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The sun wasn't as bright as the smile of the young Fanelian prince. It was the day of the wedding and only minutes away till Hitomi walks down the aisle towards him. The whole month passed in a blur and before he managed to blink he was standing in front of an altar and waiting for his future wife.

The guests were arriving in the pass two days and now the palace courtyard was filled till the last place. The royalties from other kingdoms all politely accepted the invitations, some came to the ceremony because they knew the Fanels and wanted to be there on Van's big day, some arrived out more out of curiosity to see the girl the prince had chosen and then there were those who arrived, on Hitomi's horror, who had young beautiful daughters who were also single and in the perfect age to marry.

Van glanced towards his parents sitting in the first row. Next to them was Folken and on his brother's side was Mamoru who arrived from Asturia a week ago together with three of Hitomi's friends.

The trumpets, which were only used for important ceremonies and otherwise collecting dust, signaled it was time. Hitomi was coming.

When three women walked inside her room Hitomi was completely shocked. The of them was carrying some shiny silky material and the green-eyed girl finally realized that queen Varie wasn't joking when she told her the wedding dress will be specially made for the ceremony by the best seamstresses in the kingdom. The young girl was never before fitted for a dress and didn't know what to do.

And she definitely didn't want to strip in her underwear in front of them.

"Lady Hitomi, it is necessary for us to get your measurements right." One of them insisted but Hitomi remained motionless and completely dressed.

A knock was heard on the door before the Fanelian queen walked inside and lifted a brow at the amusing sight in front of her. Hitomi was holding her hands crossed across her chest and was glaring at the three women who were standing seriously and ignoring the same glares. They had a job to do, and making a wedding dress for the prince's future wife is a dream come true for them. So they weren't giving up just like that.

"Hitomi, there is no reason for you to be shy." She said smiling.

But the green-eyed girl didn't mean so "I don't feel comfortable stripping in front of strangers."

"We are all women lady Hitomi." Another seamstress stated the obvious.

"I understand that." The words didn't mean much to the pregnant girl "Not even my mother got to see me in my underwear in a long time."

"We are not your mother." Varie stepped closer and placed hands on Hitomi's shoulders.

The girl chuckled "That's the same thing Van said when I didn't want to change in front of him."

"Was that before or after with that shower thing?" the queen asked.

Hitomi grinned "Before."

"Lady Hitomi, please. Don't you want a pretty dress for your wedding?" the three older women played their best card.

"That was low." Hitomi mumbled "I'm wearing pants and a shirt, why can't I keep wearing them?"

Three women sighed, they had to give up and do the measurements while the pregnant girl was completely dressed. They had wasted enough time already. So the youngest took out a measurement tape and started to tell the oldest all the numbers necessary for making a dress. At the same time Varie was watching the material that was picked and she loved it. The white wasn't the color for this wedding; considering no one would buy a story Hitomi is still a virgin, so the women brought several light colored samples of silk that would be used, only he color was to be decided.

Varie lifted one sample after another for Hitomi to see. The women agreed that yellow, pale blue and pink or green wouldn't go so that left them with one color both of them liked right away.

"The dress will be finished in five days and that leaves us with two days to make some adjustments if necessary." The oldest seamstress said before they left.

"They must think I'm some spoiled brat right now." Hitomi mumbled when the door closed.

Varie observed her with dark eyes "I believe they understand you are simply shy. You will look wonderful in that dress Hitomi. Hitomi?" she noticed how distressed the young girl become suddenly.

"All the royal guests… some of them will bring their daughters, their pretty daughters, and I look like a whale." Tears threatened to escape green eyes.

"It doesn't matter, none of it does… because when you step out on that aisle all Van is going to see is you… and you are the mother of his child. No pretty face can change that." The words didn't helped as much as they should have though.

"Do you think Van made a mistake with…?" Hitomi couldn't finish her question. The words just wouldn't come out of her mouth.

"It was bad luck that the protection didn't protect as it should, it wasn't anyone's mistake." Varie hugged the stressed girl and whispered to her "You are born for him Hitomi, trust me on that. And Van was fortunate to find you."

All eyes turned towards the figures walking down the aisle. First it was Hitomi's friend Yukari. The red-haired girl was beaming with pride of being the maid of honor on the royal wedding. She was proud being a maid of honor period. Her pale red dress was made out of silk and moved on the slight breeze making it appear like she was floating on water. She was smiling widely as she walked towards the altar and moments later took her place opposite of Dilandau.

And then Van turned back to the entrance to the courtyard and his breath got caught in his throat. His heart was beating twice as fast as normal and the pour prince felt like he would pass out any moment now.

She was right there, walking closer… closer… closer…

Champagnes colored silk glistered on the sun giving the dress a look like it was made out of crystal clear water. It was made of the shoulders and only bunched a bit above the chest so that it was flowing freely around Hitomi's body and covering her vide stomach a bit. Golden dragons were emboldened on the bottom hem to represent Fanelia's legendary past linked with the dragons. On the bunched part was attached a beautiful broche with an emerald in the middle and from it lead a chain around the neck. The frail construction was everything that held the dress in place; not counting Hitomi's chest that grew slightly since she got pregnant.

