I got several votes for continuation, and one vote saying I threw off their entire perception of the show. So I'm going to continue, with apologies to anyone whose world I've turned upside down in the process :o)

House walked into the conference room a few minutes later, sipping a coffee, still feeling a little out of touch with reality. His team reacted normally: Where have you been, we got the test results, what do you think, we still don't know what's going on.

He turned his back without even saying hello, and went straight to the men's room. There, he dropped trou and twisted to look at himself in the mirror. His ass seemed to be a little red and blotchy… but that might be just in his head. He gave himself a pat and it seemed to ache, but he thought that might be in his head, too. All in all, there was not enough evidence to convince him that the scene in Cuddy's office had actually taken place. Far more likely it was a figment of his imagination, a new fantasy his mind had drifted into without telling him in advance.

Although… on second thought, it made no sense as a fantasy; it hurt like a bitch and Cuddy had kept all her clothes on. Not to mention in his fantasies he usually got sex or at least a blow job… this time he hadn't even gotten a hard-on out of the deal.

If he squinted, he could see something that looked like it might be the mark left by a hairbrush. Aha: proof? He poked it, but there was no flare-up of pain like there should have been if he'd actually just been spanked half an hour before. Or maybe there was, and he just didn't notice it because he had so much higher a tolerance for pain these days. Or maybe it didn't hurt because it had been (if it had happened at all) much less severe than the spankings he remembered from childhood.

Still with no evidence in either direction, House decided to rely on the numbers. How likely was it that he had somehow zoned out and concocted a daydream involving spanking and Cuddy, but no sex? Ha – the odds on that were close to zero. The odds of Cuddy having actually put him over her knee? Low… but certainly better than that other ridiculous possibility.

It must have happened, then. Bizarre.

House pulled up his pants and went back to work.

He avoided Cuddy for the rest of that day and most of the next. Most, most, most of the next. So close to all of it… He was, in fact, on his way out the door when she caught sight of him and called him into her office.

"How are we today, House?" asked, polite and dangerous.

"We're fine," he answered, eyes narrowed, searching her face for some confirmation that yesterday had been real. Smirking and gloating would be a clue, but he didn't see any. She was staring at him rather intently and that was it.

"And how have you been behaving today?"

Aha. He had his answer at last. "About the usual."

She looked pained. "That's not good news for your heiney. Specifics?"

"I didn't do anything!" he protested, forgetting that he was an adult in charge of his own damn business. Suddenly in became important to justify himself. "I was with my team most of the day on the Freaky Bowel Kid, whose parents I didn't even talk to, much less harass. Okay?"

"You logged two clinic hours. How did that go?"

House sighed. "It went fine. You should be happy I'm in the clinic. I didn't even-… well, okay, there was one." Cuddy gestured for him to spill. "I told some guy," he admitted, a little impatiently, "That we could cure the gonorrhea but the stupid was untreatable. We… then discussed the possibility of him bitching to my superior." She was shaking her head in exasperation, so he was quick to add: "He's not going to do it though. I agreed to lie to his wife for him, and he went away."

She waited to see if he had anything else to say, then came up close and looked him in the eyes. "Thank you for your honesty," she said seriously. "And for getting though two clinic hours with only a minor incident. No belt. Go home, and try to keep up the good work tomorrow, okay? And House… this should go without saying, but don't let the parents hear you call him Freaky Bowel Kid."


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