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Conversing the Dragon

Pairing: Hitsugaya(Toushirou)/Rukia

Rating: M

Genre: General/Romance/ActionAdventure/Drama

Summary: Now the head-captain of Seireitei Hitsugaya is suffering from stress and many other problems. Seeing his distress a rather concerned Rukia hopes to comfort him by talking--no harm can come from that, correct?

Warnings: Crack pairing, mild-AU, sex, maybe possessive and dark moments, mild Out-Of-Characterness, minor/some clichés, and language.


The Dragon's Life

"Da-addy!!" The little girl wailed as she ran down the wooden floor, tripping slightly in her white kimono and her bare feet sliding slightly over the smooth wooden floors of her large home. She looked everywhere, sniffling and crying, her big dark violet eyes blurred with tears and her cute little nose red.

"Daddy!!" She whined again, her white hair plastered to her face only to then give off a small yelp as she slammed into legs covered in a black hakama. She looked up and found green and began to cry and sob even harder. "Daddy!!" She grasped onto the pant covered leg in a vice grip, only loosening her hold when large hands reached down and picked her up gently.

He stroked her messy hair off of her pixie-like face and after a few moments of trying to control her sobs she was finally able to tell the man the terrible news, "K-Kouga p-pu-pulled my h-hair a-and pu-pushed me!"

"Did he now?" Her father's voice was very deep and soothing--she loved it very much and instantly began to calm down faster.

"U-u-uh-huh." She sniffed, showing her father the scrape on her elbow.

The man gently kissed it, the girl then pointed to her hair, "It hurts too…"

He chucked slightly and kissed her the top of her head. "I'll get that fixed up, alright?" His eyes then trained on the door beside them, sensing the presences that was trying its very best to keep hidden--but it was a pathetic attempt, considering it was the Head Captain doing the searching. "Kouga."

Outside there was some shuffling before a boy with spiky black hair entered, looking a bit sheepish as he refused to look at his father in the face. "Y-Yes sir?"

"Did you push your sister?"

Kouga shuffled a bit more, "Yes sir..."

"And you pulled her hair?" His father continued sternly, anything but pleased his little princess had been harmed. And by his own son! He's taught him better then that.

"Yes…" The boy who looked to be around nine muttered.


The boy muttered under his breath, "Cause she wouldn't give me back my bokken."

"And you pushed her?" He knew his son could be territorial over his things; all children could be, but to hurt a four year old because she wanted to learn the ways of the sword? That seemed too much.


A sigh escaped the man's lips, "You do not use violence on your sister. She's bleeding now."

"Sorry." He whispered, appearing rather ashamed. "Sorry Yuki…"

She sniffed, as she buried her face into her father's white hair.

And then the door open and a woman with short black hair appeared, blinking at the sight and the tension in the room. "Oh dear…what have I missed?" She asked as she took off her lieutenant's badge and placed it on the table, placing her zanpakatou in its proper and respectable mantle, next to her husband's.

Instantly Kouga, the little mama's boy, was at her side looking very sorrowful at what he had done.

"Another fight." The man grunted.

Eyebrows rose in amusement before she looked down at her son, "Kouga--I told you not to be so rough."

"They shouldn't be fighting at all, Rukia."

Violet eyes rolled slightly, "Really Toushirou--they're kids. It toughens them up, besides I was doing a lot worse when I was their age." She squatted down and comforted her son for a moment, giving him a slight scolding on how rough he got. She ruffled up his messy hair, the same type of his father's, before giving him a big hug.

Hitsugaya narrowed his eyes at her, he knew very well of the horrible terrors his wife had to go through as she grew up. Terrors he swore he would never allow her or his children to ever face. He would never allow such a monstrosities to ever touch his family. He would make sure that his children would never suffer like that and that his wife would never face such troubles ever again in her life--he swore to give them a life that is much more then a pitiful comfortable--it was going to be luxurious.

And after everything they had faced all those years ago…well, one will just have to say that Hitsugaya Toushirou is very-very-VERY protective of his beloved family.

Holding on tightly to his daughter he walked over to the two with powerful strides. "Yuki, what do you say to your brother?"

The girl only stuck her tongue out at the older boy, "You're a meanie!"

Rukia giggled and Hitsugaya glared at her, "They get this from you." She only grinned at him, the same expression that had won him over years ago.

"Yuki-chan--I think you father wants you to accept your bother's apology." Rukia said to her daughter gently. "Be a good girl and make up with him."

She looked down, holding a stubborn look--the same one both her mother and father had, "Fine."

Hitsugaya helped her down and took another look at her arm, planning on getting her a bandage when she all but jumped out of his hold and ran away outside, shoving her brother and yelling, "You're it!" Instantly the boy was after her, laughing--with his rather loud personality it appeared that he seemed to take after more from his uncle Renji then his father.

