"Looks like we've got everything and everyone," stated Pein, looking at the men gathered in the hall. "We can go now."

Taking the stairs down, the ninja turned in their room keys and proceeded to exit the building.

"I thought this was really a bang!" exclaimed Deidara, happily molding Play-Doh in his hands. After being introduced with the substance, Deidara had been addicted to using it.

"Um, Deidara? Are you sure that was sedative you gave Itachi last night?" Kisame asked worriedly as he looked at the young Uchiha. Itachi was stumbling and talking to himself as he followed the pack.

"Yeah. The severity of the effects has to do with his Kekkei Genkai."


Kakuzu laughed maniacally as he counted a stack of money in his hand.

"I'm frickin' rich!"

He had stolen money from the register in the souvenirs shop and pick-pocketed many vacationers. Everyone ignored him out of jealousy.

They got out of the front doors, only to find themselves surrounded my men in black and silver uniforms, wearing masks.


"Akatsuki! We are here to end your days of crime. You have all been sentenced to die. Comply quietly or face defeat!"

The missing-nins all pulled out kunai and shuriken. Deidara followed with a clay bird.

"Shit!" Pein yelled as both sides charged forward, beginning the battle.

Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

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