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Hitomi looked around the office she was sitting in. It looked unhealthy neat, almost like no one was using it. But she knew different. Beside the diplomas on the wall on her left proved that in fact this office belonged to someone. And that someone just opened the door and walked in.

"Miss Kanzaki, I apologize for the inconvenience of putting you in possible danger, but this file can not leave the building." Hitomi watched at the man as he kept talking about safety and precautious but she heard none of it. Her mind returned three months I the past at that fateful day when she walked in the police building ad reported she saw an attack everyone were talking about.

Since that day when a Ceali agent stormed in the hearing room and told her she must be put under protection Hitomi's life went downhill. First her family had to move in a safe house, which meant leaving all of her friends in the dark about where they went and why and like that wasn't enough she wasn't even allowed to go out on the street or in the store. Hitomi was trapped. And then the agents that were staying at the house just in case told them it was agreed that Hitomi would be put in the program and not just that, she would be separated from her parents.

"I understand this must be difficult for you, but your safety is all that matters." Words of the Ceali agent in front of her ere finally registered and Hitomi nodded.

"I understand. But what about my family?" Hitomi understood that if the 'bad guys' captured her family she would be blackmailed to give up her testimony in exchange for their lives.

"Your parents and brother will be moved to a safe house in Chesario, and you little miss are going to Fanelia." Hitomi ignored the wide smile on the man's face; there was something else she needed to know.

"I presume I will live there under a different name." She said and the agent nodded.

"Yes, you will. These are your new personal records." He said giving her a yellow file that was on the desk the whole time "Right on the top is your new name. Please stay here and read it through while I do some arrangements about your departure."

"Yes agent Balgus." Hitomi said like a good little girl.

Hitomi sighed and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Dark ring ere becoming visible under her eyes and she hated it. She hated everything lately. Hated that she had to leave her home, friends and school, hated that she would leave in a different country tomorrow, hated that her family won't come with her and that she doesn't know when she would be able see them again. She is not even allowed to call them; the only one she'll have contact with will be agent Balgus.

Remembering the agent Hitomi actually laughed. Her first impression was that he is a bouncer in some V.I.P. club. But he wasn't. Agent Balgus is in charge in 'her case'.

Looking again at her own reflection Hitomi got angry "I hate what they make me do!"

"Sunshine?" her father opened the door and walked in "I heard you talk. Is something wrong?"

"Can you believe what they make me do to hide who I am?" she started to cry and Mr. Kanzaki gently hugged her "They don't just make me change my name. I have to weal lenses that would change my eye color. That's just stupid dad."

"It's for your own safety." Hitomi heard him say but that didn't help at all.

"But my eye color? Who cares what my eye color is?" she protested.

"Have you seen in the mirror lately? Your eyes Hitomi are what makes you unique. No other girl in Asturia, on Gaea, has such beautiful emerald green eyes. Isaak Dornkirk knows that. He will surely tell his me to search for you, so you must hide what makes you so special. You know that sunshine."

"I know…" Hitomi said sadly "But-"

"No buts! You will do what ever is necessary to survive, is that understood?!" his voice became serious.

"Understood." Hitomi grinned to her father; he always knew how to fix everything.

Before leaving to the port Hitomi was allowed one last phone call. She didn't want to risk and call her best friend Yukari so she called her next choice. A serious male voice answered, but when Hitomi greeted him is as obvious in his voice it made him happy to hear from her.

"Hey Kio, it's good to hear your voice. I'm just calling to say goodbye for now and ask you to greet everyone from me." Hitomi said with a smile that matched the one the man on the other side of the line had on his face.

"I'll kiss everybody for you to if necessary." He offered making Hitomi laugh.

"Not everybody would like that, a hug will do just fine." Glancing on agent Balgus she noticed he was pointing on his watch "I'm sorry, but can't talk anymore. I don't want to miss my ride."

"It's okay sunshine, I'll see you when the mess is cleared out and then well have a huge 'welcome back' party just for you." He knew exactly how to make her feel better.

"I'm looking forward to that. Bye!" she hugged up and turned to the Ceali agent ho waited patiently.

"Who exactly was this Kio?" he asked curiously.

"He's the owner of Crusade." Hitomi answered honestly not knowing what kind of reaction that will cause. And a reaction it was. Agent Balgus was angry.

"You called a owner of a bar?!"

"It's a karaoke club, not a bar!" she protested "Beside, he doesn't sell alcohol to those under 21."

"Hours?" Hitomi looked at the gigantic Ceali agent in front of her and tried to realize if he just made a joke.

Hitomi observed the people she would be traveling with as they were going on board of the levi-ship. Agent Balgus that stood next to her was talking on his cell phone to his supervisor and even though Hitomi tried with all her being not to eavesdrop when the name Isaac Dornkirk was mentioned she turned all ear, but still didn't understand what exactly the conversation was about. When it was over and agent Balgus turned to her he saw her staring at him.

"Please tell me you got him and that I don't have to go." Hitomi sounded like a little girl trying to get her mom to buy her something.

"Sorry kid." He knew he had to be cruelly honest "He knows were after him and is being extra careful."

"He'll make a mistake eventually." Hitomi said more to herself.

"Yeah, he will." Agent Balgus answered "And when he does I'll be there to arrest him."

Hitomi turned to the levi-ship and noticed almost all the passengers were now on board and she needed to go. Taking her bag she noticed there was another one next to hers. Seeing her puzzled expression the Ceali agent explained "Your new laptop and cell phone are in there. They will be your only link to me and mine to you. My address and number are in as well."

"Thank you." Hitomi said before turning to leave.

"Take care of yourself." He said making her turn once more and smile to the agent. He smiled back to the girl with freshly cut honey colored hair and brown eyes "See you hopefully soon… Iris."

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