Carley Roberts- Best selling Romance author, Develops a six month case of writers block, after she walks in and catches her fiancée doing the nasty on her dining room table, with some bimbo.

Her book is going nowhere as she doesn't believe in romance anymore, her publisher is on her ass for a finished book.

After a night with her friend watching wrestling, she decided she needs a real romantic hero for inspiration to write the perfect romantic man in her book, she revives a old crush on the Undertaker, deciding he is the perfect romantic lead for her book, she decides to pattern her hero after him, but she just needs to get up close and personal to do that.

Stephanie McMahon- A fan of Carley's books, the two met years ago at one of Carley's book signings, Carley calls in a favor from Stephanie, get her up close and personal with Taker, so she can get rid of her writers block and finish her book.

(Underatker) Mark Calloway- WWE wrestler- Handsome sexy..but perfectly flawed man..Carly meets the man, not the dream and begins to think she made a big mistake, as the Undertaker turns out to be just a man, not the hero she dreamed of.

Summary: After having her heart broke by her fiancée, best selling romance writer, Carley Roberts cant come up with a suitable hero for her now overdue romance novel, face with a case of writers block, she's at wits end till she sees her old hero the Undertaker on TV. Carley decides he is going to be the inspiration for her books hero, however she soon learns he's not the man she dreamed about, but a very real, very flawed man. Will Carley learn, that real life and love is not a romance novel and learn to accept a very real man and all that comes with him.


Carley leaned back on her couch and sighed, Her friend Amanda just looked at her. "Girl look at you, you have left the house in two weeks, this shit with Greg happened six months ago, your publisher is threatening to sue you for breach of contract, you need to work on your book."

Carley shrugged. "How can I write a great romance book , when I know its all a lie, Greg is a frog, not a prince, love don't exist and neither does a perfect man."

Amanda sighed and looked at her best friend. They had been friends since college, she knew Carley never had a perfect life, she had worked her way through college and paid for it herself, at twenty-nine years old, she was a best selling romance author. Amanda knew Carley's childhood was no picnic, raised by a mother, who went from man to man, Carley had developed a rich imagination, writing books that told of true lasting love, maybe trying to find stability in a book, that she had never had in real life.

Then she had met Greg, he was a editor with Carley's publisher. They had dated a short time, and Greg had proposed a short two months later, Carley was in heaven thinking she had found the true love she had always dreamed of.

Greg had seemed perfect, handsome, perfect manors, he had never pushed Carley for sex, seemed perfectly willing to wait for marriage.

Carley after watching her mother go from man to man, had decided she wasn't having sex until she was married, while Amanda appreciated the sentiment, she thought it was unrealistic, for god sake, the girl was almost thirty and had missed out on some really great sex somewhere down the road, Amanda wasn't that surprised when Carley had walked in her apartment and caught Greg fucking one of his assistants on her dining room table.

Why he chose Carley's apartment, she wasn't sure, unless Greg was taking his frustration at waiting to fuck Carley to a new level, wanting to get back at her on some level.

Of course Carley had been devastated, and her writing had stopped, Amanda felt her pain for a while, but it was time to stop crying and whining and get back to work, she couldn't let Greg ruin her writing career.

"Carley, I'm not trying to harsh, but girl get over that jerk, and start writing." Amanda said sitting up.

Amanda looked at her friend. Her self esteem had took a nose dive. Carley wasn't a beauty queen, but she was cute. She was 5'4, she had chestnut colored wavy long hair and warm brown eyes. She wasn't skinny, she was shapely, Carley had never bought into the whole I have to diet to be skinny state of mind, she had a shapely hour glass figure, she looked like a woman not a boy, but lately Carly had started to put herself down, Greg's bullshit had really played havoc on her self esteem.

"I'm trying, but every time I go to write, I get stuck on trying to write my hero Jake, I keep seeing that weasel Greg, I just cant." Carley said.

Amanda got up and grabbed them two more soda's from the fridge and handed one to Carley. "What you need is inspiration, think about finding a real man with all the quality's your looking for in Jake and studying him, and go from there."

Carley took a sip of the soda and grabbed another handful of popcorn. "Like who, men are pigs, there is no perfect man."

"Umm Harrison Ford, God he's yummy, George Clooney, walking sex girl, How about that Batista guy on wrestling, see you love wrestling, lot of hot guys to choose from for inspiration." Amanda said.

Just then on the TV bells started gonging and Carley suddenly jumped up. "Oh my God Taker's back." She said with excitement.

