Servitude 2

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They will all pay for this. I swear it now, they will all…

"Cloud! We're ready!" Yuffie shouted from another room, snapping Cloud out of his mental image of revenge.

The next person who made that whip noise would be hung with the flower necklace Yuffie was making him wear for this.

"You spike, are so damn whipped." Cid commented. Damn, so close.

"Yeah, I mean I know you haven't got any skin since… well ever. But how'd you let them talk you into this." Reno said laughing. Cloud's eye twitched.

Must. Kill. Reno. He growled in his head.

"Nah, don't think the kid's that desperate. I mean he'd probably freak out and wet himself when he sees Tifa nude. At least this time they'll be under a towel. He'll just get a nosebleed" Barret said while laughing, patting Cloud on the back. And Barret. Mustn't forget about Barret. He can be first.

"Wapish." Cloud instinctively snapped round to find where that noise had come from. He found the culprit in a snickering lion/dog thing. Time for some payback.

"Watch it Red. They may think you're a household pet who needs to be neutered." He said with a small smirk of victory on his face. That's it, think its all jokes then BOOM! You've got a six foot sword in your skull.

"Cloud! Are you coming or not!" Yuffie shouted so loud that everyone had to cover their ears.

"See you later flower boy!" Reno jeered as Cloud left the room to perform his first act as Yuffie's 'servant'

This is blackmail damn it, I saved the world, doesn't anyone here NOT know that. Apart from the damn guards. As soon as this trip is over I'm gonna… He paused monetarily. Although back at meteor fall chasing Sephiroth and killing him was high priority, he never actually wanted to be creative in killing for vengeance. Yuffie however was a different matter.

He walked into a large room, with no windows but the paper doors letting enough light in. It seemed to use a slightly orange-yellow shade to create an effect of warmth, it was pretty basic. Not much in the way of furniture. A solitary bonsai tree to the side, and of course, two occupied massage tables.

"Finally, thought you gotten lost there for a moment. Hey Teef! Spike actually showed up!" Yuffie said, trying to nudge Tifa who look liked she'd fallen asleep.

"I'm awake Yuffie. I was just trying to get comfortable. I wasn't taking a nap with just a towel covering my ass."

Well I guess there are some positives to this… NO! Must not be perverted about this. Must focus on vengeance. Must remember to kill Reno. Must…

"The lotion's on the shelf over there Cloud." Yuffie said pointing.

Wait. What was I saying a moment ago? His train of thought got derailed at the mention of lotion.


About 20 minutes after Cloud had left the group, the laughter about his situation had died down. Mostly because of the audible moans of pleasure being heard.

"Damn. If I knew I would have had two oiled up, moaning girls at my hands I would have volunteered for this." Reno grumbled.

"Humans… all you ever think about is mating." Red said, shaking his furry head. His mane occasionally getting in the way of his eye.

"Well at least we got our priorities straight you dog/lion/wolf/cat thing!" Reno shot back.

"How long do you reckon they're going to keep him for?" Cid asked.

"As long as it takes." Vincent replied, all heads turned to him. He was so quiet everybody seemed to have forgotten about him. The aura of darkness effect tends to wear off after mass exposure.

"He's probably trying not to faint right now." That caused a snigger from Barret, Cid and Reno.

"Excuse me, did you arrive with Lady Kisiaragi?" A new person asked, he was dressed in the same uniform as the person who had greeted them.

"Yeah… so?"

"Well it appears your accommodation has been prepared. Is there a mister Valentine here?"

"That… would be me." He said in a gravely voice.

"There is no accommodation for you. You have been ordered to guard the Princess' chambers for the night. As such your quarters will be her own room."

"WHAT?!" Screamed Barret.

"That was the Lady's message, do not shoot me." The man said, eyeing the gun-arm attached to the former leader's hand. He quickly left, leaving Vincent to receive the death glares.

It wasn't a comfortable silence and no-one was willing to break it. However, none of them needed to.

"MMM Cloud. That's the spot!"

"Lucky bastard."


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