Warnings: Man sex, lots of man sex.

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It was eleven in the morning on a Thursday when the boys woke up, so they had already missed two hours of school.

It took Remus ten seconds to realise this, a further five to realise the consequences, and then all of a second to jump out of bed and start frantically searching around the room for his clothes.

Sirius groaned and pulled the covers over his head while James fell out of bed with a dull thump.

"Moony?" James questioned, still half asleep and very confused as to why he was on the floor.

"For Merlin's sake Remus, would you stop with all the noise please?"

Remus spun on his boyfriends, triumphantly holding boxers in one hand and a shirt in the other. He scowled at them. "Hurry up and get dressed," he snapped. "We have to get to class."

"But Moony…" James whined. He stopped abruptly when Remus glared at him. It was only a few days until the full moon, so when Remus wanted them to do something, they did it no questions asked. The consequences of disobeying involved not being able to sit down comfortably. Hence, James yelped and scrambled about trying to find his clothes.

Sirius just lay back in bed and chuckled at James' haste and Remus' growls at him to hurry up. When Remus' glare turned to him the smirk slid off his face and he gulped.

"Sirius," Remus snarled threateningly, "get dressed and go to class."

Sirius squeaked in a very embarrassing manner and rushed to get his clothes on.

Once they were ready, Remus shoved his lovers out of the Room of Requirement and slammed the door behind him. They raced off to Transfiguration with McGonagall, as their luck would have it, and it wasn't until they were almost there that Remus realised why he kept stumbling on his robes: they were Sirius'.

Ah crap! Great, just peachy! Now we'll have to stop off in a bathroom on the way to change back and we'll be even later!

Remus called to the other two to stop and they turned to him with worried looks.

"What's up, Moony? Everything alright?" Sirius asked with a small frown.

Remus scowled. "No, everything is not bloody alright! We need to get to a bathroom – now."

James' eyebrows went up. "I thought you were set on going to class? Not that I mind if you want to skip it and spend some quality time with us instead, but it won't be very comfortable in a bathroom."

Remus gave him a withering glare. "Not to shag, you twat: I'm wearing Sirius' robes and I need to swap with him."

"I was wondering why these felt so tight. I thought all the sex we had last night had toned my muscles up a bit," Sirius remarked with a grin.

"I wouldn't be surprised, Siri, we were at it like bunnies," James grinned back at him.

"If you two have quite finished," Remus voice was steely, "then perhaps we could change robes now."

The pair had the decency to look faintly ashamed, but then ruined it by smirking at each other before heading through the closest bathroom door. Remus sighed and followed them.

What Remus couldn't know was that Sirius had purposely dressed in Remus' robes in the hope that this very incident would occur. So when Remus walked through the bathroom door he was immediately disarmed and had his arms and legs paralysed. James caught him before he could fall but Remus still thrashed about trying to remember how wandless spells worked so he could undo the paralysis.

"Look guys, this is neither the time nor the place to do this: can't you control your urges until tonight?" Remus pleaded.

"Sorry Remus, but this mission takes precedence over classes. We all know that none of us will have any trouble catching up on one day's work." Sirius was very matter-of-fact as he studied Remus with his head tilted to the side and his hands on his hips; which stretched Remus' too-small robes very nicely across his chest.

The wolf switched tactics and growled. "If you don't let me go this instant you will be very, very sorry in a few days." He glared at them.

His lovers paused for a second to judge if his threat was worthy of attention and he did his best to look threatening. When Sirius smirked he knew that he had failed.

"Once again, sorry Remus, but I'm willing to get fucked to a pulp by Moony if we can give you a good time now." He gave his cocky grin and Remus couldn't stay mad at him. He still glowered and play struggled with James, but his heart wasn't in it and he soon stopped, hanging limply as he was still paralysed.

"Are you going to behave now Remus?" He nodded sullenly. "Good. But just as a precaution..." Sirius pulled a pair of cuffs from somewhere and held them up triumphantly. Remus rolled his eyes but didn't protest when Sirius removed the paralysis spell and fastened his wrists together behind his back. He also threw a locking and silencing charm at the door.

His lovers directed Remus to sit with his back to the wall and it was only then that he realised they were in a Prefect's Bathroom. The spa bath in front of them could easily fit ten people, twelve if they were friendly. Before he could seriously wonder how they got the password and managed to whisper it without him noticing, James grabbed Sirius into a tight embrace. The stag kissed the life out of Pads', effectively throwing Remus' thoughts out the window.

Sirius eventually broke away from James and turned to Remus, kneeling down to press his lips tightly to the wolf's. Remus sighed and leaned into the kiss, enjoying the slowness. Sirius ran his hands down to the hem of Remus' shirt and slowly undid the buttons until he could push the cloth down to Remus' cuffed wrists.

