Be My Runaway Valentine

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Chapter one

Hinata smiled as she pulled the freshly baked cookies out of the oven. The cookies were plain shortbread flavoured but were shaped, specially, into miniature foxes.

She quickly wrapped up the treats into a small handkerchief and continued to tie it up with a small orange ribbon. Yes, this Valentines day she would tell Naruto for sure.

That's right. Today was going to be the day Hinata Hyuuga told Naruto Uzumaki her feelings for him.

"I…I hope Naruto-kun likes t..the-them." She thought aloud.

Neji frowned.

"So that's who you're making those for? Naruto? Hinata-sama, you could do so much better."

", Ne..Neji-nisan…I..I..really like Naruto-kun." Hinata blushed as she fiddled with her fingers.

Neji sighed.

"Then I guess it can't be helped. You better hurry if you want to catch him, he's about to go to lunch with his team."

"Hai! T..ttt…thankyou, Neji-san…" She smiled shyly as she grabbed the treats off the bench and ran down the hall.

Neji shook his head and turned away, sadly.

"You should have told her Neji…she's going to be really upset when she finds out." TenTen scolded her friend as she appeared out of nowhere.

"I know…but she looked so happy. I just couldn't do it…where did you come from anyway?"

"Hm? It's a secret!"

Sasuke frowned even harder as he kicked the dirt.

'Stupid life, stupid love…why does life hate me! Everything is sooooo stupid. If life hates me so much it should just kill me! GR!' Sasuke yelled in his mind, whereas on the outside he kept his cool composer.

His grip tighten on the object in his hand. He was just about to crush it into tiny little pieces when someone bumped into him.

Hinata fell to the ground.

"Ouch…AH! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai! Gomenesai!"

Sasuke frowned…even more.

"Shut it."

Hinata instantly shut up before bowing apologetically.

"I'm, UU…Uchiha-San. I ww..wasn't watching wear I w..was going…and I..I..Gomenesai!" She stuttered a formal apology.

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Whatever." He replied, but before he could walk away something caught his eye.


A valentines present. Card and all. Briefly Sasuke remembered hearing some people talking about the so called 'rumours' that the heir to the Hyuuga clan was in love with the demon container of Kyuubi.

'So, the rumours were true.'

"Ah! Uchiha-san?! I…you…I…and…you…you're…you're a missing nin! I…I… by order of the Hokage I have …ttt…th..the right to….er….um…de..detain you." Hinata said as she got into fighting position.

'I..I…I don't believe it! UuuUchiha-san, an S class criminal…and I just had to run into him! A..a..all I did was take a shortcut through the UuuUchiha manor and…and…and now this! I'm going to die and I haven't even told Naruto-kun that I love him…Kami!'

Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"You…capture…no wait…defeat…me? Heh, you're more stupid than you look."

"I..IIIII…I…I can try…" Hinata replied weakly as she began fiddling with her fingers.

"Hn. I respect your bravery…but you are stupid and naive… you remind me of someone…heh, and since I am feeling generous I am willing to help you out." Sasuke spoke confidently.

"A..ano? Bbb..but…what? I..I..I don't understand…"

"Don't visit Naruto today."

"What?! Why?!"

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. 'Heh, she didn't stutter…'

"Just don't."


"And if you tell anybody that I'm here…I will kill you." Sasuke threatened but something had already caught Hinatas attention.

"Aaaa…ano? UuuUchiha-San…what is that in your hand? Is it a present?"

"Wwww…what! Shut up! Get out of here! Go on! Go visit my precious Naru…" Sasuke stoped wide eyed. He couldn't believe it. He had gotten so riled up that he had let his biggest secret slip.

"Y..Y…you …you like Naruto?"

"Ah…nnn…nn…no! What do you know! You're just a stupid little girl!" Sasuke yelled. He was getting annoyed.

