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Pieces of Me

Chapter One: Preparation and Invitation

It had been ages since he had returned to his father's modest apartment in New York City, but the reality of taking on the responsibility of a ten-year-old child won the battle against his fear of returning to the place of his nightmares.

Linderman was dead and The Company was too preoccupied with the mess of the Kirby Place Disaster to truly worry about Mohinder stealing Molly Walker away.

Niki and Micah kept an eye on the sleeping girl, as they both waited on news about their heroes. It gave the Indian man just enough time to return to his apartment to remove the bloodstained carpet and scrub the walls with bleach and Mr. Clean. Glass shards were picked from the still-stained walls before the holes were plastered and hidden away by a fresh coat of the leftover paint he had found in the closet.

The ceiling couldn't be helped- six holes in the wood, each surrounded by a rusty-red color, like a twisted sort of abstract flower art- but if anyone asked, Mohinder was confident he could pull of the claim of ignorance.

Exhausted and more than a bit shaken, he looked around the room where he had been beaten, tortured and violated by a telekinetic psychopath, astonished that it looked…..normal. Like nothing bad had even happened here.

The high-pitched, techno ring of a cell phone pulled Mohinder from his depressing thoughts as he jerked around to grab for it.

"Suresh here."

"Dr. Suresh, it's Niki Saunders." The blonde's voice mimicked his own weariness. "D.L. is out of surgery now and should be put into his own room soon. Maybe you could come and get Molly? She's starting to worry-"

"Oh, of course." The geneticist exclaimed, already grabbing his jacket off the back of one of the kitchen chairs. "I was just about to come back anyway. I'll be there in thirty minutes."

"Okay. Bye."

Mohinder closed the door on the drying paint, new carpet, blood stains and bad memories to go find a little girl.

His little girl.

"Will Officer Parkman really be okay?"

To a little girl's mind, all the technical babble of a doctor meant nothing. Everything stood on the answer to that much-too-simple question.

"Once he gets some rest and heals, he'll be fine." Mohinder said softly, patting her long reddish-brown hair with affection.

"Can we see him?"

The doctor sent the Indian man a hard look. "Officer Parkman doesn't look very nice right now, sweetie-"

He could almost feel her panic at those words; they were words that hid the truth from her. Molly wouldn't believe her hero was alright until she saw him with her own eyes.

"We'd like to see him as soon as possible, please."

The doctor gave him a veiled look of disapproval before nodding and sweeping off to give the details to the on-duty nurses. Mohinder rubbed his forehead tiredly as Molly practically vibrated with tension.

It was silent, almost awkwardly, as they waited for the okay. Molly fiddled with the bottom of her shirt and the buttons on her jacket thoroughly before a kindly-looking older woman called out "Parkman family."

"Here!" She shouted before dashing forward. Mohinder made to grab after her and missed, nearly toppling over in the attempt.

She gave them an once-over in surprise and the professor couldn't even begin to figure out what she was thinking as 'Nurse Brown' gave them both a winning smile.

"Come on now. Let's go see Daddy."

Molly didn't even blink at the implication but Mohinder stumbled, mind frozen in shock. 'God, people come to the strangest conclusions!'

They passed what felt like a hundred of rooms, the professor following the human GSP just a few steps behind, before Nurse Brown stopped at Room 201.

"Now he's still coming in and out of consciousness and he'll be in some pain still. Just pop in and say hi and try not to be too overwhelming."

Molly nodded as if that information were the most important thing she'd ever heard. Mohinder smiled slightly, flushing when he saw how the older- God she could have been his mother!- woman blushed.

"We'll be gentle."

Molly didn't even wait for the nurse to leave before she was turning the doorknob and tiptoeing into Officer Parkman's room.

Dark blue eyes looked over tiredly, a small smile drifting across a too pale face as Molly bounced over and gently patted his arm.

"You're alive Officer Parkman!" she said in an awed, hushed voice.

The injured man smiled, trying not to laugh. "I think I've figured that out, Molly."

Mohinder hovered by the door, feeling especially uncomfortable in the presence of someone Molly obviously held above himself. The pressure of that someone's gaze on him turned his attention back on the reunited duo.

