Last chappie! Shame, this was a fun story too. Ah well! Don't own DP or House. Now, I have had quite a bit of speculation about how well this will be done in the begining but I must say it has turned out quite well, and i really would like to thank all people who have reviewed, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside! And this chapter should be interesting because it goes back and forth between House and Danny and this was actually the hardest chapter i had! Oh well, better not keep you all waiting!

House sat in his office silently thinking on what Danny had said. For a couple hours he sat there before he left to go on a ride on his motorcycle.

Truth was, Danny's words had touched him deeper than any other patient or colleague had reached.

Somehow this kid always managed to do what was right even when faced with possibly deadly outcomes. Something not even House had the bravery to do.

Line break

Danny lay in his bed, coughing a bit. He thought on what the doctors had said, but would his parents really accept him being half ghost? Danny closed his eyes tight.

He had a decision to make, and he knew it would be best to make it before things got to out of control again.

Line break

House had reached his home and was on a stool, guitar in hand and fingers over the strings. However no song came to mind, no notes.

Just Danny's words. Slowly House placed the guitar down and decided to get some sleep and try to figure the puzzle out later.

The next day line break

Danny felt a ton better. Slowly he tried to go into his ghost form and to his delight found that he could. He clenched his fist and returned to normal before getting out and walking down to the living room where his parents and Jazz were watching TV.

Danny took a deep breath and turned off the TV and turned to his parents "Mom dad, I have something to tell you" he said

Line break

House was currently doing a new case he just received of an older man who had been in a car crash.

House blankly wrote down the symptoms as his team went to work trying to figure out what else was wrong for he had passed out even though the car only received a jolt, not to mention he had begun to bleed out of his ears.

Later House returned to his office where he sat in silence, staring at the baseball.

Line break

Danny's parents looked curiously at Danny while Jazz paled "There is something you should know about the accident" he said. Jazz quickly jumped up and put her hand over Danny's mouth "He's joking, there is nothing new!" she shouted.

Danny glared at her and to his parents shock, fazed out of her grip. Maddie stood slowly "Danny?" she asked. Danny sighed "Mom, dad, I'm half ghost" he said. Maddie suddenly scooped Danny into a hug "What happened" she whispered.

Danny broke from her grasp and changed into Danny Phantom "That accident half killed me, but I promise I've only been trying to do the right thing" he said. Maddie felt tears run down her cheeks but she didn't care. Gently her and Jack scooped Danny into a hug.

Line break

House was sitting in his office while Chase, Cameron, and Foreman were currently free from any cases and were waiting for anything to happen.

Suddenly the four of them shivered and looked around curiously as the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees "I hope I'm not interrupting anything" a distant voice said from nowhere. Suddenly they gasped as a slightly happy and tired and sick Danny Phantom appeared.

House frowned "Let me guess, you told them?" he asked. Danny smiled lightly "Yeah, and I just thought you guys would like to know that they accept me, but for now I have to get back before Jazz finds out I flew all this way while I'm sick" he said.

A rare smile appeared on House's face "Hey kid, I won't tell a soul" he said. Danny looked startled before nodding in relief and respect before vanishing. Cameron smiled "You know, I'm actually going to miss that kid" she said. Foreman rolled his eyes and Chase shrugged.

House just stayed silent, he didn't know how but he knew they would see him again…

And if you couldn't tell i am planning an eventual sequel! End