Van blinked to make sure he was seeing correctly. It was his Hitomi and not some goddess from the old stories, although to the young prince it was one and the same at the moment. Her face was covered with a transparent veil that, he knew, belonged to his mother.

Several noblewoman commented, not very silent or discreet, Van could have find someone better and more acceptable them some regular girl from Asturia. A flash of uncertainty was visible on Hitomi's face for a moment before she looked up in Van's eyes and saw he couldn't care less what anyone was saying. It was just as queen Varie said it would be.

The priest and his helpers stepped forward, right in front of the young couple "Dear guests, we have gathered here today under the all-seeing sun to link forever this two young people in the most secret union that ever existed. They have chosen each other willingly and willingly will they pledge to each other. We are merely witnesses of their love and watchers of their happiness. Your vows please…"

Van looked directly into Hitomi's green eyes, his intense gaze made her heart skip a beat before he started to talk. His voice was strong, he was certain he wanted to be by her forever "In front of the Gods and mortals I pledge my soul to you. You were the one opened my eyes and helped me see there are other things around me but the few I was seeing before I met you. You have changed me without even knowing it, making me a better man. A better man for you and for this kingdom. And you will give m a child, a daughter, as prove of my feeling for you. Feeling that would last as long as this world exist."

Hitomi was taken by the kindness of his words. It took her few moments to calm down and start to speak "In front of Gods and mortals I pledge my soul to you. In the time of fear and uncertainly you brought laughter and support in my life. In the time I believed I could not trust anyone you gave me your trust and stood by my side. You helped me develop and free myself from the bonds of my past and turned me into who I am now. A girl who has more then she ever dreamed about. Because I have never dreamed about everlasting love, and I know for sure that is what I have found with you."

The woman that were so rudely commenting Hitomi were silent as graves when the couple spoke their vows; it was clear to the blind person the Fanelian prince found his match, no matter what anyone else has to say about the subject.

Varie was sniffing from the first row, she was never so happy in her life. All she ever wanted for her sons was to find happiness she had with their father. Not wealth or fame or many other things parents wish for their children. She just wanted for their sons to be happy.

And Van had found what makes him feel that way. He found the one who made him smile, who made him lose his head and made him show the affection he rarely showed his own family.

The priest cleared his throat before continuing "This rings are earthy signs that this two are as one in front of the Gods. They represent the everlasting union no mortal can damage with threat or force, with jealousy or money. It is forever."

Van took the smaller ring and placed it on Hitomi's finger. She was smiling widely and repeated his action. She took the ring from the priest and slid it on Van's finger, the movement that meant they were finally married. All it was still necessary were the final words of the priest.

"Under the all-seeing sun and in front of family and guests I pronounce you husband and wife. You may seal the binding with a kiss."

Those were the words Van was waiting for all this time. A permission to kiss the one he loves in front of hundred guests. They never kissed in public before so they were to be the first one. Hitomi looked in Van's eyes as he lifted the veil and followed his movements. They both closed their eyes and leaned closer. And in the moment their lips met a loud applause interrupted the silence.

Once their lips parted Van took Hitomi's hand and they turned towards the guest. His parents approached first followed by Folken and Mamour. The young Asturian boy was sniffing; he never imagined a wedding to be so emotional. He hugged his older sister tightly before congratulating them. And after them others approached to wish them all the luck of the world.

That night Van and Hitomi were finally allowed to sleep in the same room. While they were in the house in the city Varie allowed them to share a bed, it wasn't a first time after all. But for the last week while in the palace their rooms were separated. In fact between their rooms was the royal bedchamber that always had at least one guard in front of the door and sneaking by next to him was impossible.

Hitomi snuggled closer to Van, her large stomach preventing her to be as close to him as she wished she were. He didn't mind though, Van placed a hand on her stomach to feel their daughter kick.

"I can't wait to give birth." Hitomi whispered not wanting to destroy the perfect serenity of the moment "I feel huge."

"You are not huge Hitomi." Van whispered back and kissed her briefly "You are perfect."

"You are just saying that to make me feel better."

"I meant every word I said. You are carrying my child, you can not look any different then like a goddess to me at the moment."

"Sweet talker." Hitomi poked him in the ribs.

"I may talk sweet, but there is one thing I do even sweeter." Van aid mysteriously.

"Aha. And what exactly?" Hitomi asked.

"I feared you wouldn't ask." Van mumbled and before Hitomi managed to blink kissed her so passionately she had a problem catching her breath once they parted. But once she managed to breathe normally the green eyes sparked and she pulled Van closer and kissed him back just as passionately. The young prince simply played along and for the next hour the newlyweds exchanged breathtaking kisses.

"Van, when the baby is born… I understand the question might be strange but where will we live?"

