A/N: Fluffalicious. Mindless fluff. But a snapshot nonetheless. –purrs-


"What's this?" he grumbled, eyebrows rising. "It looks sweet - you know I don't like sweet stuff."

Tenten rolled her eyes as she settled down on the edge of the bed where her boyfriend had been napping, "it's a cappuccino, Sasuke, and no, it's not that sweet." She inclined her chin towards the two cups she held in her hands, "try it, you might like it."

He sat up in bed before throwing the covers off of him, "let's head out to the kitchen – I'm tired of being cooped up in this bed all day." Tenten smiled at Sasuke's backside as he shuffled out of the room – he filled those pajamas quite nicely.

"Are you feeling any better?" she asked, leaning over the table to lay a hand on his forehead. He had been feeling feverish in the morning, so she had instructed him to stay in bed all day while she went grocery shopping and ran some errands. If she caught him out of bed there'd be hell to pay, she had threatened, brandishing her fist at him and winking cheekily. Tenten was pleased to see that his temperature was normal and he was no longer sick and vulnerable.

Sasuke nodded, enjoying the feel of Tenten's cool hand on his brow. The drink on the other hand… looked suspicious. He had taken off the lid and had brought the cup to his nose, inhaling it cautiously. "Are you sure it's okay??" he groused, arching an eyebrow at the whipped cream and foam.

Tenten pinched his cheek before taking a swig of her peppermint hot chocolate, "it's your reward for being a good boy today… don't you trust my judgment?" She looked up at Sasuke and giggled at the sight before her.

He looked up to regard her questioningly, having stoically taken a swig of his beverage, completely unaware of the fact that he had cream on his nose. "What?" he asked.

Tenten smiled as she indicated to her nose, "let me get that for you," she said, starting to get up for a napkin. But a better idea crossed her mind and she stopped mid-way, sly smile making her boyfriend shift in his seat. She looks like a cat … Sasuke found himself thinking as Tenten made her move.

Rising to kneel on her chair, Tenten braced herself, lifting her body smoothly over the kitchen table to draw near to Sasuke. Fluidly like a cat, she leaned forward to meet his curious gaze. Full pink lips parted and a tongue deftly licked the cream off his nose.

Sasuke blinked at his coy girlfriend, who had casually sunk back down into her seat and proceeded to take a sip out of her cup as if nothing had happened. "Che."

"What?" she asked innocently, devious grin giving it away.