The Labyrinth Trap





It's not mine…

But if it was…



Chapter contains heavy sexual content.


The Prologue is taken from the AC Smith novel

The Labyrinth… thanks AC for the jumping off point.



A taxi had been sent for her in the morning, but instead ofgoing to her mother's place it had taken her along the waterfront towhere Jeremy and her mother were waiting in Jeremy's old blackMercedes. They went out into the country for lunch beside a swimmingpool at some club where Jeremy was a member and the waiters spokeFrench.Later, in the pool, Jeremy had clowned around, pretendingto drown, to such an effect that an elderly man had rung the alarmbell. They had giggled all the way back to town. At her mother'splace, Sarah was given Jeremy's present, an evening gown in paleblue. She wore it to go with them to a new musical that evening, andafterward to supper, in a dimly lit restaurant. Jeremy was wickedlyfunny about every member of the cast they had seen in the musical.Sarah's mother had pretended to disapprove of his scandalous gossip,but that had only made Sarah and Jeremy laugh more uncontrollably,and soon all three of them had tears in their eyes. Jeremy had dancedwith Sarah, smiling down at her. He kidded her that a flashbulb meantthat they'd be all over the gossip columns next morning, and all theway home he drove fast, to shake off the photographers, he claimed,grinning. As they said good night, her mother gave Sarah a littleparcel, wrapped in silver paper and tied with a pale blue bow. Backin her room, Sarah had unwrapped it, and found the music box. The tune of "Greensleeves" tinkled, and a little dancer in a frilly white and sliver dress twirled pirouettes.

Jeremy, Mother's not so faithful lover.

Sarah watched the dancer until the music box unwound, and she decided to go say thank you once more to her mother. She was sure she was still awake; after all she was a night owl! Opening the door of her room in her mother's apartment, she noticed that the lights in the living room had been shut off. She looked down the hall, and though the door was nearly shut,she could tell her mother's light was still on. She smiled, walked down the hall on bare feet ready to toss open the door and jump on her mother's bed for some girl talk. As she came closer to the door she heard voices, her mother's and Jeremy's. The words were muffled and she could not make them out. Sarah stepped closer, and though the crack in the door she could see the two people naked on the bed. Her mother was arching and begging for more. Jeremy was growling at her as he … Sarah moved away from the door, quietly. She went back to her bedroom, shut her door and got into bed.

Sarah had seen the dirty photos that the other girls in her school giggled over. Pictures of couples having sex in as many erotic positions as could be thought of. Those photos had nothing on seeing the actual act being performed. Sarah closed her eyes, trying to shut out the images… but nothing could make her forget seeing Jeremy hammering her mother. She heard him leave; she looked at the clock and saw that it was half past one. Sarah sighed and tried to go back to sleep.

Sarah came out to the kitchen at about eight the next morning. Her mother was on the phone and held up one perfectly manicured hand to motion the girl to keep still. "No, Manny… I know it's a good part… but I'm not twenty or even twenty five… I don't think I can pull it off." Her mother listened to the person on the other end, and Sarah knew it was Manny Morgan, her mother's agent. "Manny… there has to be other parts…" She frowned, and Linda didn't like frowning as it deepened wrinkles. "Okay, I'll be in for the reading… yes, I know how to dress!" Hanging up she looked at Sarah, "I'm sorry, honey… I've got to go for an audition today… the second lead in a play on Broadway up and quit today… If I get this part…" Linda couldn't express just how important this part could be to her career. She looked at her pretty teen daughter, so young, so fresh and so unaware of what it took to get ahead and stay ahead in this cut throat business. "I really need this part, baby." She whispered.

"Go knock 'em dead," Sarah said sitting on the edge of the kitchen set. "I'll be fine."

"I may have Jeremy come check on you… this audition could go on for quite some time if they like me…" Linda picked up her purse as she placed dark glasses over her eyes.

"No need for anyone to check on me… I'm going back to bed for a bit…I'll see you when you get back, with good news." Sarah walked her to the door, kissed her mother and promised her she'd be just fine. The moment her mother left, the girl walked back down the hall and looked at her mother's room. The bed was not yet made, and the blankets were tossed back. Sarah looked over her shoulder, knowing her mother was long gone. She sat on the bed, looking at the array of pillows Linda slept with. There had to be dozens of them, and Sarah thought of how her mother had looked last night. Her back had been braced by some of the pillows, she looked like something out of a porn movie…but then, so did Jeremy.

