Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: After School Special
Pairing: RoyxEd
Rating: R (language, some fluff, and touch of the smut)
Timeline: Present AU
Summary: Roy and Ed finally move in together.
AN: I wrote this quick one-shot back on 5/20 to celebrate Roy/Ed Day. I wasn't going to post it here because of the sexual content, but I decided to take a chance. If frottage bothers you, then you'll want to skip reading this.

After School Special
"Moving In"

It was official. Ed hated boxes. All boxes. Every single size, every single shape, every single color, every single… whatever. And if he lived the rest of his life without ever having to look at another box again, that was fine by him.

Unfortunately, that would not be the case. At least not until he and Roy managed to unpack the ones that presently filled almost every room of their new house.

After seeing Al off, Ed sank to the floor of the living room and leaned back against… yep, a box. Although the couch and chairs were present and accounted for, it was nearly impossible to reach them because of the fortress of boxes that surrounded them. Therefore the floor would have to do for now.

"Good grief," he muttered, kicking off his shoes and digging his toes into the plush caramel colored carpet. "I can't believe you own so much stuff."

Roy emerged from the kitchen with two sodas. Cold ones, luckily, as the refrigerator was still accessible, albeit tragically bare. "Neither can I," he replied as he weaved his way through the cardboard maze that led into the living room. He then sat down beside Ed and offered him a drink. "Here you go."


They cracked open their cans and drank in silence, staring at their surroundings and enjoying the cool central air. Roy slid his arm around Ed's waist and pulled him close, and Ed let his head fall to Roy's shoulder, his loose blond hair spilling down his lover's arm. And just like that, his annoyance faded away.

Because Roy was there. Finally. For good.

Much had changed over the two years it had taken them to get to this point. Ed was twenty years old now, and soon to begin his junior year of college. He had recently decided to pursue a career in education. An ironic choice, perhaps, for someone who had once hated the very idea of being in a classroom with a passion because of the cruelness of others. As for Roy, he had accepted a teaching position at Ed's old high school and was set to start in the fall. While he would be taking a cut in pay, he was eager to work in a classroom setting again, molding the leaders of tomorrow instead of just reprimanding and suspending them.

It was a far cry from their complicated beginnings, when a principal who never thought he would find love again met a physically and emotionally tortured teenager who had no idea how to love. But in spite of it all, from age differences to long distances, they managed to stay together. And now they could finally be together.

Roy blew against a tuft of hair that was tickling his nose. "Damn," he said. "I forgot to pay Al before he left."

"Pay him for what?" Ed asked. "He brought three fucking boxes into the house and spent the rest of his time going through your video games."

Roy chuckled into his drink, unable to deny the claim. Even at the age of nineteen, Al was still very much Al.

Ed sat upright with a grunt. "Did you tell him yet? That you're going to give all of that stuff to him?"

"Not yet."

"He's going to freak out."

Roy wasn't so sure about that, although he admitted a certain ignorance when it came to that sort of thing. For instance, he had no idea that the James Bond Goldeneye game for the old Nintendo 64 system was "like, the coolest video game ever made!" At least according to Al.

After resting for a little while longer, the couple ordered dinner. Roy rummaged around until he found a lamp and they ate right there on the floor, using a box of books as a makeshift table. Afterwards, they started the slow and painful process of unpacking. Given the late hour, they didn't make much progress, but by the time they were finished, they were able to relax on the couch, which was good enough.

"This is going to take forever," Ed moaned. He stretched out along the length of the couch, bringing his feet to rest on top of Roy's thighs. "Can we please never move again?"

Roy smirked as he gently stroked Ed's right foot. "That's the plan."

Ed lifted his head and found the older man staring back at him.

"What is it?" Roy asked.

And as was the case so many times before where Roy was concerned, Ed was overcome by a fierce wave of affection. He was so in love with Roy that he hardly felt capable of holding it in, and he was so happy that he just didn't know what to do.

Well, no… that wasn't entirely true.

"Come here," he said quietly.

Roy smiled and did as he was told, sliding atop Ed's body until they were face to face. Gentle kisses soon gave way to more eager and urgent ones, with their hands grabbing and their legs intertwined, until Ed was all but drowning in the sofa's thick cushions as a result of their combined desperation.

"Maybe we should take this to the bed," he managed sometime later, breathlessly.

"We don't have a bed yet," Roy murmured against his shoulder.

"Oh, yeah." Ed had completely forgotten that the new one wouldn't be delivered until the next day. "I guess this will have to do."

"As long as you don't fall off," Roy added with a grin, in reference to a long ago time. Their first time.

Cringing at the memory, Ed pulled Roy into another long, searing kiss in an effort to forget. Shirts and pants were quickly shed and flung aside, leaving nothing but the mind-melting friction of skin on metal and skin. Roy gripped the arm of the couch and used it for leverage as he bore down between Ed's parted legs, grinding hard on top of him, their throbbing cocks sliding together against their lower abdomens in a growing pool of slickness.

Ed broke their kiss, not because he wanted to but because he could no longer contain the cries that escaped him with every thrust. He locked his legs around Roy's back and wrapped his arms around him, fingers digging in, and when Roy licked a wet trail from his neck to his ear and ordered him to come in that low and sexy voice, he did, howling at the ceiling and spurting in hot streams between them. Moments later, Roy followed suit with a shuddering groan, rubbing against Ed's softening length and spilling onto his stomach.

They remained that way for minutes afterwards, clinging and clutching each other. Eventually, Roy raised his head and stared down into Ed's flushed face.

"And to think we get to do this every day now," he said.

Ed laughed and gave him a push, and this time it was Roy who toppled to the floor.

"Consider that payback."


Later, they settled in for the night, awkwardly snug in Elysia's My Little Pony sleeping bag.

Ed closed his eyes and nuzzled against Roy's chest, breathing in the scent of him and contemplating this new beginning. Gone were the days when he would lose sleep in hopes of prolonging the moment as he had done so often over the past two years. Roy would not be leaving him come morning to go home.

Roy was already home.

With a soft yawn, Ed gradually succumbed to his exhaustion. There would be plenty of time to wallow in happiness later.

After they unpacked all those goddamn boxes.