by HopefulR

Genre: Han/Leia romance, scene addition
Rating: PG
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Disclaimer: Star Wars and its characters are the property of Lucasfilm, Ltd. All original material herein is the property of its author.
Spoilers: Through The Empire Strikes Back.
Summary: Solo's take on his and Leia's first kiss.

My thanks to boushh for inspiring me to have a go at a Star Wars vignette. I picked one of my favorite scenes and just let the muse whisper in my ear. This was the result. Enjoy.


She tasted sweet, sweeter than he expected.

Solo had intended the kiss to fluster Leia, to short-circuit her overbearing patrician sensibilities. To shut her the hell up, for once. But as his lips touched hers, and he felt a subtle shudder pass through her slim form, all thoughts of putting her in her place faded from his mind.

He wanted to taste more of her.

He caressed her demurely closed lips with his tongue, seeking entry. She resisted shyly, but he persisted, teasing with feather-light strokes until she opened to him.

Solo wasn't prepared for the intoxicating wave of desire that washed over him as he took possession of Leia's mouth. A moan escaped him as he kissed her deeply, his tongue languorously exploring, as she hesitantly, curiously responded.

He realized then that the kiss she'd planted on Skywalker had been all show—probably a copy of something she'd seen in a vidflick. She really hadn't been kissed by anyone before.

How could a girl so impossibly beautiful and desirable not have been soundly kissed yet? Well, sure, she could drive a man nuts, but still...it was a crime.

He released her hand, slipping an arm around her slender waist—she was so tiny—and lost himself in her kiss. He felt her small, delicate hand moving up his chest, encircling his neck. Even through their thick cold-weather gear, he could feel her warmth as her body pressed close against his. She was responding more eagerly to his kiss now, following his lead, her tongue dancing with his—

"Sir!" Threepio's prissy voice burst into the alcove. "Sir, I've isolated the reverse power flux coupling!"

It was like getting a bucket of ice water thrown in his face. If Solo had Chewie's strength, he'd grab that droid and snap his head clean off.

Nah, the Princess wouldn't think too much of that. Just as well, he supposed. Ha! He never would've guessed he'd be running possible scenarios through the What Would Leia Think? filter.

He turned to Threepio, managing something that resembled a smile as he shoved the droid out of the alcove. "Thank you. Thank you very much."

"You're quite welcome, sir," the droid gushed effusively as he tottered away.

Solo turned back—only to discover a significant absence of Princess. She'd snuck out while he was getting rid of Goldenrod. Terrific.

What now? Go after Leia? Take a spanner to Threepio?

He leaned against the bulkhead and smiled to himself, running a hand through his hair. Look who's flustered now, Solo.