"Yuki!" Hitsugaya cried out. "Get back here! You're bleeding!"

His wife smiled gently at him, she knew of his protective issues--especially when it concerned Yuki and herself. She knew a portion of it had to do with the fact they were female. Another part is he still suffered some nightmares from fifty-three years ago, back when she got kidnapped by Aizen. And he saw a lot of Rukia in Yuki and instantly was just drawn to her. Kouga will sometimes suffer some "You love her more then me!" moments, but he is a very smart boy who is beginning to understand the mind of his father a bit more.

Still, Rukia was trying to help Hitsugaya understand his baby girl, and wife, was not made of glass. It was a hard lesson to teach--especially if Houshirou ever decided to make an appearance and demand that she removes her clothing and get on her back.

Shaking her head with a giggle she wrapped her arms around him, looking up at his green eyes. "It's just a scrape. She's not going to die from it."

Toushirou's eyes narrowed, "She should've stayed put and gotten healed." He wrapped one arm around her and used his other hand to stroke her smooth cheek and play with some of her short black hair.

His son then poked his head back in, "We're going to see Renji! Ewww! Kissing!!"

"If you don't want to see more kissing you better leave." Hitsugaya teased to the boy who stuck out his tongue as if he tasted something foul.

"Eww! We'll be back later!!" And then disappeared.

"Hn--good riddance." He muttered before he just attacked his wife's neck.

She closed her eyes and allowed him to show off his amazing talent that he had with his mouth, She gave off a small gasp when he placed both hands on her hips and moved them against his own. He gently moved them back to the bed--prepared to take advantage of being this woman's husband.

A small squeak escaped her mouth when she was pushed on the futon, her husband between her legs and atop of her.

"T-Toushirou…" She whimpered pulling at his clothes.

"Gods…I love you." He growled before he captured her lips with his own.

If there was one thing Hitsugaya--both he and his alternate personality--enjoyed it was making love to his wife. He did it very often.

Very, very, very often….

"D-Don't forget," Rukia gasped, pulling away from his lips. "The party is tomorrow."

"Hmph, how could I forget?" He groaned. "Now shut up, who knows when the brats will return." And then kissed her rather passionately on the mouth once more.

It was a huge party, of course it would be rather huge if Matsumoto was the one throwing it, and all the captains, lieutenants and other close friends were there.

"It's almost as big as the one celebrating our pregnancy." Rukia commented, watching as her two children met up with Riku, the son of Unohana and Ukitake, and one of their favorite babysitters, Hana. "There will now be another playmate for them."

"Hmm, it's hard to believe that Matsumoto is now pregnant. And with Renji of all people." Hitsugaya was still shocked from the news. He had heard rumors they were going out ever since Rukia and Matsumoto switched squads--he had just shrugged them off. True or not, he just hoped they got their work done.

But then a month ago he was told, in great detail, that the busty blonde was pregnant with Renji's child.

Oh joy…

Yeah, Seireitei totally needs a child with the personality mix of Abarai Renji and Matsumoto Rangiku…oh god, hell was going to be born soon.

This party was a celebration, a baby-shower, and an engagement party all wrapped up in one. It was going to be loud and fun and would go on through the night. Hopefully everyone would remember that there are children present and it needs to remain PG until its time to take them to bed.

But with this crowd it would definitely be a bit difficult...very, very difficult.

"Alright! The party for my baby and for my hubby," Matsumoto began as she reached over and grabbed Renji and kept him pressed to the side of her breast with one of her arms. "Has begun!! Sake all around!"

Renji gagged for air as he tried to get out of her tight and scarily strong hold. Hitsugaya smirked; it wasn't all that long ago and he had been the one being smothered by her breasts and being clung too. He won't lie; it was hilarious when you were not the one being smothered.

"It seems like she is already drunk…" A voice said, coming up to them.

Hitsugaya snorted, "No, that's how she always acts. You know that, Hinamori."

Hinamori grinned as she came up to the couple, her lieutenant's badge still on her left arm. Her hair was longer and now set in a braid that was wrapped in a small bun atop her head. "And you know that she likes to drink a lot…really, she's pregnant now…she's going to have to learn to step back away from the sake."

Rukia smiled, "You just got off of work?"

The brunette girl sighed, "Yes. Izuru has gotten your 'Everything must be perfect' personality, Hitsugaya." She shook her head. "I can see why Matsumoto rebelled against you so much…this is exhausting. You are a brave woman, Rukia. You not only are his lieutenant you're his wife!"

"Bed-wetter." Hitsugaya grunted.

"Lil' Shiro-chan." She retorted with a sweet look.