"It's not strange at all. I talked to my father about it; he said we could live in the house with them, in the palace or somewhere third just the three of us. What do you think?"

"I'm note sure I will know how to deal with a newborn so we can stay either in the palace or in the city house until she is a bit older. After that… I don't know." Hitomi was honest.

Van nodded "I wanted to suggest that too. It's just that… about the throne…"

"Van?" Hitomi didn't know what he meant with a throne.

"Because of what happened in Asturia with that Dornkirk guy Folken decided he would not become a king once our father abdicates or dies. And cause I'm the next in the line…"

"How long did you know that?" Hitomi asked.

"Um… Folken told with us about that after he arrived to Fanelia when the trial ended." Van answered hoping she wouldn't throw a fit.

"And it you didn't told me I would marry a future king because…?" she asked rather calmly though.

"I thought it might scare you."

"You thought right." Hitomi mumbled making Van laugh.

"Does it frighten you? The thought of being a queen?" the question was unanswered for several minutes till Hitomi let out a barely heard "Yes."

The next morning van woke his wife up with a gently kiss. Hitomi slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was his smiling face looming over hers. She smiled back and touched his cheek. The gently caress made the young prince smile even wider "I should get used to it… calling you my wife."

"And some day your queen." Hitomi added.

"Are you afraid of it?" he asked strait out.

Hitomi looked away from his gaze "I suppose I am. Your mom told me some things about things she need to do as a queen and although they don't seem hard… I'm just eighteen and I'm about to become a mother… I'm not sure I could handle a pressure of it all…"

"Dear, you are saying like the crowning is scheduled for tomorrow. But it isn't." Van placed a hand on her belly "It might be several years till my father decide I'm fit enough to rule. Until then the throne if his."

"So for now I'm just your wife." Hitomi mumbled.

Van kissed the tip of her nose before whispering "You will be my wife till the end of time."

Hitomi sat on the sofa and watched as her friends bickered about the name for the baby. They acted like a pair of six-year-olds not being able to agree about where to play. Millerna was constantly repeating the name Gabriel and Dryden believed wanted for the child to be named Grava. And none of them was willing to give up.

"How long does this last already?" Van whispered on his wife's ear. He just arrived in the room and missed the part when Millerna called her husband an oversized moron and he asked about what she is cause she married him.

"For an hour or so." Hitomi answered "And they only wanted to show of the ultrasound picture."

"At least they agree on the first letter." Celena mumbled eyeing the pair.

"Simael sounds nice." Merle blurted and everyone turned to her.

"But not as good as Gabriel." Millerna added.

Dryden looked in his wife and said "And yet Grava sounds better."

"Why can't you two pick some name that means a something to both of you?" Hitomi asked not understanding why they needed to fight in the first place.

"You mean like you did?" the blonde woman asked.

"Yeah, like we did." Van answered and right then the door opened and a young girl ran inside. Her black hair was in a bun making her look serious and not like a playful child she was. Green eyes observed the gathered faces before she snuggled between her parents.

"It's nice to see you again Iris." Celena greeted the girl.

A seven-year-old knew how important guests should be greeted but she ignored the rules of behavior and moved to the duchess to hug her. It touched Celena and for what seemed a hundredth time made her wish to have a child of her own. But she and Chid just married last month and this coming to Fanelia was a part of their honeymoon trip. They arrived just in time to see the crowning.

"Did you two talked to Allen recently?" Van asked the Schezar twins.

And while Celena shook her head Dilandau muttered "He's in Ezgardia with some girl. At least that's where he was the last time I heard of him."

"I feel really bad hurting him." Hitomi said lowering her gaze to her lap.

Celena chuckled "It's no your fault my brother doesn't understand a 'no' means exactly that."

"But that doesn't change-"

"Tomi, he is an idiot. He always was and probably always will be. And he is blind. Everyone noticed how much Van cared about you while we were in school except Allen. Well actually I don't think he wanted to notice." Dilandau said hoping it would make he young queen feel better.

"But still…" Hitomi muttered.

"Mom, how did you and dad meet? And how did you know you liked each other?" the next heir to the throne of Fanelia, a seven-year old princess Iris Yuri Fanel, asked.

Hitomi looked around the room and said "I could use some help in telling the story."

Millerna and Dryden smiled "You can count on us."

"I'll tell how you helped me when I needed an advice." Chid said and looked towards his wife who was holding his hand.

Celena smiled widely "I have this great story how we threw you mom in the lake."

Her twin brother grinned "And about the time your dad made a best fall in the history of Escaflowne High."

On his right was his, yet again, red-haired wife "I can tell you how they met six months after your mom returned home to Asturia" Merle was always proud of herself, she believed without her help they would never find each other again.

Hitomi smiled to all of her friends gathered on their little reunion and leaned to rest her head on Van's shoulder and a hand on the growing bump that would be her daughter's brother "Why don't I start by telling you how you got your name…"

The End