead."

"I know what to write in the bathroom stalls now." Millificent grins.

"Girls do that too?" Blaise laughed.

"What did you guys write?" Gin questioned.

Draco eyed Blaise before he cleared his voice, and changed the subject.

"Draco!" Gin said not letting it slide.

"Someone drew a picture of you last year. Naked." He whispered not meeting her eyes.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!" She said standing.

"It was really close." Blaise whispered.

"How the bloody hell do you know?" Draco stood up raising his voice.

"Changing in the Quidditch rooms." He stated obviously. You can see the birthmarks and all.

"URGH!" Gin said as she flopped back on the bench. "Blasted Seamus!" Gin grunted. He used to ogle me in the changing rooms.

"Are you sure?" Blaise asked seriously.

"Damn sure. The rest knew not to look when I played with Ron and Harry." She grunted.

Blaise made a mental note, and kept quiet until Evelyn stepped out and the voices in the hallway trailed in filling the compartment with obnoxious voices arguing profusely.

"We have to apologize damn it!" Hermoine shouted above Ron's bickering.

"She doesn't bloody deserve it. Haven't you heard? She's ENGAGED to SNAPE!" He responded. "Come on Harry, you're on my side aren't you?"

"I think Hermoine's right." Harry said quietly.

"Fine, then you TWO apologize, because I am not." He said and stomped away.

Hermoine knocked on the partially opened door, and stuck her head in. "Ginevra?"

"Yes, Granjerk? (GRAIN JERK)" Gin said with a straight face.

"Um." Hermoine said slightly taken aback. "We just wanted to let you know we are sorry about how we treated you. We'll let you be."

"Thank you, but it is a little too for apologies. But, we can talk later if you are up for it." Gin said with all the elegance, poise, and detached style that Malfoys were famous for.

"Thank you Ginevra." Harry said as he pulled Hermoine out as all the boys in the compartment rose as if sensing a potential threat.

"Buhbye St. Horny Hairy Pothead." Blaise said as he shut the door in their faces.

"Hey! It's wankjerk!" Millificent pouted.

"But Wankger, and Granjerk has such potential." Gin smirked. "St. Horny Hairy Pothead? Don't you think that is a little much. I mean, it takes you sooo long to get the point across. Gees, I thought Slytherins were suppose to be better at insults than that!" Gin spoke.

Millificent just stuck her tongue out in response.

The compartment laughed until tears fell seeing Hermoine's shocked face until Evelyn walked back in.

"See, only gone five minutes, and I'm sure I missed the funniest thing to happen on the train." She pouted as she sat down in between Blaise and Vincent.

"The fates hate you." Millificent chuckled.

"That's for sure." She said rising and walking back out of the compartment alone once more.

"Damn it Millificent!" Blaise roared, and took off after Evelyn."

"I forgot." Millificent said sheepishly.

The rest of the ride back was a quiet affair. Their air reeked of agitation and anger as they made their way through the crowds that moved aside out of pure instinct to prevent being hexed, or worse.

The return feast was a quiet affair. The only part that broke the usual monotone was when they were leaving the hall, one student whispered that Ginevra Malfoy was engaged to their Potions Master.

Draco and Theodore walked straight over to the Slytherin second year and stood there eying him with distaste.

"Were you talking about my sister?" Draco asked with nonchalance.

"No, sir." He said eying the ground.

"Do you know what shall happen if you do?" He asked.

"I will not find out sir." He said as he kept his eyes down.

"You'd do best to remember that. But, to reinforce this message…" Draco trailed off and waved his wand, and performed the tongue curse Snape himself created. The younger student looked at Draco in horror and ran away.

Draco and Theodore laughed. They soon had to part ways to their own respective houses.

Gin looked down at her ring, and saw what this had already started. She debated on taking it off when she heard someone call her name. It was Albus Dumbledore. She stood in front of him until the hallway was clear, and he spoke in a soft voice.

"I don't think there is really no need to take it off, do you?" He asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

"No sir." She said with a genuine smile.