Sarah laid back in the bed and thought of the handsome man who had taken her mother from a community theater group to the lights of Broadway and beyond. Jeremy Eden was handsome, blond, and slender and had the bluest eyes Sarah had ever seen. He had a wicked smile, could dance, speak French and could make everything seem like an adventure. After last night Sarah could add that he had one beautiful ass as well. She closed her eyes, imagining the handsome naked man who'd been with her mother. Only now he was with her, doing to her what he'd been doing to her mother. Sarah found herself arching much as her mother had done.

Daydreaming about her mother's lover had set something dark stirring in her. She felt a warm moistness she'd not felt before. Her breathing was labored as she lay on the bed fantasizing. She felt her skin go taunt and her nipples tingle and rise under her little tee-shirt that she wore as a night shirt began to tingle and rise. The dirtier the thoughts the more her nipples rose, and the moisture gathered between the tangled curls between her legs. It was not enough, and she began to reach over to her mother's night stand. Once before she'd rummaged through her mother's night stand so she knew exactly what was waiting for her there. Opening the drawer and reaching toward the back, she found the long cylinder of smooth plastic. Sarah smiled wickedly; she'd not known what the thing was when she'd first found it, but now two years later, she knew it was her mother's vibrator.

Sitting up, Sarah stripped off her nightshirt, and her panties. She stretched and enjoyed the feel of the silk sheets her mother insisted upon. She had to agree, they felt wonderful on naked skin. Turning on the radio next to the bed, she found a classical station that was playing Ravel's Bolero; music that was rather suggestively erotic. She moved the pillows around, and got comfy, then spread her legs slightly and turned on the vibrator. As the pulsing instrument of pleasure made its first contact with her, she let out a surprised gasp. Her lower lips twitched and she felt like she'd been shocked by a lightning bolt. Sarah had listened to upperclassmen talk in the girl's bathroom at school. She knew a few things about what to expect. What she'd not know was how good it would feel. Looking at the creamy colored cylinder in her hand, the teenager smiled. Sarah lay back and touched herself again, the way she'd heard the girls talking about. As she did, she imagined her mother's lover being in the bed with her.


Jeremy arrived at Linda's flat at ten thirty, having been aroused from a dead sleep by the frantic calls from his lady love. He had promised to go make sure little Sarah was okay. He'd even promised to take the kid out to lunch and keep her busy. Somewhere in the daze of waking up he'd heard Linda's complaint about this last minute audition screwing up the weekend plans with Sarah. She really didn't want the girl returning home and reporting to her father that things didn't go well. Linda was still getting flack from Robert and didn't wish to give him more ammo.

The handsome actor didn't bother with ringing the bell and asking to be let in. He had his own key, and if he knew teenagers, he was sure Sarah had gone back to bed for another forty or so winks. He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. Listening, he was surprised when the sounds of erotic music drifted out of Linda's bedroom. He placed his keys back in his pocket and quietly wandered down the hall. The door to the bed room was wide open and he could hear not only the music, now he heard the soft moaning. Intrigued, he moved closer, and hugging the wall so he could see in but not be seen. His eyes opened wide as he watched Sarah dip the tip of the cylinder into her spread sex lips. He watched, mesmerized and fascinated, as the teen moved the cylinder in and out of her pumping crotch. Only moments ago he'd been thinking of her as a kid, however right now she didn't look like a kid at all. He looked at her, lying in her mother's bed, pleasuring herself, and was about to quietly leave when he heard the girl moan.

"Oh God, Jeremy… do that again."