"Which sin are we up to Prongs?" Sirius asked, panting slightly at the sight Remus made.

James replied immediately with "Sloth" and Sirius smiled down at Remus. Oh, this is going to be good.

"We're going to do things a little differently this time Remus," he began. "So far we've only had you embody the sins we were teaching you. This time, we are going to be the ones representing the sin." Sirius looked at him expectantly.


Sirius sighed. "What I mean is that this time you will have to pleasure yourself, by yourself, as well as pleasuring us: we'll be the lazy ones just sitting here while you do all the work." He grinned widely.

Remus nodded slowly, "Okay, but I'll need my hands untied and you two need to strip."

Sirius laughed with delight at the thought and immediately started to unbutton his shirt. James stared at Remus for a second with wide, glazed eyes, but he quickly snapped out of it and undressed in record speed.

Once the two were naked, Sirius removed Remus' cuffs and helped him out of the rest of his clothes so he was bare as well.

"Okay Remus," he smirked. "We're all yours."

Remus scanned the room, looking for the best place to initiate his idea – he decided on the tub as it would probably be the most comfortable. "Okay, let's get the spa running, but without bubbles as they would block the view." He smirked at them while they stared at him in astonishment.

"Why, Moony, I never knew you had it in you," Sirius remarked, his mouth hanging open.

Remus grinned. "Come on now, you don't want to keep me waiting do you?" He raised an eyebrow and cocked his hip, putting a hand on it in a way he knew drove them both mad with lust.

Sirius gulped and headed over to the taps to sort through them until he had the right ones. He filled the tub with warm water and rose oil as well as the scent of sandalwood and lemongrass. James and Remus both smiled and nodded at his choice, agreeing that they smelt fantastic.

Remus motioned for them to climb into the spa and they obliged him by sitting next to each other. The wolf turned off the water when the spa was half full and he could see his lovers' erections just peaking over the water line, single eyes winking at him: perfect.

He sat on the edge of the tub opposite them and spread his legs, feeling wanton and erotic as the dog and stag watched his every movement with utmost attention.

Remus smiled as he leant back on his left hand and let the other trail down his chest, tweaking a nipple on the way. He heard Sirius whimpering lightly, the animagus already softly stroking his hard-on. James was also pleasuring himself while Remus tugged, tweaked and pulled on both his nipples. This would not do.

"Stop touching yourselves," the wolf commanded. "I'm supposed to be doing all the work so just lie there and watch at me." His lovers obeyed him.

He grinned in satisfaction and moved to gently run his fingertips through the curly hair that surrounded his cock. He groaned at the feeling and arched, tilting his head back and still keeping his eyes on his lovers. He stared lustily at them as he took his shaft in hand and slowly began to stroke up and down. He teased himself by rubbing a fingernail against the slit at the top, hissing at the feeling. He saw Sirius and James staring at him, panting sharply through their teeth and trying to leave the work to Remus.

Remus stood up, still slowly stroking his cock, and swayed over to his lovers. He then knelt before them, the water barely reaching chest high, and smirked wickedly before taking a deep breath and engulfing James' cock in his mouth. The stag moaned loudly, tossing his head back and threading his fingers gently through Remus' hair as it floated around his face. Sirius watched hungrily and had to actually sit on his hands so he wouldn't touch himself; that did not, however, prevent him from wriggling his hips or from whimpering softly every time James moaned in appreciation.

Remus eventually had to come up for air and grinned at the dumb-struck expressions on his lovers' faces. Sirius recovered first and grabbed Remus around the waist and pulled him onto his lap. He thrust harshly against the wolf's cock and buried his face into that sweet-smelling neck as their erections rubbed together. Remus growled and gripped Sirius' hair harshly, pulling the dog away from his neck.

"I'm doing the work remember Siri," he snarled. Remus got off his lap and used the hand in Sirius' hair to turn him around so he was bent over against the side of the tub, kneeling on the seats, and his ass was out of the water. The animagus whimpered and squirmed under the dominating hold Remus had on him, wanting more. Remus growled into his ear, "don't move." Sirius felt Remus' hand leave him and he was too afraid of spoiling the moment to move a muscle.

Remus bent down and kissed Sirius' ass cheeks feeling them clench involuntarily beneath his touch. He chuckled silently and stroked a hand down Pads' back, teasing his crack while the dog squirmed under him. He leant in and licked from just behind Sirius' balls to his small, puckered hole, causing him to cry out sharply and thrust back against his tongue. Remus growled in warning and slapped Sirius across the ass. The dog groaned in pleasure and his legs buckled slightly. He squirmed and whined when Remus thwacked him again.