"What are you doing here?"

Molly scoffed as her hero wrapped a weak arm around her, as if he could protect her from the tall, dark stranger in his doorway.

"He's Dr. Suresh. Remember, he saved me from the virus I had."

He sent her a sharp look. "That still doesn't answer what he's doing with you."

Mohinder stiffened. "Molly will be staying with me from now on. With The Company distracted Molly will be safe with me."

Parkman nodded hesitantly, making the Indian man wonder if he wanted to spirit the girl off himself. Would she go with her hero once the cop was relea-

The man in the bed winced. "Stop thinking so much. My head hurts too much to figure out what in the hell you're worrying about."

Mohinder jerked, his mouth dropping open. "You can hear….you're a telepath!"

He shrugged. "If that's what you call this."

Molly stepped back. "We should let you go to sleep now, Officer Parkman. We'll come back tomorrow to see you again, okay?"

The telepath nodded a stern look on his face. "You'd better."

Molly giggled before returning back to Mohinder's side. The tall professor was still agog at the discovery of another special person.

"Good Night, my Hero."

The cop seemed to brighten at those words.

"Good night, Molly. Dr. Suresh."

Mohinder scratched the back of his head nervously. "Good night…..Officer Parkman."

Molly slept until almost noon, still recovering from her stint with the virus and exhausted from the fight and a long night in an ER waiting room. Mohinder gave her the only bed in the whole apartment, equip with fresh sheets while he passed out on the lumpy, old couch in the living room.

Unfortunately, his own nightmares kept him from the long, restful sleep he needed. Jerking up with a sharp intake of breath, the Indian man gave his surroundings a quick study. He wasn't sure if the fact that the room looked like it had before was worst than waking up in the mess of what it had been.

Shivering, and not because of the cold, Mohinder tried to pull himself together. His dark eyes scanned the couch absently, noticing a few drops of color that didn't match the pattern. More blood.

He'd need to get another couch as well as a bed for a little girl.

A sigh seemed to explode into being in the quiet room. This had been his first night back in his father's old apartment since Sylar had…done what he'd done to him, and while the fear still crept there in his mind, a sense of pride grew as well. He'd be damned if he would let Sylar of all people run him out of the last place his father called home.

Steadied again, Mohinder rose to start a new day.

Molly didn't stumble out from bed until her rumbling stomach had caught the scent of pancakes frying.

"Hmm, that smells goooood."

"I didn't know if you would have preferred French toast or pancakes so I decided to go with the most common. Everyone likes pancakes." Mohinder explained, dishing two of the flat cakes out onto a plate and placing it before the famished girl. "Syrup, jam or butter?"

Molly wrinkled her nose. "Just syrup please."

"Alright. I've only water at the moment- it's been a while since I've been here."

"A'e we goin to bee Obbicer Parkban tobay?" Molly asked her mouth full. Mohinder sent her a look.

"Swallow first and repeat please."

The gulp was audible. "Are we going to see Officer Parkman today? We promised we would."

The geneticist nodded. "We'll go as soon as you've finished."

Mohinder was positive no child anywhere had eaten their food so fast before.

They stopped at the hospital gift shop this time around; Molly had begged, pouting lips, big watery eyes and all to get 'Officer Parkman' a get-well-soon gift. Torn between chocolates and a coffee mug, Mohinder solved the dilemma by simply buying both and stuffing the chocolates into the cup delicately.

Molly was beaming as they trotted up the corridor.

An angry, dark-haired woman stormed out of Room 201, official-looking papers clutched in her hand. She didn't even acknowledge Molly's sunny 'Hello!' but just kept on walking, her hair flying behind her.

Molly took it all in stride, skipping in to see her hero with her mug of chocolates and a wide smile.

"Hello Officer Parkman! Are you feeling better?"

Honestly, Mohinder thought the cop looked like he had seen better days. His eyes were red-rimmed and sort of bruised looking while his cheeks were pale.

The bleak dullness in his gaze left at the sight of a nicely polished Molly holding what was obviously meant to be a gift.

"Yeah, I am. I feel even more better now that you're here."

He sat down just off to the side of the pair, watching with a small grin as Molly blushed and held out the coffee mug.