He smiled darkly, so the little minx was fantasizing about him. He had been tired; the night of entertaining the girl, and then pleasuring the mother had taken a bit of a toll. And though he was actually a few years younger than Linda, time was creeping in and catching up with him. He had given up the all night parties, and the heavy drinking. He didn't need the dark circles or the added pounds, or the wrinkles at the corners of eyes. He worked at keeping fit; his body was his tool, his only tool. At thirty five he was not ready to begin playing character roles, nor did he plan to for at least another ten to fifteen years. He liked being the romantic lead. He loved the accolades and the devoted fans. Because he was a slave to his art, he kept the late nights with Linda or any other lady to a minimum. Last night, he'd made an exception, Linda seemed troubled by the fact that her little girl was not so little anymore. He mused that seeing her daughter playing with the vibrator would really have been disturbing to his sexy co-star. He knew it was disturbing him, no make that it was arousing him. Hearing her moan his name shot though him like a bullet, and he began to harden. He watched her, so excited and so unsure of how to get the most pleasure, she was close but just missing it. Shrugging out of his jacket he let it drop quietly to the hall floor where it was followed by the rest of his street clothes. Standing naked in the hall he watched the girl stroke the cylinder making it go in and out, as he stroked the hardened shaft that now stood at attention. She was moaning in frustration, and he decided he'd go help her, and himself.

In silence, he calmly entered the bedroom, watching the sexually crazed teen. Her eyes were slits and she could barely see out of them. As he approached, the hot moist scent of woman welcomed him. He could hear the wet sounds of the cylinder as it was shoved into the girl's juicy love tube. Her breathing was labored and she was arching, but not quite finding the right spot. Jeremy reached out, placed his hand over hers on the vibrating shaft, "Not so hard," he said decisively. "Long slow strokes, Sarah, that's what gets you off."

Sarah moaned as his hand took over the direction of the strokes. "Jeremy," she panted.

He sat down on the bed, his hand directing hers, his eyes devouring her luscious young nubile body. "Damn, I had no idea how hot you were." He mused darkly. He had slowed the pace of the strokes, giving them more direction and power as her hungry body sucked the vibrator deeper. He had not realized just how developed her body was. Like most teenagers she was in the habit of wearing oversized shirts and sweats, it was not until last night that he noticed how the gown he'd bought for her fit almost too tightly in the bodice. Now, her breasts jiggling as the vibrator worked in and out, he could see she was not the little kid he'd been thinking she was. "You're fuckin' hot, Sarah." He growled as he began to change the speed of the vibrator and the swiftness with which he sank it in her. She was getting close, and he was not about to allow her first climax to be on a plastic cylinder, not when he had a perfectly good hand so close to her sweet little cunt. "You're close baby," he teased. "Now pull that thing out and I'll get you off."

Obediently, Sarah pulled the vibrator out; Jeremy slid his fingers in replacing the cylinder. Without much effort had her bucking against his hand. She grabbed his wrist, pulling it deeper into her. Moments later she clenched about his fingers, gasping as the wave of hot juice flowed out of her over his fingers.

He had figured getting a good finger fuck was about all the girl needed. He figured that was about all he could get away with, that and perhaps he could talk her into sucking him off. That was until he looked at the love juices on his fingers. The sweet musky scent of her was driving him wild. He moved, shifted so that he was now between her legs. Bending down he kissed the damp curls covering her Venus mound. "I told your Mom I'd take you out for a bite…" He was now lying with his head poised above the mound, allowing the heat and moisture to fill his senses. "But I think I'll just eat you here." He pressed her legs so her swollen folds opened to him. He lowered his face into her, kissing and licking and making the teenaged girl squirm. She squealed like a little piggy, making the man chuckle to himself. Jeremy had always thought her mother had been good in bed, but even the over sexed Linda could not compare to these hips bucking on his face. His tongue delved deeply into her, and she writhed against him even harder. Soon his face was awash in the moisture pouring out of her. "Damn baby, you're a faucet!"

Sarah lay panting covered in a thin sheen of sweat, "Don't stop!" she begged. "I need more."

Jeremy picked up the edge of the blanket and wiped his face dry, "Oh, I'm just getting started." He promised as leaned over her with a smarmy leer. "You liked the hand job, didn't you?" She nodded panting, he licked his lips. "And the tongue fuckin' you like that too didn't you?"

"You know I did!" She moaned. "Don't stop…more…" she tried to grab his arm but he held back from her reach.

"I'm just waiting to hear you say your right words…."

"My right words?" she gulped air, as her hands gripped the sheets below her. "What right words?" she demanded.

His body was hovering over hers; his face was inches from hers. "I want to hear dirty words come from that sweet baby mouth of yours." He told her darkly. "I want to hear you tell me what you really want Sarah."

