Chapter 1:

It hadn't meant anything initially. They turned to each other out of mutual need, nothing more. But how had it turned into this? How had those past events gotten them to where they were now?

She was the intern. He worked with her supervisor. They hadn't even liked each other initially. Even like might have been a little too nice a term to describe their mutual feelings. She couldn't forget his prejudices and he couldn't forget them either.

He was however, impressed. Yes, that was the word – impressed. She had paved her way without finishing her education. She had helped saved the world – literally. She had above all, helped save his son. He couldn't openly forgive her, or even thank her, but he could peacefully be impressed.

She had hardly respected him. She despised him for being able to skirt full punishment once again. She was awed, yes – awed, by his ability to fleece everyone in his acquaintance. But not her – oh no! She knew exactly who he was and what he felt.

As they looked at each from across the station, they were both reminded of their original confrontations. Both marveled at how past events had changed things.

He watched her interact with her friends and family as the younger crowd prepared to leave for another year of school.

He watched as the group quieted slightly and looked across the platform; following their eyes he watched another familiar face. He noticed the cold interaction between the two groups and thought, with a pang, of the past.

He didn't take his eyes off the forlorn individual, but listened as she scolded one of the other men.

She too watched him as he took in her little group. She had noticed him in the shadows the moment she had entered the station. She couldn't help but feel a wrench for him when the other blonde man standing at the edge of the platform distracted him.

Her attention was reclaimed by an offhanded remark of the red-haired man beside her. She turned to scold him and couldn't help but grin at the memories the group induced. She watched the younger generation interacting, and couldn't help but remember her own times.

As the young crowd fled to the train, she turned her gaze back to the man in the shadows. She could feel his eyes on her. She nodded her head slightly at him. He returned the gesture and slipped through the shadows out of the station, just as the train chugged away.

She turned away with the group and said quietly, "Well I must get going, I've missed you all."

They turned to her in slight dismay, "You can't at least come to brunch?"

She shook her head softly and smiled lightly, "I'm so sorry, but I've got to get back and take care of a few things. Ron, don't forget the brake when you get back in the car, and if you have problems, you know who to call."

She hugged the two red-heads and kissed the black-haired man on the cheek. She waved to Lily and Hugo, saying cheerily, "Bye darlings, it was lovely seeing you again and don't forget to make your daddies go get you some ices." She giggled when she heard the two men groan and the children begin to berate them.

She walked off to a corner off the station and with a half-turn she had disappeared.