"Off. You have a big day ahead tomorrow." He smiled and departed himself.

Nobody said one word to Gin when she walked in the Slytherin common room. Most of the older students already knew from the New Year's Eve party, and the younger one's already knew what would happen if they speak it. Despite some shock, they all knew it was arranged, and one day it would be their turns, if it were not already. The big test would be when the rest of the houses found out, which they probably already did.

The following morning was brought with some apprehension on Draco's behalf. He wouldn't admit it, but he was nervous for his sister. He knew that she would as act as if nothing the rest of the student body could affect her, but inside, he was sure she would feel disheartened. He told the rest of the group to go ahead of them while he waited for her to descend the stairs from the dormitory. He felt his spirits lift as he saw her approach with a true smile, skin glowing, and her eyes sparkling with life.

"Shall we?" He asked as he offered his arm. "Gin?" He asked as he halted his movement.

"Yes?" She asked as she turned her head and tilted it slightly.

"Are you going to be okay?" Draco whispered.

"Absolutely. I have faced much worse than gossip." She answered. After a slight pause, "Thanks, you know, for caring and all." She said as she jumped forward and hugged him.

"Anytime Gin, anytime Gin. Come, let's not delay the inevitable." He said as he resumed his mask, and led her to the fate that awaited them in the Great Hall.

To say that her engagement was a shocker was the understatement not only of their school year, but most of the students stay at Hogwarts. Perhaps, I should elaborate. The faces on most of the students, who all turned to look at Ginevra as she entered, could not have even been topped off by Filch announcing his first born with Mrs. Norris. Yes, a scary thought indeed, but not exaggerated in the slightest.

The first school day back was filled of students mocking and laughing at her. A few even attempted to hex her, but she was one step ahead of them. She had one of her former brother's shielding cloaks spells cast on her own school robes. After all, she did help them create them. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately in Ginevra's case, they were sent to the infirmary to have the spells taken off and cleaned up. Gin merely smirked as she walked on as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Seeing as it was a Tuesday, her last lesson was Potions. If she thought it would have been easier with the harshest professor in all of Hogwarts, then she was sadly mistaken. Some extremely brave, or stupid, students spoke out.

"What, your fiancée doesn't get any google eyes when she comes in?" An obnoxious Hufflepuff mocked.

"Twenty-five points from Hufflepuff, and a weeks worth of detentions." Snape sneered.

The Hufflepuff recoiled visibly and tried as he could to shrink into his seat. None could blame him. Snape could make a student cry in one sentence if he wished.

Ginevra sent Draco ahead of her to speak to Severus alone after the class was dismissed.

Severus knew better than to ask how she was doing. Instead, he decided a different tactic. "Well, I say we received more publicity with a few gossipers than we did with the engagement notice in the Daily Prophet." Severus said with half a smile.

Gin's face turned up and saw him and her heart lifted. "Well, I would definitely agree. I think we started this year off with a bang." She smirked.

"I hope you did not get loaded with too much work so far." He started. "I would like you to read these." Severus said changing the subject as he went back to his desk and pulled out a stack of books from his drawer.

"And these are?" Gin asked curiously.

He said nothing as he handed them to her. She flipped through the books getting a grasp. "Oh." She said with her brow furrowing. "I'll get started on them tonight. Tomorrow is quidditch practice. Perhaps the next night we will go through them." She said determined.

"All of them?" He said raising an eyebrow.

"Of course. I am sure you have a hefty pile I need to learn before graduation." She said knowingly.

"As you wish." He smiled. Severus knew it would be pointless to argue with her.

"Goodnight, sir." Gin said in her Slytherin attitude. She winked at him, and left.

Gin met up with the rest of her crowd at the library in their usual table. She definitely wanted to finish up her two essays before dinner. One was a foot long parchment for herbology and a two feet long essay for Potions. She smirked as she realized that even Severus was somewhat compassionate on the first assignment back. I guess he wasn't in the mood to come back from holidays to read thousands of feet of essays and papers.

