War 29

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I was terrified.

Terrified actually didn't even apply. Afraid for the 17 years that was my life worked much better.

And I had a good reason.

"Why? Why would you do something like this to me?"

Alice giggled and then rolled her eyes, "Bella why are you being so difficult? It's gorgeous on you! Really!"

I bit my lip and looked into the mirror at my belly-dancing outfit covered body.

"Alice, Edward may not be able to handle this, but I really won't be able to handle this!!! I tripped Alice, just walking into this very room! This very room Alice!!"

"Just get into the mood Bella, that's what I do. It makes everything a lot easier."

I stared at Alice.

"You do know that you are not only a beautiful woman, but you are a perfect vampire woman who can't become uncoordinated even if you tried? You know this right?"

She rolled her eyes once more.

"I even get goofy for Jasper. I once tripped into a bowl of fruit at a school in Minnesota about ten years back, once. Yeah, I had Carlisle move us away from there very soon after. And I know you're going to ask, but no. I won't tell you what he was doing to get me to fall."

I internally snapped my fingers drat, I really wanted to know.

"Yeah and…well ok it's pretty much only Emmet who does the goofy things, but I have been once or twice. Just for him," Rose was grinning as she said this, thinking back fondly to all the memories. All those dirty memories….

"Alice, can you please just tell me how things are going to play off?"

Alice, of course became very enthralled with a pretty pair of Italian leather pumps that just reeked of a 1000 dollars, even to a mere human like myself.

"Alice?" I questioned.

"Well Bella…you see…"

"Alice?" I said once more, much more firmly.

"It's not really allowed!!!"

I blinked.

"It's just something that was set before! Esme chooses a random time that we can't use our gifts!"

She showed me a text that had Time and a little smiley face.

It was just like Esme. Short and sweet, but still made you feel loved.

I blamed the smiley face.

"Well that's just perfect Alice, what are we suppose to do now?"

"You put this on," she threw a silk robe at me, "and just wait here. Rose and I will wait for the boys downstairs in the lobby."

I huffed, knowing she would force the robe on me if I didn't put it on myself, and I wanted at least a little dignity left.

"Alice, remind me when this is all over to melt every last of your credit cards in my old Easy Bake Oven."

"Bella how could you even- you had one? Wow Bella, never pictured you as the home-maker child."

She winked at me, grabbed Rosalie, and headed downstairs to wait for my love.

And now all I had to do was wait…


"Emmet, how are you planning to get the girls out of this hotel, and into the other ones?"

Emmet, who was pressing the down button for the elevator laughed.

"Edward, you ask me these questions like Jasper and I have never snuck our wives away before."

"Oh don't worry Emmet, I know you have, remember you tried in Jasper's plan, and you failed. Badly."

Emmet glared, "I meant before that, but thanks for mentioning one of our only fails."

I smirked, "My pleasure, but please answer my question. How do you plan to do it?"

Before he could answer, the elevator door pinged open, and three blonde, curvaceous, and rather drunk women stumbled out.

"Oh my god Steph, take a look at those boys," the one in the pink dress whispered. Or at least tried to whisper, "I'd like to take one of them home tonight."

The one in blue hiccupped with a giggle, "Yeah or all of them!"

The one in the red laughed so hard, she almost fell down, but I caught her, afraid someone may get hurt. Jasper wouldn't have been able to handle the blood-lust.

Flashes blasted through my mind.

Feathers, Ropes, velvet hand-cuffs, chocolate…

"Emmet, Jasper, into the elevator, now."

The drunken woman in my grasp was gently leaned up against a garbage can, and we left as fast at the metallic doors would allow.


"Don't sat a word Emmet, unless its to tell me the plan."

He nodded, knowing not to push it, although his cocky grin was doing it for him.

"You don't know how easy it is when we really really try. Jasper and I have been with Alice and Rosalie for a long time. We know what makes their knees weak and what makes their toes tingle. We can easily get them into a hotel. If we try."

I started to grin, even though it was tainted with the fact he had hinted at sexual acts I didn't even want to imagine, because they were right. Emmet and Rosalie went at it like bunnies, and Alice and Jasper weren't much different.

Usually it made me wish suicide was a little more plausible, but now, now it was working to my benefit.

"Still think I'm the dunce of the family oh brother dear?"

I laughed and ruffled Emmet's brown curls, Jasper grinning right with me.

"Emmet, your fly is down."