She could smell the scent of her own musky juices on his breath. "I don't know what to say…." Her words ended with a gasp as the weight of his engorged shaft fell on her abdomen. She looked down at the throbbing rock hard shaft. "God!"

"If you like," He raised it and brought it down with a thump on her belly. "If you thought my fingers and tongue were good…wait till I shove this in you." With little effort he began to make it rise and fall at his will, beating a tattoo on her belly. "I'll fill you with cock, and all you have to do is say the right words…"

Sarah looked at the angry monster cock throbbing on her belly. "Fuck me." She begged in a dark whisper.

"That's my girl." He shifted his weight, sliding down so the head of his snakelike appendage was teasing the opening of her love canal. He looked at her, as he rested his weight on his bent arms. "Are you still a virgin?" She nodded. "Well, Jermey's gonna pop that cherry…" He began to shove his hardened throbbing shaft into the moist orifice. The girl, once he'd gotten the swollen head of his cock in side her, became fearful.

"Stop!" she yelped. "No… don't… it's too big… it…it hurts." She cried out. "Jeremy, don't!" Sarah began to fight him, pushing at him to get off her. "You're my mother's boy friend." The girl reminded him.

Her struggles did little to halt his assault, he was already moving deeper. "You don't really think I'm the only one fucking your mommy, do you?" He teased as he pressed his hip to hers moving his cock deep her into her. "Come on Sarah, you're not that innocent." He felt the barrier of her hymen, her struggles only made his determination more steadfast. He was going to be the one to "pop her cherry" and that was that. He pulled back, the girl mistook the move for him pulling out and he was glad because she stopped struggling and relaxed a bit. As she did, he shoved forward with force enough to break the tender tissue and allow him full entry into her. She cried out in a mixture of alarm and tenderness. He didn't give her time to think about it as he began to thrust in and out of her in a steady paced rhythm. Taking hold of one of her tits, he began to pull at the nipple and tease it. Lowering his head he took the raised peak of the teat into his mouth. He looked over to her face as he did, with the reawakened sex drive her fears and protests had vanished like fog in sunlight. He pulled on the hardened rosebud teat with his teeth, teaching her a wicked game. With his free hand he griped her knee and drew it up his hip. "Wrap those legs about me," he ordered. She complied as he knew she would. The girl was obeying not because she heard him, but because her body needed to. He growled softly in her ear when she was wrapped about him. "Your mom's a good fuck, you're better." His hands reached down, gripped her derrière, and squeezing her fanny he pulled her even closer. "I'm gonna fill you with hot cum, baby." He began ramming her with speed and force, until she cried out as her body convulsed with the force of the explosion that occurred deep within her…..

Sarah sat up and gulped for air, she was alone, the vibrator still in her hand as she struggled to calm herself. She dropped the still pulsating plastic cylinder to the bed and hugged her now upraised knees. It had all been a dream… a very strange and very erotic dream… but it was only a dream… She cleaned up her mother's bed, and then made it… and took a long very hot shower. When she was back in her room, she could not stop thinking of the daydream and the feelings it had left her with.


Jeremy arrived at the apartment at noon; he tapped on the door wondering if the kid would even be awake. He smiled as the door opened and Sarah appeared. "Hey kid, ready for lunch? I thought since it's just you and I, we'd take lunch at the café across from the park." He was casually dressed, jeans and a turtleneck under a corduroy jacket in a handsome camel color. His hair, as a rule was picture perfect, yet today it was allowed to be more natural and a bit wild.

Leaning on the frame of the door he looked so… sexy….Sarah went blank for a second. Snapping out of it she turned toward the interior of her mother's apartment. "I'll get my jacket…" she muttered.

Jeremy watched her and felt a slight chill in her manners toward him, this surprised him. "Sarah, are you alright?"

"Fine." She said a bit too quickly as she rejoined him. "I'm starving."

He chuckled, that soft easy going chuckle that Sarah loved. "Come on, then."

Jeremy had chosen a little café that was across from the part just down the street. They walked, as the day was so pleasant, and there would be so few of them. Besides, Jeremy had said, they could always use the exercise. He ordered a salad for himself and was not surprised when Sarah did the same. They talked quietly during the meal, or rather he asked questions and she answered. Usually one sentence answers but she did answer.