The group sat laughing and joking the last half hour before dinner as their work was completed. Five minutes before dinner was about to be served, they rose and made their way silently to the Hall.

Once again they walked with their indifferent masks and their heads held high. Despite the rumors circulating about Gin, girls were envious. She was still nice to most people, but if you got on the wrong side of her, things happened. She didn't trip people outright, but was more secretive, and mysterious about it in approach. One girl who made her drop her potions sample didn't realize what happened until that night. Gin placed a spell on her that made her leg hair impossible to shave, banish, and etc. until it wore off, in one moon cycle. Every time she tried, it would reappear thicker, and darker. Gin grinned half way through the month when she began wearing leggings, or tights everyday. One poor bloke, well, it doesn't fit in with my rating, but it involves his little guys and will not be elaborated.

The gossipers were still going strong come dinner. But all the Slytherins acted indifferent to the stares and what was being said. One person, Goyle, was making a list for his own revenge. Goyle liked Gin, besides her being his best mates sister, and would make sure they received their comeuppance in time. Like a light turning on, he dropped his quill and a crooked smile lit up his face turning quickly into an evil sneer as he stared at the other tables.

After dinner, Draco escorted her to the Room of Requirement. She walked in, and walked out in a period of less than a minute. But, unknown to others, she was in there for a week reading, and practicing everything in the books, and a few others the room provided. She took Draco's arm and made their way to the Slytherin common room.

Gin sat on the couch in the small space between Millificent and the arm rest while Draco jumped and landed gracefully laying down with his head on Millificent's lap. She subconsciously stroked her fingers through his hair as his eyes clothes as she chatted with Gin.

At seven, and a few hours left until curfew, she made her way down to the Potion Master's office. However, with only one hallway left, a prefect making rounds decided to spit on her shoes.

"How dare you!" She roared.

"Wow, an emotion. Who knew the Slytherins were capable of that?" A sixth year Gryffindor Prefect mocked her. "What are you going to do? Go cry to your Snapey?"

"I can take care of you myself!" Gin shot. She waved her wand a few times, and cast two nonverbal spells. One the girl noticed, her feet becoming engorged, but the spell that changed her robes from Gryffindor to Hufflepuff, she didn't notice. Someone will point it out, eventually.

As with all gossip, it all eventually faded and became old news. Unfortunately, it lasted for a few weeks, and at times were much more dramatic and sometimes, violent. Yet, Ginevra didn't let it get her down. She still obtained high marks in all of her classes, and was quite successful in her additional lessons with Severus, who couldn't have been prouder.

Time passed in the blink of an eye for Ginevra. Yet, that is always the way when one is preoccupied. If it weren't for the room of requirement, she would not have been capable of juggling all her classes, Severus, and Quidditch. Easter was quickly approaching, and she was highly anticipating the break.

The night before she was bound to depart for her home, she stayed up late writing into her journal.

I cannot believe all that has happened, and yet, it seems as if nothing has happened. On one side, Evelyn has worked through her issues, and is anticipating her upcoming nuptials with Blaise. It seems as if they are truly trying to make it work between them. Vincent actually asked out Luna, and she actually accepted him. They've been together for about a month and a half now. My sweet caring brother has led us to the finals for the Quidditch Cup, and we are just waiting to see whom we will be playing. Millificent has started a new project designing clothes for a new company Narcissa wants to found expanding her businesses. Father has acquired a new company, Lighting, a promising new broom line.

At the same time it feels as if nothing has happened at the same time. The Dark Lord grows stronger, despite all the efforts against him. School is the same day in and day out as it was when we first begun. Harry still keeps a stony silence as he had since our return to school after our Winter Break. It's as if we were at complete standstill at the present. I stopped thinking about it, because it grows quite repetitive after a while. I know what I have to do, and nothing will change it.

Ginevra closed her book, and placed it in her bag. She yawned widely as she pulled her blankets up to her neck. It may be spring, but it felt as if it were still winter, especially in the dungeons.