"Well this should help. It's chocolate- everything is better with chocolate."

Parkman laughed, holding his chest tightly as he did and accepted the gift with a quick kiss to the cheek. Molly sat back on the hospital bed, closer to her hero's knees. She cocked her head to the side.

"So who was the lady that ran out of here before? She wasn't very nice."

Mohinder winced at the frozen expression on the cop's face. He had a guess or two about who the angry woman could have been and what she might have been holding.

Dark blue eyes flickered over in his direction before dismissing the professor.

"That was my wife- my ex-wife actually."

The little girl blinked quickly. "Oh. That's like an ex-girlfriend right? That's not good?"

The telepath shrugged. "It's okay. Sometimes things don't work out."

A knock at the door stopped anymore talk of wives and failed marriages as a young blond nurse poked her head in.

"Ah, the Parkman family. Good. I'm here to tell you that the doctor will be by in about twenty minutes to let you know about post-op recovery."

Mohinder made to open his mouth to correct her assumption when the man in question spoke.

"Alright. Thanks."

A small smirk had settled on his lips as the blond grinned and gave them all a final once-over before closing the door behind her.

"She thinks we're actually a family." He addressed Mohinder this time, making the professor blush.

"I'd figured that out already. No one will give a chance to correct the mistaken assumption yet."

A quizzical eyebrow rose at the statement. "Yeesh, man, speak the English, please." He turned to their kid. "Does he always talk like this?"

Molly snickered. "Yup. He even talks to himself like this. It's kinda funny."

Mohinder frowned. "Ha ha, very funny."

They continued to make small talk, mostly about Molly and what she was going to do now when the doctor arrived.

"Well, you must be feeling much better." This was a different doctor than the one from that night- here was a man who enjoyed what he did. "According to your test results we should be able to get those drain tubes out tomorrow and if all goes well you'll be home in a week."

Molly gasped happily. "So fast?"

The doctor grinned wider and bopped her on the head lightly. "As long as he has someone to watch over his progress and keep him off his feet for a while."

Bright eyes turned to the cop suddenly. "I can help! Where are you going to live, Officer Parkman?"

Mohinder saw pain and confusion cloud the injured man's face before he cleared his throat. "I….don't know."

The doctor frowned. "You're going to need help, Mr. Parkman. Even walking long will be painful and tiring without help until you regain your strength. If you have nowhere to go-"

"He can live with us!" Molly declared, making Mohinder jerk in his seat. Everyone paused before the telepath spoke. "I don't think Dr. Suresh will-"

Pleading, wide eyes were turned on the Indian man suddenly and he felt his resolve weakening quickly. "Please, Mohinder. We can't just leave him with no where to go. He's my hero……"

As if he could say no to that and not sound like an unfit guardian. God, an unfit human being….

Parkman was still trying to let Molly down gently when Mohinder spoke up.

"There's plenty of room in my apartment for the three of us, if you'd like."

The cop hesitated. "I don't want to be a bum-"

"It's no trouble, really and it would make Molly happy."

The geneticist practically felt the telepath fold at those last words. Molly squealed and clapped her hands in excitement when her hero gave a short nod.

"I can't cook." He warned his tone light.

"That's okay! Mohinder makes the best pancakes in the world and he even puts jam on them!" Their charge was still amazed at the very idea.

The doctor smiled warmly. "Well I better give this man here some information on patient-proofing his apartment and what he should expect when you go home, Mr. Parkman."

Mohinder rose. "Molly, please stay with Officer Parkman. You can conspire about my horrible pancake quirks while I'm gone."

"Matt." The cop said suddenly, startling him. "If I'm going to live with you I can't be Officer Parkman all the time. My name's Matt."

Mohinder nodded. "I assume you know my name is Mohinder Suresh by now."

Matt grinned suddenly. "Hey, can I call you Mo?"

The professor scowled and followed the grinning doctor out the door, keeping his own smile hidden from the laughing duo he left in the hospital room.

A/N: Okay Matt's recovery is really based on what my dad went through when he had open-heart surgery. I figure four bullets to the chest and stomach is sort equal to a triple-bypass.

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