Amanda rolled her eyes, she just didn't understand this girls' fascination with a guy who's gimmick was burying people, the guy was morbid and not even all that good looking in Amanda's opinion. He was big yea, nice body, but all those damn tattoos, the guy was a freak show, she was really starting to worry about Carley.

"Carley.." She started

"Shhhhhh..I want to watch him." Carley said concentrating on the freak.

When his match was over, Carley sat back with a sigh and a satisfied look.

Amanda made a face. "Girl if I didn't know better, I would say you just had a orgasm."

Carley rolled her eyes. "Ha Ha real funny, but I just figured out who is going to be my inspiration for Jake, Taker." She said smiling.

"Girl are you nuts, the man is a freak."

"No, he's not, now I need to call Steph, I need a couple of weeks on the road following him around, so I can get a feel for him, I feel the creative juices flowing now."

Amanda rolled her eyes. "I don't think thats the only juice flowing right now."

Carley threw a pillow at her. "You're gross."

They both started laughing. "So really girl, you're going to cal Stephanie and ask her to let you stalk the Undertaker around?"

Carley sighed. "Not stalk, follow and observe, besides Steph has been bugging me about when my new book is coming out, she a big fan remember, thats where I met her a book signing, she'll be more than happy to help me out of my slump."

Amanda got up and grabbed her purse, she had to get home. "Just for the record, I'm letting you know this is a big mistake, heroes never live up to their expectations, take my advice, go backstage find that hottie Batista, tell him in a really sweet voice you're a repressed virgin and you need deflowering, I guarantee, after he fucks you three ways from Sunday, you'll write the best book ever."

Carley made a face. "Ewww, he's okay, but not my type, besides I'm waiting for Mr. Right, I'm not throwing that away on a one night stand."

Amanda shook her head. "Girl then you're going to be a virgin for a longtime, you better use that shit before you grow cobwebs."

Carley just laughed, she loved her friend, but they were so different. "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

Carley shook her head as Amanda left. Taker was perfect. He was big strong, dominate, but underneath caring and sweet, take charge, but gentle, she just knew he was, the perfect formula for a romance story hero. She already felt her creative juices flowing, new ideas popping in her head.

Taker was the perfect man, she just knew it.


The next morning Carley got up and started her coffee, a soon as it was brewed she got a cup and went and sat on her deck. She loved her house here in Mt. Airy. She loved her home. She lived far away from the hustle and bustle of the publishing word and thats the way she liked it, she had a small apartment in New York, but she hadn't been back there since she walked in to find Jerko fucking his assistant on her table.

She picked up her cell and rang Stephanie. "Hello."

"Hey girl I didn't wake you did I?"

Stephanie laughed. "No, Aurora was up hours ago."

"How is that little sweetie?"

"Growing like weed, now when is your new book going to be out.?" Stephanie asked.

Carley laughed. "Well that depends on you, I need some inspiration for my hero, thats where you come in."

Stephanie giggled. "Wanting to borrow Paul?"

"Uhh no, I want to travel with you guys for a while and follow Taker around and observe him."

There was complete silence for a full minute. "Steph?"

"Umm Taker, you're joking right?"

Carly frowned. "No, he's hot and he is the perfect guy, I wont bug him, he wont even know I'm there, I just want to observe him."

Stephanie was worried. Taker was a bear at best, but since his divorce in which his ex had taken him for half of everything he had, he was going for jerk of the year award, everyone walked wide circles around him. "Well girl, as long as its just to observe, I'll set up hotel rooms up for you for the next few weeks, but he's kinda touchy since his divorce, just don't bug him, okay?"

Carley jumped up happily. "Thanks Steph, you're the best, he wont even notice me, where the next show, so I can book a flight?"

"Umm St. Louis, I'll meet t you at the hotel, I'll e-mail you the information."

"Okay and thanks." Carley got off the phone, excited, this was going to be great. She had a lot to do, she had to book a flight and get her self packed and ready to go. For the first time in a long time she was was excited about writing.


Mark flopped back on his bed, a permanent scowl etched on his face, he had just got off the phone with his ex-bitch again, wanting more money, he really wanted to choke the bitch. She had left him because he wasn't romantic, he was to mean, rough, a asshole, those were her words.

Hell he thought it was romantic the bitch never had to work a day they were married, she sat at home with a maid and a cook and read romance novels all day and ate bon bons, stupid bitch.

Romance books shouldto be banned. Thats where all that shit had come from, she wanted some imaginary man out of a book , that didn't exist in real life.

Mark closed his eyes, he was just glad to be rid of her, if he ever fell in love again ,it would be with someone, who was realist, that didn't walk around with their heads in the clouds.

Not some airhead, that believed in romance.