" that's why…y…you didn't want me to visit Naruto-kun. I…I…You're mean!" Hinata cried childishly as she ran off.

Sasuke looked over at her retreating back. When she was …er…'yelling' at him she displayed some…unique power. Perhaps she would be of some 'usefulness' in the future to team Hebi.

"All she needs is some training…proper training. And if she dies…less competition for Naruto." Sasuke smirked evilly as he pocketed the present in his hand.

Hinata ran as fast as she could. She couldn't believe that she had escaped Uchiha Sasuke! By all rights she should be dead. But she was willing to put all of that behind her as she spotted Naruto off in the distance. She ran over to him, somewhat excitedly.

"N….n..Naruto-kun!" Hinata said quietly with a blush on her cheeks.

"AH! HINATA!" Naruto yelled and waved at her, causing her cheeks to redden even more.

"I..I…I…here!'re for you…ha..ha..happyvalentinesdayNaruto!"

Hinata said as she thrusted the cookies into his hands.

Naruto gave her a funny look.

"Eh? For me? Thanks Hinata! But…er, I can't take these."

"Huh? Wwww…why nn…not?" Hinata looked up with a sad and confused expression.

"He can't take them because Naruto is with me! He's my boyfriend! So take these disgusting treats and throw them away!" Sakura shrieked as she linked arms with Naruto.

Naruto gave Hinata a sympathetic look as Sakura threw the present on the ground before stomping on it.

Hinata felt her eyes beginning to tear and, without realising it, she fell to her knees.

Sakura laughed as she forced Naruto to leave with her. Naruto looked back and mouthed her a sorry before following his beloved girlfriend.

Hinata watched as the rain began to fall all around her. She hadn't even noticed that it had been a stormy day.

Slowly, as though afraid that she might break, she lifted her self off the ground.

" that's why he told me not to see him…U…Uchiha-san was trying to help me…I..I am stupid!" Hinata sobbed.

Suddenly she shook her head.

"I…I can't…I…have to…" She stuttered, not really making any sense, before she wiped her eyes with the back of her sleave and set off, slowly, as though she was trudging along.

It wasn't long before she reached the Uchiha compound. She trudged down the path with her head down and her arms wrapped around herself.

"UUUU…Uchiha-san…." she called out, but her voice barely reached above a whisper.

"Heh, so you did come back, and judging by the state you're in I'd say that you have found out about this most unforseen yet unfortunate event."

"H…hai. W..ww..why dd..din't you tell me?" She asked hurt.

"Pft, it was not my place. But please, do not make the mistake of thinking that you are the only one hurt by this….tragedy."

"H..hai, you were hurt too…right U..Uchiha-san."

Sasuke blushed a little and turned his head to the side, choosing to ignore the previous statement.

"I have decided to train you and in turn you will not disclose any information about me or my whereabouts… to anyone! Although it is true that I could kill you just by making eye contact with you, and save myself the trouble of training you, this will benefit me. On the one hand I will be able to learn more about the Hyuuga clan and the power it holds…" Sasuke smirked.

"On the other, I wish to see just how strong you are. There is something in you…something powerful, and I think your team has seen this…but their training methods are pathetic at most, so I shall train you…Are we in agreement or should I just kill you now?" Sasuke finished. He wasn't going to disclose all of his plan to the girl, that would be stupid, but this tiny bit of information was just enough to draw her in….thus it was substantial to tell her.

"Er…o..o..ok Uu..Uchiha-san! I..I..I…I'lldomybest!" Hinata mumbled and Sasuke sighed.

"W…what are you g..going to teach me…w..when…shall we start?" She curiously inquired.


"I…I can't…I gg..get nervous really easily. M..m..m…my dad took me a doctor o..once…and the doctor said I had an anxiety dis…disorder b..because…of…j..just because!" Hinata defended her self weakly, finding the ground a very interesting place to look at right now.