When they finished he suggested a nice long walk in the park, as there was a fine arts festival in the park and he felt Sarah would enjoy seeing the work of the art community that lived locally. More than once he caught her gazing over at him, and then looking away guiltily. He motioned toward a path that ran though a grove of trees. When they were away from the crowds that had gathered in the open greens where the stalls of art were, he motioned to a foot path. He knew this path; it led to a secluded little grotto. Reaching the grotto, he looked at the girl and began what he felt was going to be a quiet little heart to heart. "Sarah, are you angry with me for some reason?"

"No." she dug her foot into the dirt off the path.

"I get the feeling I've done something to upset you."

She looked at him, her eyes filled with strangeness. "You've done nothing." She assured him.

"Still, you're treating me.. so strangely…" He shrugged and dug his hands into his pockets. "I thought we were …friends."

"We are." She agreed, but moved a little bit away from him.

"Well then why treat me like I have the plague?" asked teasingly. "Sarah, you've barely looked at me since I've picked you up! And every time I look over at you …you jump ten feet!"

"It's nothing…" she insisted, starting to blush.

Jeremy misread the blush, "Oh Sarah… I'm so disappointed…I thought you knew you could tell me anything…"

"Not this," she began to giggle.

"Come now…" he coaxed. "Tell old Jeremy…"

"I can't…." she blushed wildly and hid her face in two fists now at her nose. "It's… so personal…"

Thinking he was about to hear about a crush on some pimple faced youth back home, he placed a comforting arm over her shoulder. "Come now; tell me…what are you hiding?"

His action drew a strange reaction, she jumped. "It's nothing."

Jeremy began to realize it had nothing to do with some lad, "I'm going to go out on a limb here…Sarah have you been…daydreaming about…" He stopped, removed his arm and cleared his thought.

"I had a… strange sort of waking dream… before you came over." She said quietly, wondering why she was feeling so guilty. It had just been a dream.

"Perfectly natural at your age," he said trying to convince one of them, and he was beginning to wonder which of them. "You're really not a kid anymore." He said and wondered to himself why he said that.

Sarah looked at him, "I've never had a… daydream like this one… it was … pretty racy."

"Sarah," he smiled, but it didn't look or feel real. "I'm sure it was not as bad as you think."

"Well I don't know about that." She dug her toe of her shoe into the dirt again. "It felt so real… I should have left her things alone…" she muttered.

"What things?" he asked feeling his face get warmer. The girl buried her face in her fists again, and the man gulped. "Were you rummaging in your mother's nightstand?" He was very well aware of what Linda kept in the stand.

Sarah nodded, "Yes…" she said muffled by her hands.

The man looked at the girl he'd known a few years now as if she were a stranger. "You know you're not supposed to be in your mother's room." His voice had taken on an edge.

"I couldn't help myself!" she said quickly. "Not after what I saw…" her hands covered her lips trying to silence them and put the words back, eyes wide as saucers.

Jeremy moved toward the bench, feeling his legs get shaky. "What you saw? What did you see?"

Sarah could not meet his eyes, "I saw you… and her… last night…."

Jeremy leapt from the bench and grabbed the girl by the shoulders. "Were you spying on us?"

"No…." she squeaked as his fingers dug into her arms. "I went to talk to my mom.. I thought you'd gone…. And I didn't know you were there until I was at the door…" She remembered the vision of the naked man thrusting into her mother and her mother's cries of pleasure. She looked up at the man, "I couldn't help it…and …"

Jeremy felt a surge of panic. "You watched?" she nodded and he glared at her. "How long?"

"Long enough." She whispered.

As if she were hot coals, he dropped his hands from her shoulders and arms. "What did you daydream about?" he demanded to know.

"You," was all she replied.

Jeremy pulled back. "I've never touched you!" He proclaimed. "Not once!"

"I know," she said, but it didn't sound convincing to her and she was sure it didn't to him. His face was worried and he was suddenly not happy that he'd asked her to walk down this isolated and secluded path deserted by most of the crowds.

Jeremy looked at her with annoyance. "You listen to me," he snapped. "You are to tell no one about this! Not your mother, not your father, not even your best friend if you have one! I could go to jail for what you… day dream about."

"It was just a fantasy…" she tried to explain.

"Fantasy?" he bellowed. "That little fantasy has a twenty year prison sentence attached to it!"

