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Final Act

She was cold, she felt so unbelievably cold and the place she was in was dark. She couldn't even see the end of her nose. Suddenly she saw flashes, which turned into images of her life, from her first memory up until meeting Sesshomaru. There was just so much of him in stored in her memory although she spent such a short time with him. She started to feel warm as she replayed their time together. She could hear his smooth voice call her name as she saw him standing there, her only light and warmth in the darkness and cold, reaching out for her. She tried to reach out for him but was pulled back further into the void. His light started to fade away as she was taken more into the darkness and cold.

'No…I want to be with him…Sesshomaru!'

Suddenly everything went dark but the warmth was still there. She could feel the weight of her body and felt sore. Is it even possible to feel pain when you're dead? She could feel something that was similar to breathing, she could hear it too. She wanted so badly to open her eyes but was afraid of what she might find. Well anything was better than sitting there and wondering what might happen.

Her eyes slowly peeled open and was immediately blinded by light so she closed them again. Well she established the fact that she wasn't in hell…she thinks. It's not like she didn't do anything too wrong to end up there anyway. She tried opening her eyes again, there was still a lot of light that flooded her eyes but this time she could make some figure out. The light surrounded the figure which seemed so much like one of the very angelic beings that her mother told her was awaiting her in the afterlife if she was a good girl.

She just closed her eyes again and just decided to ask, "Uh, am I in heaven?"

She heard a deep low velvety chuckle before the being said, "No, not yet."

She recognized that voice, it was the same voice of the demon that she had come to love. Finally, tired of sitting in the darkness. She let her eyes flutter open to help her get used to the light and smiled upon seeing gentle loving golden eyes.

He smiled seeing her sapphire blue eyes opening but it seemed like she didn't want to wake up just yet. And when she asked if she was in heaven, he simply laughed a bit at her. She finally opened her eyes fully and a beautiful smile shown on her face when she saw him. He just wanted to embrace her but knew that she was still hurt from the heavy wall that fell upon them.

They just sat in silence looking into each other's eyes and a smile on their faces. Despite being in the hospital, the moment was just perfect.

"So…how long have I been out?" She asked as she tore her gaze from his to look around the hospital room noticing all of the flowers, balloons, and cards around her.

"Just three days. The doctors said that you took a very hard hit to the head." He then looked worried for a split second as he said, "I thought I was going to lose you."

Kagome reached out with one hand and stroked the side of his face to which he leaned into and said, "I thought I was never going to see you again."

He then leaned in to kiss her. The feel of her lips against his was all he needed to know that everything was going to be fine. They didn't even notice when the door opened and his half-brother came in with Rin.

"So Sessh, is she…" He looked at the scene before him and leaned on the door with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. "I see she's very much awake now."

The two came apart to look at the door at the smirking hanyou and the beaming child.

"Kagome!" She shrieked hurting the two demon's ears slightly then ran up to try and hug her. As she pounced to jump in the bed, she was stopped in mid flight by Sesshomaru.

"Calm down Rin." He said as he settled her in his lap as he sat back in his chair beside her bed.

Rin pouted but smiled as she turned back to Kagome. "I'm so glad that you're okay, I wouldn't know what I would do if I couldn't see my mama again."

The words shocked all adults in the room. Sesshomaru actually became embarrassed. He told the little girl not to call Kagome that…at least not yet anyway. Then he saw something that made him sure that Kagome wasn't fazed at being called mama. She hugged the little girl closed to her and said,

"I know sweetheart, I promise that I won't leave you, or your father."

Sesshomaru's heart swelled up. How could he be embarrassed by that, Rin was his daughter and Kagome was his mate. They were a family.

Inuyasha had enough of being ignored. "Well I believe I should take my leave, I'm glad to see that you're okay Kagome, everyone was worried about you but I knew you would be okay with fluffy by your side. See ya."

He waved as he turned around and left the three alone in the room.

Kagome was able to return to work very soon. She would be a very busy woman with the upcoming season especially since she became his permanent assistant. She still does his make-up from time to time but it was mostly done by Sango now. As for the old assistant, well Koga really did a number on her. He was extremely livid about her hurting Kagome and basically almost clawed her to death. Sesshomaru didn't like the fact that he didn't get a piece of her but was happy with what happened to her. After prying Koga off of her, she quickly ran off with the last of her strength. There was no law suit placed amazingly, she would have lost anyway. They say that that she had gotten plastic surgery and was said to be working as an assistant to Naraku. At least Sesshomaru could have sworn that he seen her with him but she doesn't face him. It doesn't matter anyway. Sango and Miroku were shortly married and Inuyasha finally proposed to Kikyo and their wedding would be set before the third season started.

Sesshomaru couldn't have been a happier demon. Although they were mates, he knew that Kagome would want a wedding so four months after she got better, they were wed and were starting to expand their family.

"Kagome, go home. You are in no condition to be here." Sesshomaru said to Kagome as he was trying to get her in the car with Sango so that she could take her home.

Everyone else watched, it was always so amusing to watch those two to go at it. "Sesshomaru, I'm fine. I'm only seven months pregnant, I can still work. I don't want to stay home anyway."

"Rin is there to keep you company."

"Rin doesn't want to stay at home either. She's out at her friend's house. Sesshomaru, I refuse to go back home. There's just much work to be done anyway and it seems like you can't handle it all without me."

Sesshomaru sighed. They could argue about this pretty much all day and in the end she would always win. He decided to end the argument early and let her do what she wanted, he would get her back when the day was over with anyway.

Well despite the rocky start, things have turned out great for everyone on the set of the hit drama and will only get better as the show and life goes on.


Sorry that this chapter was so short but this is all I could think of finishing it off by. Well, that's it, I'm glad that it's finally over because in truth, I lost interest in this story a long time ago but I couldn't leave it unfinished, you guys would hate me more than me just not updating normally.