Be My Runaway Valentine

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Chapter Seven

Since Hinata had been banned from her clan she had inadvertently also gotten herself banned from her house as well. So now she was living with Sasuke. Missing nin, traitor to Konoha and all round not the best person to be friends with.

It had been a month since her banning and funnily enough she was starting to get use to it. Training and living with her new boyfriend Sasuke…it was almost like an adventure, although it had taken a while for them to work out the sleeping arrangements.

At first Hinata had slept on the couch…until she found out that there was at least fifty spare rooms in the old run down house. But after sleeping in one of the rooms for a night she decided that it wasn't a good option. The house was old and creaky and every time she tried to get to sleep something freaky would happen…plus she had a very vivid imagination….as Sasuke found out when she came running into his room sobbing and mumbling something about ghosts and zombies working together in a haunting conspiracy.

So, eventually, Hinata ended up sleeping in Sasukes bed. Hinata had refused at first but reconsidered when Sasuke reminded her that she had already slept in the same bed as him twice before.

However, it had been a month, and Sasuke was starting to get frustrated…

actually, scratch that, he was frustrated. They had been dating for at least a months time but nothing had changed, all they did was kiss and it was driving Sasuke mad.

He wanted to be able to hold her and touch her but he also wanted her to feel comfortable. Yet every time he tried to get intimate with her she would push him away with a scream. It was damaging his pride and his libido, and he was determined to find a way to fix it. He didn't even want sex… yet, just a make out session would be enough! But she was a private and personal girl who needed her personal space and was overly shy, so he would just have to wait for her to come to him…which, with the way things were looking, would probably be about ten years or so.

Sasuke frowned. He had to leave soon. He was going to meet up with his team at their usual spot and then, from there, they were going on a week long mission getting information on Itachis whereabouts.

Knock Knock

Sasuke blinked. Who would be knocking on the Uchiha main houses door? Idiots? Children? Wackjobs?

"Sasuke! It's us!" a very familiar voice rang out.

"Karin?" He questioned confused.

"HEY! We're here too!" Another familiar voice yelled.

"Seigetsu…are you there too Juugo?"

"Hai." a gruff voice answered.

Sasuke opened the door with an annoyed expression.

"What the hell are you three doing here?"

"Er…there was some trouble with our usual spot…Konoha nins. So we thought we'd meet you here!" Seigetsu answered with a grin.

'Shit…I can't let them meet Hinata. I don't want anybody to know I have a weakness…' Sasuke thought with a creased brow as his team eyed him suspiciously.

"Well, are we leaving?" Karin asked sounding almost as annoyed as he was.

"Sasuke, I ma-made you an obento for your journey and…A-ano…I-I didn't realise we-we were having guests." Hinata said as she walked out of the

kitchen and into the hall. Sasuke sighed.

'Guess there's no avoiding it now…' he thought angrily.

"Eh! Sasuke-kun! Who is this girl?! GIRL, who are you?!" Karin asked distastefully.

Before Hinata could answer Sasuke stepped in.

"She is my … partner. Can we go now?" Sasuke answered deadpanned.

"WHAT?!" Karin screeched completely and utterly horrified.

"Wow! Good choice Sasuke-kun! She's a treasure! Isn't she cute Juugo?!" Seigetsu rambled excitedly.

"Hm." Juugo answered simply.

"Hmph! I don't think she's that great! Look at her snobing us! She must think she's so great! BITCH!" Karin said icily.

Sasukes fist clenched and just as he was about to take action, which the Hyuuga sensed, when Hinata spoke up.

"Go-gomen…I have trouble me-meeting new people. I did-didn't mean to seem so rude. Gomenesai. Um…my-my name is Hyuuga Hinata." She said quietly and gently letting a slight tinge of red taint her porcelain cheeks .

"Well, my names Seigetsu! The big guy over there is Juugo and the queen bitch you just met is Karin…ow! Karin don't step on my foot!" Seigetsu introduced.

Hinata nodded and bowed.

"Ka-Karin? Sa-Sasuke talks of you often. You are like a sister to him…a-a very important person! Please, do ta-take care of him whilst your away together!" Hinata spoke loudly with her eyes closed…to embarrassed to look at anyone.

Sasuke glowered. He didn't need anyone to look after him! Especially not a girl! And since when had Hinata learnt to lie like that?!

Suddenly Karins mood changed as she walked over and patted the smaller girl on the head.

"Yeah, I'll take care of him. Twerp. I think I can see what Sasuke sees in you. Maybe when we finish the mission we can hang out a bit?" Karin said with a smile.

"Ha-hai! I…I would re-really like that. Thankyou." Hinata smiled back at the taller girl.

Karin nodded as she walked back to her team. Hinata looked over at Sasuke who looked back at her and then looked at the obento in her small delicate hands.

Eyes widening, blush growing, she threw the obento at him and ran inside, slamming the door. Sasuke blinked in confusion as Seigetsu laughed loudly and Karin giggled slightly.

"Er…go-go-goodbye Sa-Sasuke…ha-have a go-good trip!" she called from behind the closed door.

