Okay now i more than understand how pathectiaclly short this chapter is but it is the kick off chapter so it's just introducing it, just like in the actual episodes of house we see the patient and they pass out or something, that's basically what's happening here. Don't own DP or House.

Danny flew cautiously around town, it was so empty. The only people in town not sick in bed were him and Valerie, even the stupid ghosts in the zone were sick! Except for Skulker, he had just attacked and Danny had several bruised ribs because of it!

Suddenly Danny let out a harsh cough. Briefly he panicked, the ghosts were getting sicker than the humans and his human half may not be able to take that.

He got ready to fly off when a dizzying wave came over him. Danny slowly lowered himself to the ground, holding his head. He suddenly heard the deadly roar of rockets behind him. He groaned and coughed again before unsteadily turned around and saw Valerie looking at him funny with her gun held pimply at her side.

Danny coughed again and put his hand to his forehead "Are you okay Phantom?" she asked. Danny shot her a glare "I think I'm getting what ever it is that's going around" he said. Valerie's eyes widened in surprise "Ghosts can get sick?" she asked.

Danny groaned "Yes, and I have to go" he said. Swiftly he vanished and flew to his house at a slow pace. Once he arrived he turned to human and stumbled through the door. His two sick parents shot him nervous glances "Danny are you okay?" they asked.

Danny gave them a weak smile and coughed a little more "I'll be in my room" he muttered. Slowly he made his way to the stairs. However he only got about half way when he just felt so tired. Swiftly his world went black as he felt himself collide with the floor…