Sarah hung her head, "I'm sorry…" she whispered fearing he was not going to ever be nice to her again.

"We'd better get you back to your mom's." He said still angry. The walk back to the apartment was a silent one. The walked with at least three feet between them, as he didn't feel safe standing closer. When the reached the apartment her mother kept, he watched as she rushed off to her room in tears. He poured himself a good stiff drink, hearing her sobs he felt like a cad.

Linda appeared around three in the afternoon, just in time for dinner and to call the taxi to take the girl back to her father's house. She looked at Jeremy sitting alone in her parlor with his scotch, and she could hear the girl still sobbing. "What happened?"

"Sarah saw us last night." He sipped the drink and held it out to Linda.

Taking the drink and swallowing a mouthful she shrugged. "So, she saw us… big deal. Kids walk in on parents having sex all the time." She sluffed it off.

Retrieving the drink, he took another mouthful. "She went rummaging through your nightstand."

Linda giggled. "Did she?" She imaged the girl finding the vibrator and being embarrassed about it.

Jeremy wondered if Linda was always so dense. "She then fantasized and used your little toy…."

Linda looked toward the hall; "She told you this?" She looked back at her sometimes lover. "Why would she tell you?"

"Your toy," He said slowly, darkly, "Was playing my part in her little sex fantasy."

"Oh." Linda said, when it struck her. "Oh!" she looked toward Sarah's room; "Oh no."

"No…" He said standing up and handing the glass to Linda. "I think you'd best have one of those mother daughter talks you've been putting off… I'm going home."

"Jeremy… she knows… that you would never…." Linda stammered.

He paused as he reached the door. "Wouldn't I?" He challenged. "Look at her Linda…she's not a kid anymore… not quite a woman… but she's not a child…. and she's…getting ripe….don't delude yourself, darling… I'd be only too happy to take a bite out of her!" He snapped as he pulled the door open. "I don't think I should be around the next time she comes to town to visit you…"

"I understand." Linda said sadly as she met him at the door. "She'll be gone in two hours… the cab will be here at five, come back then." She requested softly.

Looking at her he sighed, "Fine." He didn't want to admit that he sometimes used her as she used him. Now he was going to have to worry about using her in place of the teen whose cries had nearly caused him to go and comfort the girl. If he had… he shook his head. "I'll see you when the girl is gone."

Linda closed the door, looked toward her hall and bit her lip. "Sarah," she called at last. "I want to see you, now."

Sarah found her mother waiting for her in the parlor. "Mom, I can explain…"

Linda held up her hand. "You don't need to." She motioned the girl to come to her. Opening her arms she smiled as the teen ran to her for comfort. "I was young too not so long ago…" her mother said kissing her long locks of chocolate hair. "It's pretty scary…this place you're in now…not a child, not a woman…"

"I didn't mean to watch." She confessed. "I couldn't help myself… I was… mesmerized." She swallowed her tears. "I… I went into your night stand."

"I know." Her mother said. "Sarah, I'm going to ask you not to talk about that to Daddy… he…he wouldn't understand." She smoothed her daughter's hair, and sighed. "I'm sure you've got questions."

"No…" Sarah said pulling into herself as she often did. "I'm just going to pretend it didn't happen…not at all."

Linda nodded, "Perhaps for now that's best." She agreed. "The taxi will be here soon…why don't you go freshen up and pack?" She watched the girl wander back down the hall to her bedroom. She looked over at the abandoned glass of scotch and picked it up. Sipping it this time she wondered how long it would be until her ex-husband or his new wife would be calling and accusing her of god-knows what. She stood up and vowed to make this go away.


Sarah had returned home with more than she'd left with. Linda had given the girl a lovely medieval costume just before she'd left. Something she'd been saving for the girl for just the right time. In the box with the costume was also a wreath of pale pink and white flowers braided with ribbons for her hair. Tucked into the pocket of the sleeve was a little red leather book with gold lettering on the front cover. Sarah had not opened the box until she reached home; her mother had said it was only to be opened then. Running up to her room when the taxi driver had been paid, she placed the box on her bed and opened it. She took the dress out and held it ups to her, as she did the book fell out of the sleeve. Stooping to pick it up she read the cover and whispered the word. "Labyrinth…"