Sasuke smirked before going back to his normal deadpanned look and headed over to his team.

"Lets go then." he stated emotionlessly. Team hebi nodded as they all took off.

And whilst they were jumping from tree to tree Karin decided to have a quick word to the youngest Uchiha.



"I approve."




Karin smirked as she fell back in with the rest of her team, following Sasuke.

"Hey Karin…" Seigetsu began.


"That was really cool of you, how you handled that and all. It was really nice." he commented truthfully.

"I can be nice you know!" Karin smirked.

"Pft, yeah…but it's always such a nice surprise when you are." Seigetsu said cheekily.

"Yeah well, I guess the better girl won." 'I can't win against her anyway…'

Hinata waited anxiously in front of the door. She was sitting cross legged in the middle of the hall way, and had been for an hour at least. She was awaiting Sasuke's return and was eager to meet him. It had been a full week and today was the day he was due back…but so far he hadn't come back and when sunset fell Hinata began to worry that something had gone wrong on the mission and, thus, she ended up waiting on the cold, hard, floor.

'Please, please, be safe.' she thought reaching up and clutching her shirt at her heart.

"Were you waiting for someone?" a chilling cold voice echoed through the room.

Hinata froze.

"Sa-Sasuke?" she whimpered.

The voice sounded like Sasuke's but somehow it was a tad different. Hinata shook her head trying to regain her thoughts.

'It has to b-be Sasuke! Who else could it be? No one would be silly enough t-to enter the Uchiha main house? It ju-just has to be Sasuke!' Hinata reassured herself before turning around with a happy grin.

"Sa-Sasuke, you…" she trailed off as she saw exactly who was facing her.

She gulped.

"A-ano? W-who are y-you?" she asked fearfully bitting her lip.

"Hn? Hyuuga?" the stranger questioned with mild interest.

"Ack! I'm sorry! H-how rude of m-me. M-m-my name i-is H-Hyuuga Hina-Hinata." She stumbled out under the strangers intense gaze.

"Et-eto, would you l-like some tea?" she offered trying to keep her smile forcing her self to regain control of her stuttering. Lately she had been doing well and hardly stuttering at all, even with in the presence of Sasuke. Sasuke had worked hard to make sure she felt comfortable and she was thankful.

"Rude? You? Tea?" the man said slightly confused.


"Do you live here?"


"You live here and I'm a stranger barging in and demanding answers and you apologise for being rude?" the stranger ran through the situation with mild amusement.

"Ye-yes!" she roughly whispered before looking down and began biting her nails with nervousness.

They stayed in silence for a while before the stranger asked about what happened to the tea which ended up with a very flustered Hinata screeching apologies for over twelve minutes as she ran into the kitchen and began preparing the tea and some treats. The man simply shook his head at the naivety of this one Hinata Hyuuga.

"Do you live here alone?" the man spoke up, breaking the silence.

"N-no…I…I live here w-with my…boyfriend." she whispered as she poured the tea.

Gently she handed the tea to him before picking up her own. Sitting at the table where the delicious treats Hinata had made earlier were laid out. When the 'guest' didn't reach out and take a treat Hinata began to panic that she had done something wrong and offended the man. The man caught her worried glance and gave her an almost sympathetic look.

"Ah, do not stress your self young one, you have done nothing to offend me. Unfortunately I have a deep dislike for sweat things, with exception to dango, of course." the stranger spoke with both sophistication and confidence.

Hinata frowned a little as she bit her lip. This man obviously came from a wealthy or high class family with the way he spoke and held himself. He also seemed quite intelligent and Hinata was beginning to grow fearful of what he could do. Slowly, as though it was painful, she forced herself to smile.

"Eh…that's o-ok then."

The man gave her a confused look.

"It's ok b-because my bo-boyfriend Sa-Sasuke doesn't like sweats either, so I ba-bake him short bread co-cookies instead. I-I promise they a-aren't sweet." she said, not once looking up at him.

The stranger nodded and reached forward and grabbing the small biscuit.


Hinata nodded in response.

It was silent for a few more minutes before the stranger spoke again.

"So Sasuke is your boyfriend, and you live here with him. How interesting. Although I think I can see why…such a shy, beautiful and kind girl…you…almost remind me of someone Sasuke and I once knew." he said, his voice becoming dark.

Hinata kept her head down as she picked up her empty glass and went to wash it in the sink. As she began to wash the pretty cup she decided to ask the stranger a question that had been playing on her mind for some time now.

"U-um…if you do-don't mind me asking…ho-how do you know Sa-Sasuke?" she asked quietly.

The man smiled, in an almost creepy and sly way.

"Why Hinata-sama, I am surprised that you haven't figured it out yet. I'm Sasuke's older brother…Uchiha Itachi." Itachi said with amusement.

He watched as the small tea cup slipped from Hinata's hands. She juggled with it for a while before finally catching it.

Hinata took in a deep breath as she slowly laid the cup down in the soapy water. She quickly turned around facing the older Uchiha and holding on to the edge of the bench for dear life.

"Ah… hi…Itachi-sama." Hinata squeaked.


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