Title: Shop Girl
By: mandy-jg
Rating: Any Age
Summary: They need help, she needs a job. Perfect match. Almost.
Pairing: Fred/Hermione
A/N: For adventdrabbles, 24 Fred/Hermione Christmas drabbles, all connected.
Prompt: Who - 100quills

Shop Girl - Day One

"It's madness."


"I'm just gobsmacked."

"It's you!"

"And me!"

"Us!" They cried together.

"They are crazy," George said shaking his head.

"They have to be," Fred nodded.

"Wouldn't want them working for us anyway."

"Not with their clearly altered mental state."

"It doesn't change the facts though."

"We need someone."

"They have to be clever," George said slowly, tapping the tabletop.


"Nice word choice."


"We can't just have anyone."

"We need to like them."

"Get along with them."

"They have to get the bloody jokes."

"But not walk around like it's their own toy shop."

"They need to take it seriously."

"But not too seriously."

"Right," Fred agreed. "We are doomed."


"I just can't believe it, everyone turned us down, and no applicants. We don't have the plague!"

"Of course not!"

"With my good looks."

"And my irrepressible charm."

"They should be lined up at the door."

"They should be pushing the door down!"

"Maybe, Ginny."

"No," she said from the other side of the room. "I will not be working in that shop of yours again."

"Okay then, Ron?"

"There isn't enough money in the world," Ron said quickly, not looking up from the chess board.

"Don't even try," Harry laughed, as they turned to him.

Groaning, "Bloody hell. Our own family."

"Flesh and blood."

"To the bone."

"So deep."

"You'll get over it."

Turning their back on them, they returned to their papers. "We can't do this by ourselves."

"Busiest time of the year."

"All those siblings wanting to fill brother dearest stocking with our products."

"No one seems to want a bloody job," Fred shook his head. "A little extra cash in the holidays."

"Spread a little joy."


"You know who we haven't asked?"


George nodded to the other chair in the room, and the figure curled up engrossed in her book. "What do you think?" He whispered.

"She'd be fine, but she'd never say yes, and by never I mean in this lifetime or the next."

"She might surprise us."

"Hermione Granger doesn't do surprises."

"I'm going to ask her," George smiled.

Fred just smiled, and watched George move over to the lounge, and sit down beside her. They spoke in quiet tones, the others not looking in their direction. Hermione shook her head vehemently, before closing her book, and making to stand up. George then said something to convince her, and she looked at him closely, glancing at him, and he smiled encouragingly (he hoped - looking keen wasn't favourable in this instance).

She said something then, George nodding, before coming back to the table where he was. "Yes."


"There are conditions."

"Of course," Fred scoffed. "What?"

"Well she won't test any of the products."

"A given."

"She won't work weekends."


George mumbled something under his breath, "So we are good, and she starts Monday."

"Hang on," Fred held up a hand. "There was one more condition."

"Only minor, barely a blip on the radar."

"Tell me."

"Okay, don't get mad. She wants to use our equipment, for making potions."

"Our equipment?"

"Yeah," George sighed. "It's the deal breaker, the only way she would agree. And, you know she is careful with things like that, she won't bugger our stuff up."

"That's true, she won't get in the way?"

"Nope, we'll work out a schedule or something."

"So we get a shop girl."

"And she gets to use our things, win/win."

"We'll see."