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Summary: Moony, Padfoot and Prong's take on the seven deadly sins.

Warnings: Male on male on male action happening here: so if you don't like it, go somewhere else; bondage, but nothing too hardcore; and fun costumes :D

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The Seven Deadly Sins


Remus had wandered out to the Marauder's favourite tree by the lake so he could think, read and generally spend some time by himself. What he should have realized was that with James Potter and Sirius Black as not only your best friends but as your lovers as well, time to yourself was a rarity, when it wasn't an impossibility. Therefore, when James and Sirius sauntered over to him he wasn't at all surprised.

"How's it goin', Moony?" James asked as he dropped to the ground on Remus' left and Sirius on his right.

Remus looked between the two and shook his head grinning. "You know, I swear you two have in-built Moony radars…"

Sirius flashed him a lazy grin. "Yeah, we do, and it's called the Marauders Map...not to mention that my superior sense of smell can detect your intoxicating scent..."

Remus raised an eyebrow, "Oh? And what might that be?"

James grinned, "Chocolate and your shampoo. Rose isn't it?"

Remus blushed, "Rose and sandalwood."

Sirius smirked, "Even better: they're my favourite scents…hmm…" he closed his eyes and leant back against Moony's shoulder, inhaling deeply. "Oh yeah…" he sunk down until his head was resting in Remus' lap. "You're gorgeous Moony."

Remus blushed again and pushed Sirius of his lap. "Not here Pads…"

"Ooh! Does that mean can go somewhere else?" James perked up.

Remus went even redder before deciding to stand up and leave his friends/lovers to themselves. "I'll see you guys at dinner, okay?" He called back over his shoulder as he strode up the slope to the Entrance Hall.

James looked at Sirius with a well-known glint in his eye. "You up for a challenge?"

Sirius simply grinned.

-Both James and Sirius had been acting strangely for the past few days. Remus had spotted them talking with their heads together in a corner of the common room more times than he could count and they seemed to have lost interest in playing pranks on people. This was much more worrying to Remus, because for those two playing pranks was a necessary past-time needed to keep them sane. Also, when they were planning a prank they would ask his advice on which potion would work best or if he would cover for them, and they would actually acknowledge his existence; but they'd hardly spoken more than a few words to him in two days. Not to mention that the full moon was next week and he was therefore so horny he was surprised he hadn't ambushed them and demanded that they fulfill his needs like they'd agreed.

So when the said boys sat opposite him on the morning of the third day of their neglect (as Remus had dubbed it) and asked him if he would meet them after curfew that night in the Room of Requirement, he was righteously pissed off at them.

"You think after two days of pretty-much ignoring me and letting me jerk myself off rather than have one if you doing it for me, that I'll just up and help you with whatever scheme you have in mind this time?" he asked incredulously.

They had the presence of mind to look sheepish…though Sirius still looked up and met his gaze with puppy-dog-eyes. Remus could never resist that look. He scowled for a few seconds before rolling his eyes.

"Fine. I'll meet you in the Room of Requirement, but I'm not guaranteeing that I'll stay!" With that he stalked off to Ancient Runes and missed the predatory glance that passed between the stag and dog.

-By the time he reached the door to the Room of Requirement, Remus was starting to regret being so easily coerced into agreeing to meet his lovers.

Why the hell didn't I argue more?

Because Sirius gave you his best puppy-dog-eyes, that's why, said the reasonable part of his mind as he paced up and down in front of the door.

Oh yeah…damn Sirius and his puppy-eyes!

I don't think damning Sirius will help…

Probably not…but it makes me feel better.

Fortunately the door appeared at that moment and Remus, taking a deep breath, pushed it open onto a room that made his jaw drop.

It had been decorated in red and black using an erotic mix of soft muslin fabrics and cool silk. There was a huge four-poster bed opposite the door with flowing crimson drapes, black silk sheets and stark red pillows. On the right-hand wall there was a selection of sex toys organised along a shelf that put everything Remus had previously encountered to shame. Just some of the selection included hand-cuffs, whips, butt-plugs, cock rings and the crowning glory was an assortment of dildos from reasonably small to a size that made Remus wince just looking at it.

Layed out on the bed was an outfit that he presumed was for him. It was all blood red leather. Remus shuddered pleasurably at the mere image of wearing the gold-studded ankle and wrist cuffs, soft leather g-string and studded collar that had a gold ring in the centre.

He quickly stripped off and slid into the outfit. It fit perfectly. He looked for a mirror and found one to the left of the bed's headboard. He turned and twirled, admiring himself from all angles when he heard the door slam shut and the unmistakeable sound of a clicking lock. He whirled around and looked at his lovers with a half-shocked, half-guilty expression.

"Well, well, well, James: look what we have here," Sirius purred silkily as he walked over to Remus and walked a circle around him, admiring.

"Hmmm, looks like we caught ourselves a wolf snooping through our den," James said huskily from beside the four-poster; the sight of Moony was starting to turn him on. "Do you think we should teach him a lesson?" he asked, turning his head to look at Sirius.

Sirius returned his smouldering look, then glanced back at Remus and smirked.

Oh shit…that smirk is not a good sign.

"Why don't we start with Pride?" Sirius suggested.

James grinned and nodded.

Before Remus could do or say a thing he found himself bound spread-eagled to the bed by his wrist and ankle cuffs (half propped up by the numerous pillows), lying on his back staring as James and Sirius changed into identical costumes as his own, except that theirs were black leather with silver studs.