James watched the show while stroking his shaft slowly, not able to help himself. When Remus noticed him, Prongs immediately let go and smiled at his lover innocently. The wolf snorted in amusement and shook his head. He rubbed his hands soothingly over Sirius' ass before giving a final fierce smack that had Sirius arching his back and crying out as he came against the side of the tub. Without a single touch to his cock. Remus and James both stared at him with looks of wonderment on their faces.

Sirius, still panting and whimpering, turned to look at them. "What?" he asked, confused by their expressions.

James found his voice first. "Why didn't you ever tell us that you get off on a good spanking?"

Sirius shrugged. "I just figured you knew, given the way I react when you do it to each other."

Remus shook his head. "I had no idea...but I definitely want to do it again." The look he gave Sirius was positively predatory.

Pads groaned. "So do I Moony, but let me recover a little first ok? Besides you haven't taken care of James yet."

Remus smirked. "Well then, I'd better get to it," and he turned to face the stag, smiling coyly. "Feel like doing it doggy style?"

James whined in anticipation and nodded before turning around and bending over the edge of the spa, presenting his ass to Remus. The wolf inside him growled possessively and just wanted to mount, bite, fuck. Remus took a deep breath and shoved the wolf down before he looked at James again. "You know better than to tease me this close to the full moon Prongs," he growled, his voice having dropped to a deep bass.

The stag shuddered and whimpered, looking back over his shoulder. "Please Remus? I need you now."

And there went the last of Remus' patience. The wolf grabbed James' ass cheeks and spread them roughly, leaning down to give broad swipes of his tongue across the rosy pucker hidden there. James writhed, letting out small whines and pushing back against him, but Remus held him firmly in place. He changed to stabbing against the hole and slowly breached the tight ring of muscle. James moaned loudly and pushed back even harder against Remus' constricting hands. Remus smirked and decided to unravel the stag completely. He thrust his tongue as deep as he could and then bit down on the rim of that rosy hole. James screamed in bliss and shot his load against the edge of the tub, not able to stop coming until Remus stopped biting him. James collapsed against the edge of the tub, panting and making soft groaning noises with every other breath.

Remus moved away to sit opposite his lovers so he could observe them better. Sirius had turned around during his play with James and was now facing into the spa, basking in the afterglow even now. James was still immobile and was making those adorable little sounds that made Remus want to throw the stag down and have his wicked way with him, whether James was ready for him or not. Just the thought of fucking one of them made Remus whimper in need and his lovers turned to look at him.

Sirius smirked. "Haven't you come yet Moony?"

Remus snarled, his voice still a baritone. "Careful Padfoot or your ass is mine."

Sirius held his hands up in a warding gesture. "But wouldn't it be so much more fun to punish James some more? I bet he'd love it."

Remus shifted his gaze to the man beside Sirius and grinned broadly enough to show off his molars. "How about it James? Are you up for me fucking you while you're hole is still quivering from the last time?"

James groaned and nodded, wiggling his hips as enticement. "Please..."

"Please what?"

"Just put it in Remus, I need you in me..."

"Can't argue with that can we Pads?"

Sirius shook his head and smirked. "Certainly not Moons: fuck him."

Remus waded back over to James and smoothed his hands down the animagus' shuddering back. "Easy Prongs, I'm not going to hurt you."

James nodded again. "I know, but I need you so bad..."

"Then let me take care of it. I'll be back in a second, I need to improvise some lube," Remus said as he went over to the numerous taps at the edge of the spa. He twisted the handle for rose oil and made sure to slick his fingers and cock liberally. He turned it off and went back over to his waiting lovers. "Rose oil to match your rosy hole," Remus smiled as he slowly pushed a finger into the stag.

James moaned and pushed back, "more, please?"

Remus obliged him and slid a second finger in. He gently stretched him with only two fingers until James was writhing and whimpering once again.

"God Remus! Just fuck me already!"

Remus growled a warning and stopped moving his fingers. He leant forward over James' back so his mouth was next to his ear. "I decide when you're ready Prongs, and I won't take you a moment before." And he shoved in his other two fingers.

The sudden stretching had James crying out and arching his back like a cat in heat. Remus slowly spread open his fingers, forcing James' ass wider than it was ever meant to be.

When Remus finally stopped and lined up his cock he noticed that James was shuddering harshly. He moved beside the stag and turned him to look at him. There were tears trailing down James' face and his cheeks were bright red. Remus leant forward and licked off the tears before smiling.

"Are you alright to continue this James?" Sirius said in concern.

James sniffed and nodded, managing a smile to reassure his lovers. "It wasn't that it felt bad or hurt; it felt so amazing I just..." he trailed off and another shudder racked his frame. "God, it felt so good Moony," he looked up into Remus' eyes. "Do it again?"

Remus just about came on the spot. He leant forward and captured James' mouth in a domineering kiss, thrusting his tongue in a parody of what he'd done earlier to that fuckable ass. He finally broke away and moved back behind the stag. "Just remember that you asked for this James. If you want me to stop just say so."

