She was gone again.

It was nearly two in the morning, and his little girl was once again out of her bed, gone to fight God only knew what kinds of horrors. And he was sitting up in a dark kitchen with a cup of coffee, waiting for the sounds of her return. Waiting for his little girl to slip back into her room after saving everyone once again. Praying that she would come back.

He wasn't supposed to know, but there was only so many times a father could be woken late at night by the sound of muted conversation before he made an effort to work out what was going on. The answer had shocked him to the core.

He'd been so very tempted back then to confront her, to make her stop. But that time too he had sat in a darkened kitchen with a cup of coffee and came to a decision that he had to remake every time this happened.

She was saving lives. Who was he to stop her? Just her father, her lost, confused, worried father. She was Sailor Moon. She was the saviour of the world. He doubted he could stop her.

His little girl. His Usagi. She was Sailor Moon. She was the powerful, beautiful heroine who stood up to monsters on a regular basis.

She was just a child. So often he'd wondered . . . why her? Why his innocent, energetic, loving daughter? His clumsy little girl, so bad at academics, such a crybaby and so very in need of protection was protecting them all. It was almost enough to make a man laugh if he wasn't so busy holding back grief.

There were days where she looked like someone else altogether. They'd stolen her, the monsters or maybe the others who fought with her, they'd stolen his little girl away and replaced her with someone he didn't know.

He wanted to lock her away and keep the world at bay. Keep them from changing her even more.

A sound from upstairs told him that she was back, that she'd survived another night. He could stop worrying, at least for now.

Tsukino Kenji sighed, and took another sip of his coffee.

It had gone cold.