"Now Moony," James began, "we're here to teach you about the seven deadly sins and how best to enjoy them."

Remus nearly laughed but thought better of it when he realised how vulnerable a position he was in.

This is why they've been ignoring me for two days? How…unexpected. Remus grinned inwardly: he'd been worrying about nothing.

"And we're going to start with Pride," James continued, oblivious to Remus' inner ramblings. "We want you to take pride in how beautiful you are and how being submissive turns you on." He waggled his eyebrows at this last.

Remus blushed and looked away.

James leapt forward and grabbed his chin, forcing him to look him in the eyes. "See that reaction? That is exactly how we don't want you to react. Take pride in being yourself." He lent in and placed a chaste kiss to his lips, which began to turn not quite so chaste when James licked and nipped along Remus' bottom lip.

"Don't start without me!" Sirius yelped from somewhere to the left though Remus couldn't really tell since James had zapped all his brain power with his mind-blowing kiss. There was a slight depression and then a hot mouth was claiming his nipple. Remus moaned into the kiss and squirmed under the attentions of his lovers.

This is what I've been missing…

James travelled his lips down Remus chest and mimicked Sirius as he sucked on the other nipple. Remus gasped. He felt Sirius smirk before he started licking down Remus' abdomen, leaving small love bites as a trail for James to follow when he'd had his fill. Sirius stopped just above the top of the g-string for a second before nuzzling Remus' growing erection. A heart-felt moan escaped Moony's lips and he thrust against Sirius' cheek.

"Our little werewolf is as horny as ever," Sirius chuckled, placing a hand on Moony's hip to hold him down. James chuckled along with him and joined him between Moony's thighs.

"Do you think we should help him out?"

Sirius considered for about five seconds before nodding and wandlessly vanishing the g-string, freeing Remus' erection. James and Sirius gobbled him up with their eyes until Remus whimpered and thrust hips in the air, begging them to relieve him. Sirius instantly descended and licked his shaft from the base to the top, and then sucked on the slit that was already weeping pre-cum. Remus moaned at the delicious sensation and bucked harshly when he felt James join Sirius in sucking and licking every part of his manhood.

Suddenly he felt Sirius leave his erection and travel down to his hole, nudging his tongue against the tight ring of muscles. Remus groaned deeply again as Sirius' tongue breached them and started to wriggle around, preparing him. He whimpered and whined in between pants as he felt the pressure building inside him. Being the ever-loving boyfriends they were, when James and Sirius realised Remus was about to come they stopped all movement and James gripped the base of his cock to stop him. Remus howled his annoyance and not being allowed to release and looked menacingly at James who had resumed licking up Remus' pre-cum. It wasn't until James' hand left his cock and a tighter pressure replaced it, did he realise that Sirius had put a cock-ring on him.

"Sirius…please!" Remus moaned loudly, arching his back and squirming.

Sirius grinned sadistically while James licked his lips.

"Do you want to do the honours?" Sirius suggested.

"Hmm, definitely, though you may want to put him in position first," James replied.

Sirius grinned, "Certainly, my dear Prongs." Sirius waved his hand and released Remus' legs before having them rebound with rope, his knees almost resting against his shoulders. This position provided both Sirius and James with a full view of Remus' cock which was dribbling pre-cum onto his stomach, and of his puckered hole.

They groaned in unison while Remus whimpered and squirmed slightly. Sirius immediately dove in and gave Remus a broad lick from his ass to the tip of his cock.

Remus' eyes very nearly rolled into the back of his head.

When Sirius poked his tongue back into his ass and thrust lightly, he whimpered and whined, the emotions starting to get to him. He felt Sirius' tongue leave him and something hard, hot and much bigger prod and enter him slightly, causing him to wince.

"Shhhh," James whispered as he rubbed Remus' thighs and pushed in a little more, earning another moan.

Sirius crawled up the bed till he was face to face with Remus and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. "Relax, Moony: you know we'll take good care of you." Sirius leaned in and kissed him again, slipping in his tongue. Remus kissed him back hard, rubbing his tongue against Sirius'.

"What do you want James to do to you Remus?" Sirius asked silkily.

Remus pulled back and looked at him uncertainly.

James distracted him by pulling out and rubbing against him.

Remus whimpered and groaned, then ground out, "I want him to fuck me…hard." He looked down and made eye contact with James. He raised an eyebrow and wiggled his ass.

James groaned and thrust straight in to the hilt. Remus threw back his head, arched off the bed and cried out. Sirius attacked Remus' closest nipple and fingered his cock.

James pulled out slightly and shoved back in forcefully. Remus moaned, bucked and cried out again when Sirius left his nipple and took him to the back of his throat, sucking lightly.

Remus was whimpering and squirming while James fucked him and Sirius gave him the best blow job of his life.

Both James and Sirius could tell that Remus was getting very close to coming, and this time they let him. James pounded into him hard and fast, angling for his prostate, while Sirius bit down lightly on Remus' cock, wanting to milk him for all he was worth. Remus screamed at the sensation and shot his load into the back Sirius' throat. James was quick to come after him, feeling Remus' tight muscles clenching around him.

Sirius wandlessly freed Remus legs which settled around James who had collapsed onto Remus' chest. Both boys were panting hard with their eyes closed, but both felt completely satiated.

Sirius watched them with envy.