James looked over his shoulder, eyes still watery. "I won't tell you to stop Moony, not ever."

Remus growled and pushed two fingers into an already-stretched ass. He pumped them a little before adding the other two. Then he stretched his fingers wide.

James choked on a sob and started shuddering again. It was so intense he couldn't catch his breath enough to make any noise other than a soft whimper.

Remus slowly withdrew his fingers, giving one last harsh stretch at the rim. James automatically tensed, fighting it, but Remus kept his fingers locked there until he could feel the strong muscles quaking around him. He couldn't wait to sink his cock into all that shuddering warmth. He removed his fingers and gave the ass in front of him a light smack. James and Sirius caught their breath simultaneously.

James' eyes were still clenched shut as he finally reached the end of his tether. "Moony! God, please, please! Just take me! God I want you, now, Moony please, please!"

Remus groaned. "James you are just too much sometimes." He grabbed his dick and lined it up, rubbing the head against James gently. "But I so love to tease."

James sobbed and pushed backwards, wanting Remus to claim him. The wolf watched as that rosy hole stretched and started to engulf his cock. He grabbed the stag's hips and stilled them before shoving halfway in, pulling out, and then working his cock in until he was fully seated. Remus could feel James' muscles contracting around him, squeezing as hard as they could. He growled a warning but James didn't stop squeezing.

The wolf snarled and pulled out, slapping Prongs' right ass cheek as hard as he could. The stag cried out and he heard Sirius moan beside him. He grabbed James' hips and pushed all the way back in before pumping his hips a few times. He stilled and leant forward to grab the dark hair in front of him. He pulled James' head back and whispered into his ear. "Tell me what you want bitch, or I'll stop."

James' breath caught on a sob. "God...please Moony...I want to take me, fuck me, make me yours, please!" And he thrust back at the cock buried inside him.

Remus grinned. "You asked for it." He kept a hand in James' hair and started a punishing pace, digging his nails into the hip he was holding. Prongs let a small whimper on every thrust and arched his back, asking Remus to go deeper. The wolf accepted the plea and leant forward. He opened his jaws and worked in a mouthful of muscle along the back of the stag's neck. Then he bit down, hard. James screamed and came against the side of the tub in heaving spurts. His ass clamped in fluttering pulses and Remus gave a few fierce thrusts before growling around the muscle still in his mouth and coming inside the stag. There was so much it started to leak out around the base of his cock.

Gingerly removing his mouth from James' neck, Remus was happy to see a perfect imprint of his teeth embedded in the muscle, blood pooling in some of the dents. He gave them a few soothing licks, enjoying the potent taste, and was slightly surprised when James didn't move or make a sound. He pulled his cock out gently, a gush of semen leaking out after him. Again, James had no reaction. Remus turned the stag over and blurted a laugh. He'd passed out.

Sirius spoke up. "I think you wore him out Moony."

"Looks like it. How'd you find the show?"

"It was quite...fulfilling." Sirius smirked and Remus returned it.

"I'm glad you found it useful. Do you suppose we should wake him up? Or just carry him back to the dorms?"

Sirius snorted. "If we can get him cleaned and dressed without waking him up, then carry him. If not..." he shrugged.

They managed to manoeuvre James out of the tub and over to the showers along one wall. They gently cleaned each other, washing away all traces of their activities; although there were some magnificent bruises blossoming on Sirius' ass. James remained unconscious, even after being dried off and dressed, so Sirius gathered the stag up in his arms bridal-style and motioned for Moony to open the door.

"Are you sure you can carry him the whole way back to the dorms?" Remus asked with a concerned frown. "It's a long way."

Sirius smiled gently and resettled James in his arms. "Well if I can't manage, you can always take over Moony."

"Good point," Remus conceded and opened the door. He did a quick glance up and down the corridor and it was all clear so he motioned Sirius forward. They went through the back passages of the castle, acting a nonchalant as possible so they didn't draw attention. They arrived at the Gryffindor Tower and James was still soundly unconscious. They ignored the stares of the few people in the common room and went up to their dorm. Sirius deposited James on his own bed and then looked down at his arms in chagrin. They were shaking slightly. "He's heavier than I thought: I don't think my arms will ever be right again."

Remus rolled his eyes. "You're overreacting again Pads. You'll be fine. Now get over here so we can sleep."

Sirius was not going to ignore that particular command. He joined Remus on the wolf's bed and they settled into their usual sleeping position: Sirius' back snugged against Remus' front, with one long arm thrown over Pads' waist to hold him in place.

Sirius didn't remind Remus that it was almost afternoon and that they had classes to attend. Instead he snuggled into the warm body behind him and sighed as he drifted off to sleep.

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