The Empty Grave
Part 3:- The Mausoleum

Introduction, Recap, Disclaimers and Teaser

Introduction (or how this all came about):-

When I first saw Episode III I was ecstatic. Mr Lucas had finally done it, matched the greatness of the original trilogy. I could almost forgive him for the horrors of Episodes I and II! But something nagged at me. I looked back and found little flaws and plot holes gaping at me like little fish bobbing around. I could see a dozen little problems with one aspect, Anakin's turn to the Dark Side. Perhaps Lucas was too good at making us sympathetic to the future Dark Lord of the Sith. Maybe my views on good and evil are just that little bit different to Lucas's. Whatever it was the little problems were annoying, but I waited for the DVD which would hopefully fix these problems. But while I was watching the DVD the same plot holes came back with a vengeance. The deleted scenes didn't help, neither did Yoda's moronic platitudes and circular logic. All right this was deliberate, to give Palpatine the opportunity to (for lack of a better word) "seduce" Anakin to the Dark Side, but Palpatine's logic was just as flawed, ignorant and self delusional!

Then of course came the big switch and the limited reasoning behind it. Anakin simply whimpered, cut Mace Windu's arm off, whimpered some more and then killed a bunch of kids to prove he was bad. Oooh evil! The mistakes every character made, compounding the plot holes. Come on, Master Yoda is supposed to be one of the wisest Jedi Masters but he missed the whole point of the war? Episode II they just happened to have a army provided by "someone" to fight a war with the Separatists? A war that cemented one man's grip on power? Somewhere along the way the penny should have dropped. Okay he probably thought the Separatists were lead by the Sith but too many things didn't add up with that (the aforementioned Clone army that just happened to be ready at the same time?) All right I have the benefit of hindsight but I couldn't believe how short sighed people were, eventually I was shouting "Berk!" and other British insults at the screen!

Once I had calmed down I picked through the story line, evaluated the narrative and transcribed the script (hey you might have a life. I don't, get used to it). When it comes to narrative, arc plots and grand visuals Lucas is very VERY good. When it comes to characters, dialogue and titles the great bearded one should be given a pint, told to sit down and locked in a nice room in a galaxy far far way from a word processor! (anyone remember Anakin's sand speech to Padme in "Attack of the Clones"? See what I mean?)

Enter my fan-fiction. I started with a one shot, Darth Vader finding Padme's tomb and destroying it. I wanted him to realise exactly how much Palpatine was to blame for her death and the death of billions during the Clone Wars. That lead to a problem, to keep in character Vader would have sought out Palpatine and killed him and while I'm a firm believer in the stupidity of Star Wars characters I doubt it would take 20 years for a spark of intelligence.

I needed something to show Vader the way back to the Light, or even just how to use a ounce of brain matter! Luke achieved this (well the Light side stuff) but that had been done. I needed something original (in fan fiction? Taste the irony). A crossover, with a show that had a history of giving bad guys a second chance. I shifted Darth Vader into the Buffy universe!

And now (after a side track through Stargate to get back) Darth Vader, now know as simply Vader, is back in the Star Wars galaxy and he has a mission... but the Force might just have one or two surprises left in store, I know I have!


Over a year ago vast forces of rage and grief met. Transcending barriers of time and space they ripped apart the very universe. Darth Vader, who had just destroyed the last vestige of his long dead wife, fell through the universal void and ended up in a junk yard in the middle of downtown Sunnydale. Earth.

At that another place and time the other being responsible, the wiccan Willow Rosenburg, was in the middle of a rampage. Drawing on Dark Force arts to seek revenge on her lover's murderer. Darth Vader felt her using powers that went beyond his understanding of the Force and set out to twist her into an apprentice. Fortunately he failed, before he reached her she was talked down by her best friend.

As you may guess Darth Vader was not pleased! As such he chased Willow and her friends, almost killing them all. At the last moment she stood up to him and during the argument reviled that the Princess was his daughter.

Lets just say Darth Vader took the idea of anyone, especially himself, hurting his daughter in the same way he took Emperor Palpatine using Force lightning on his son. The result was the destruction of the Darth Vader identity.

The end result had a reformed Vader fighting against the ultimate evil known as The First, for a short time. Before the major conflicts he left, determined to find a way home and understand how his life was recorded in the films!

He spent a year travelling the globe, discovering new and interesting aspects of the Force, as well as clues on how to get home. Eventually he found an Ancient device, in more ways than one! Using his own exceptional powers and in depth knowledge of the arcane arts he was able to charge the Stargate up in an astounding show of power that called on the energies of a whole solar system. Opening a wormhole to his home galaxy he bid farewell and stepped though..


I don't own Star Wars or the character of Darth Vader. There is no disrespect intended to anything within the Star Wars universe or, more importantly, its creator George Lucas. I'm writing this simply for practice and experience like anyone else on this website. The crossover elements also don't belong to me; Buffy the Vampire slayer belongs to Mutant Enemy inc. / 20th Century Fox while Stargate SG-1 belongs to Double Secret / MGM.


The main hall of the Jedi temple was empty. The last of the Jedi knights had left to fight the Sith Lord, leaving the younglings and Padawans on their own to meditate in their rooms. All but one youngling was still there, a small child peaked her head around one of the grand columns. She had been drawn to the grand entrance hall by a vision, someone was coming from far away. Nothing was going to be the same, everything was about to change. She could feel it in the Force. High above the small girl-child the grand rosary window slowly ground in its fittings. Glass glowed, covering the hall in rainbows of light. The shadows retreated with the silence of night. Great granite stone coverings cracked across the wall and shattered revealing the moving stars.

From every door they came, the sound the ruined stone made against the polished floor was nothing compared to the roar in the Force that drew them there. As suddenly as the ring had started it stopped and a crystal lit up in a bright blue. Then it started again. Soon all the crystals burned with the cold light, each light pulsing with raw Force energy.

An explosion of energy shattered the inset stained glass, changing the hall from a peaceful multicoloured hue to a dancing white light. Jedi trainees of all ages scattered from the falling shards, amongst the glass a wooden pole flew ahead of the pond like vortex and buried itself in the middle of a stone slab in the temple floor. Nothing happened.

After the eternity of seconds the pond rippled, as if a stone had been tossed into the other side. Something black fell to the ground.

With a speed born from grace the man shape that had fallen slowly stood up. He was easily the tallest man anyone had ever seen and as he towered above them, his breathing rasping out with a mechanical hiss, they all heard him whisper 'Younglings?'

Anakin heard the metal bar he held on to crack under his pressure. Calling all the training he had from both sides of the Force he pulled his feelings down under an icy shell of rage.

Perhaps because he was the bravest, maybe because he was the most foolish Tam Fondie, a Padawan from Corellia strode up to the tall man. 'Who are you? What are you doing in the Jedi temple?'

He looked down, Tam didn't know how but he could tell but behind the sharp mask the tall man was frowning. 'Jedi Temple? With children here? Where are your Masters?'

'They went to fight the Sith Lord. To stop the Clone War.'

'The Clone War? This is before the end... There is still hope for me, for him.' the black armoured man span on his heal. 'I can save them... I can save her.' his voice sounded ecstatic despite the changes made by the helmet. 'A Sith is coming, children stay here I will protect you.'

'Who are you?' Tam asked again.

'A shadow of the future.' drawing his lightsabre the self titled Shadow headed to the temple doors, high above him the portal spluttered before vanishing leaving nothing but empty air.

End Teaser