"Fine. We'll work on your confidence…later. For now…lets just angst together or something…I'm to depressed to do anything else." Sasuke grumbled as he sat down on the veranda.

Hinata quietly moved out of the rain and sat beside him…some meters away.

"Here…" Sasuke said as he pulled a valentines present out of his pocket. Roughly he shoved it into Hinatas cold hands.

"Happy Valentines. It was originally for Naruto…but…well…" Sasuke let his voice trail off as Hinata nodded in understanding.

"A…a…arigato-gozimasu." She said quickly with a blush on her cheeks.

Slowly she unwrapped it. A smile lit her face as she saw what the present was.

A new kunai, with the Konoha leaf symbol engraved on the handle, in what appeared to be silver.

"I…I…I'm sure th..that he..w.. would have liked this…U..Uchiha-san. are very kind and thoughtful." She smiled at him.

"Heh, you remind me of my mother…she was stupidly kind like you…she didn't stutter though. Hm, perhaps he would of liked it, but it doesn't matter now…KAMI! This sucks. I came all the way back for nothing."

"…" Hinata stuttered frantically.

"Hm? What's the matter?"

"I ..I don't know what respond to first."

Sasuke smiled.

"Yeah, well that's because you're dumb."

"I…I guess so…ah, I wouldn't be so upset I..I.if it was someone who was in love w..with him, bbb..but I'm sure tt..that Sakura is only doing this to mm..make you j..jealous the next time you up. Although…'s pretty funny that it has backfired in a sense…huh U..Uchiha-san."

"Heh, true."

"Hehe, c..could you imagine h..her face if you ha..ha…had of given him the Val…Valentines present?"

Sasuke laughed…and he couldn't believe it. The only person to make him laugh before was Naruto, but here was Hinata, a girl he had briefly met at the academy and talked to on rare occasions, appearing, basically, out of no where making him lose his guard and actually laugh. Now…where is that apocalypse? Pigs flying perhaps? No? Oh well. All Sasuke knew was that this girl brought out the best in him…and he wasn't sure if he liked that.

"…Uchiha-san, wou..would you maybe like to have some of the cookies I made for Na…Naruto-kun with me? I..I don't want them to go to waste." Hinata asked timidly.

"I suppose."

Hinata brought the small handkerchief filled with cookies out of her pocket and set it on the ground between them.

"Here you go U..Uchiha-s..san. G..Gomen, they're crumpled and b..broken. S..Sakura threw them on the ground and s..s..stood on them."

Sasuke wasn't sure if the stuttering in that sentence was just normal stuttering or her stuttering through sobbing, so he decided to take pity on the girl, but not mercy…oh no…that wasn't something Uchiha Sasuke did…giving pity was for the strong and giving mercy was for the weak.

He reached out and scooped up some of the crumpled cookie and place it into his mouth.

"H..Happy Val…Valentines day Uchiha-s..san." Hinata whispered with a small smile and a faint blush.

"Hm, that's actually pretty good. Where did you learn to cook?" Sasuke asked with mild interested after he finished eating the treat. Shortbread wasn't too sweet so it was probably the best Valentine gift he could ever get considering his deep dislike for sweet things.

"I..I…I was taught heaps of people…m…my wanted me to be the pp..per fect wife…for whoever he sees fit. Y..your lucky your family is dead Sasuke..I..if they ww…were anything like mine…you ww..would have been happy…"

Sasuke listened to her words quietly. Normally he would lash out at people who tried to talk about his family as if they knew what he was going through…but Hinata hadn't tried to put herself in his shoes…no…she'd done the exact opposite, she'd placed him in hers.

"Heh, perhaps…but I didn't have a family like yours…so perhaps in that sense I was lucky…unfortunately it seems that luck has run out."

"A..ano…ww..why are we bb..being so…depressing? It…it can't rain forever, we'll be happy soon, j..justyouwatchUchiha-San!"

Sasuke smirked. 'She really is stupid.'


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