They had always sparked.

It was an unnamed thing as to what it was, but to everyone it was obvious that there had always been something between Demeter and Munkustrap long before they noticed it.

But it was Demeter who had realised her feelings first, and refused to admit them to anyone.

He was her best friend, her protector, well technically he was everyone's protector because he was the unofficial leader of the Jellicles, second to Deuteronomy of course, but she could not allow herself to show her feelings.

They had known each other since kittenhood, playing around the Junkyard with the other kittens but from the start they had immediately been drawn to each other and quickly became dependant on one another. It was an unusual friendship because normally the tom kittens would stay away from the girl kittens. But it was never like that with Munkustrap and Demeter as kittens.

While the other girl kittens were mooning over a young Rum Tum Tugger and the other tom kittens were seeing who had the best pouncing technique, these two were alway off exploring new parts of the Junkyard and running off to the nearby park.

They would always get up to mischief but Munkustrap's tendency to protect Demeter developed at an early age when she accidentally sat on a weak branch that broke and she fell into the pond that the tree branch had hung over. The result was Demeter half drowning and a terrified Munkustrap had to dive in and rescue her and nearly drowning himself.

By the time they had pulled each other onto the pond's bank, they were two tiny shivering wet balls of fur spluttering water out of their poor lungs, but they were alive. On that day Munkustrap yelled at Demeter, or anyone, for the first time in his life.

He had yelled at her about her carelessness and how she had caused him to panic and to feel scared but by the time he was done his poor voice was nothing more than a squeak and Demeter looked so upset it looked like her entire world had been crushed. It was on that day that they also shared their first hug because Munkustrap couldn't stand seeing her looking so upset.

They had eventually made their way back to the Junkyard and when all of the other Jellicles, kitten and adult alike, saw the soaked pair they were shocked. Immediately they were asked about what had happened but Demeter and Munkustrap looked at each and shared a smile before suddenly bursting out into laughter

What had happened that day would always remain a precious secret, as they played through their remaining days as kittens.

The other kittens couldn't understand why they were always so close and best friends, so they resorted to teasing Demeter and Munkustrap that they were 'secret loves' but everytime they were teased the two best friends always just ignored them and went off to find some new part of the Junkyard.

But as time wore on, they all grew and changed, as did their friendship. Gone were the happy playful carefree days of wrestling and pouncing around and the kittens were growing up, becoming more aware of each other and themselves.

Yet somehow their friendship didn't change much at all, except they began to spend more time apart.

Old Deuteronomy had chosen his next successor and Munkustrap had been more than shocked and surprised when Old Deuteronomy had paw picked him. Of course Munkustrap had accepted without a second thought, but when the word got out about the big news, it was Demeter who was the last to find out.

It had been Bombalurina who had told her but Demeter had been too shocked to outwardly react to her.

She had successfully smiled with fake happiness but inside something deep inside her had cracked and it had felt like a great hope had suddenly been crushed. At the time Demeter couldn't understand why she was so upset and crushed at the news that her Munkustrap, her best friend, was going to be the leader of the Jellicle tribe.

There was no greater honour for a Jellicle cat…but why was she so sad?

It would not be until her first Jellicle Ball that Demeter understood why she was so sad, that for some reason she had lost hope over something she did not understand.

When Demeter saw Munkustrap dance for the first time in all of his glory, the magnificent Jellicle moon casting its silver rays to reflect off his black and white fur and dance back in its own magical way, did she realise what it was.

She was in love with him, deeply in love with him.

It was this love that had caused her to flee from the Jellicle Ball in silence, unnoticed by everyone who wasn't looking at her.

It had been the ball that Munkustrap's destiny had been announced to the entire Jellicle clan, but through the sea of cat faces that his sharp eyes scanned over he could not find the one that he seeked.

Where was Demeter?

After the announcement had been made and they had danced in celebration, Munkustrap had snuck off in search of Demeter. He had easily followed her scent because it was as familiar as his own. The fact that she hadn't been at the announcement, that he couldn't share his joy with her had made the affair of tonight seem un-worthwhile.

There was no point in celebrating if she wasn't there to celebrate with him. He had to share it with her because that had been what they had always done.

This had been the first time that she hadn't been there to share his moment, probably one of the most important moments in his whole life, and she had missed it.

Munkustrap had followed her scent out of the Junkyard and through the several streets that lead to the park. He wasn't surprised when he found her sitting on the banks of the pond she had fallen into. The pond had been dubbed 'theirs' from the happy memories they had gotten from it, but before Munkustrap approached her he studied her back.

Her tail was flat against the ground, her head was down as was her long whiskers, shoulders slumped and ears pulled back against her head loosely.

Demeter was sad.

His Demeter was sad.

Why was she sad?

Munkustrap felt his heart twinge in pain at his closest friend's sadness, but he didn't know what to do. In the old days he would have pounced on her and tickled her so much till she could laugh no more.

But now he couldn't do that. It didn't seem right.

Let's do the next best thing then…

Silently Munkustrap padded up behind her and sat himself down next to her. She didn't turn to acknowledge him nor did he look at her. Instead they sat beside each other in silence and gazed at the moon's reflection on the surface of their pond.

Eventually Munkustrap's presence next to her finally caused her heart to win through her epic sadness at their situation and her own. Without saying anything, Demeter slowly leant over and leaned herself against Munkustrap's side.

He didn't say anything but he automatically wrapped a forearm around her shoulders and felt Demeter rest her head on his shoulder against his soft fur and give a small sniff.

Deep down he knew she wouldn't tell him what was making her so sad and he knew that she knew deep down that he would never ask her what it was. All she needed to know was that he was always there for her no matter what.

That was how they had always worked and that was how it was going to stay.

After that night Munkustrap and Demeter stopped seeing and talking to each other as much because Munkustrap's responsibilities began and Demeter began to spend more and more time away from the Junkyard because she could barely stand seeing Munkustrap so busy with the other Jellicles and knowing that there was no longer going to be any 'them' anymore and that he was too busy now with his new role in the Jellicle role and she didn't want to get in his way.

She accepted the change in their friendship and never made any attempts to change it.

It was this careless and hurt attitude that had driven her into the path of Macavity.

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