"Damn it, I'm taller then you are now!" The white-haired captain snapped, feeling a bit sensitive.

"But are you not the shortest male around, after the children that is? Aww...still so tiny and cute!" She giggled as she ruffled up his hair and ran off before he could tackle her. She ran to her boyfriend and captain and hid behind him, sticking her tongue out at him before locking her arm with Kira's and dragged him off.

"Those ten years made her evil." Hitsugaya muttered, remembering how when they were kids she was always a shy little girly-girl.

"She hasn't changed that much." Rukia said with a smile. "She's just a bit more open now and has a 'life is wonderful' attitude."

"Hmph." He didn't want more people to make fun of him.

Ever since Hinamori returned the two of them became friends again, but it was a silent understanding that the friendship they once had was over with and they had to start a new. They still remember the past and would look at it, but it almost seemed impossible to become that close ever again.

But maybe it wasn't them…maybe it was now because of their growing up and moving to new people. Hitsugaya's attention was on Rukia and his children and Seireitei. Hinamori was on Izuru and getting over what happened to her in the past.

Perhaps they were always meant to drift apart a bit.

"Pretty soon we will be hearing an announcement about an engagement from them." Rukia stated as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Hn, hopefully they will wait to have a child till after the wedding." He said as he looked back over at his former lieutenant. Pregnant before she was married--many would find that terrible. But Matsumoto didn't seem to care at all. She was enjoying what was happening to her.

Rukia rolled her eyes at his snobby voice. "We should consider ourselves grateful that we didn't get pregnant the first time…we weren't married either at the time. And we had just gotten together one minute before."

He sulked a bit, not liking being shown up. But his wife had a point…

He shuddered, it would've been nightmarish had she gotten pregnant that soon. He already was given total hell from Byakuya when he said that he wished to marry his little sister. Even thinking about it now made him twitch a bit.

Hitsugaya might be the most powerful being in existence but even he would tremble at the wrath of the protective elder brother.

'Tch…damn bastard. Getting in our way…' Houshirou sneered.

He was still there--he was always going to be there. Hitsugaya has long accepted that fact.

'He's accepted us now, that's all that matters.' His hand intertwined with his wife's. Byakuya had turned into a very loving uncle. He's become slightly more opened and has really turned the Kuchiki clan around in their attitude. He was still cold and aloof, but it was obvious he was warming up.

He also saw a lot of potential in Kouga. He definitely was showing signs of becoming powerful like his mother and father.

Of course there was now some rivalry between Hitsugaya and his brother-in-law and the training over his son.

And that was usually the most drastic of problems. For the past half-century there has been a wonderful balance in the Soul Society. Plenty of Hollows and dangers but after the Aizen business this was heaven.

Nemu was still disallowed to see her father and had a few more years till her suspension would be taken under consideration of being lifted, but she seems to be blossoming more in her attitude and expression. Being apart of the Eleventh Squad has done wonders for her. And though she and Ikkaku have had many rough patches, they are still getting along romantically very well. And she is doing well as the paper-girl for the rather unorganized squad.

Mayuri was still the same--or at least it appeared that way--but some wondered if perhaps he was beginning to soften up a bit…it was highly unlikely but at least there was a chance for him to one day see Nemu differently.

Many were beginning to pair off and were becoming more open-minded to the idea of making families….and there were still many scuffles from bored shinigamis, such as those from Kenpachi's squad. Though he had been kept somewhat busy with the constant sparring matches held between him and Isshin who had decided that he needed to move on and return to being a shinigami.

Kenpachi and Isshin got along in their own way--even Ishida's father had been, somehow, convinced into becoming a shinigami--though he claimed that it was beneath him and he was just doing this so that Isshin would stop whining. He would rather become something he hated then listen to that man's constant whines and sobs and begs...it got annoying real fast.

'Kurosaki…' The Head Captain thought before he looked towards his wife, "Rukia, have you told Renji?" Hitsugaya asked gently.

At the tone of his voice Rukia knew instantly what he was asking about.

"About Ichigo? Yes." She nodded. "He knows that his time is coming up. It's really sad….sixty-nine just doesn't seem long enough for him. He deserves to be on Earth for a hundred years at least." She then nodded over to Kurosaki Isshin who was dancing around like a drunk around Kenpachi. "Does he know his son's life is going to end soon?"

"Yes. He seemed disappointed as well. Ichigo will be leaving Taksuki and their children and grandchildren behind…not too mention the rest of their friends and his sisters…but its just apart of life." He kissed her. "He will be given a position upon making his way here. He was so powerful that when he dies his soul will take the form of when he was around sixteen to twenty."

Rukia smiled, she had a feeling that all of her friends from the earth--even those from school--would become shinigami. All of them had some hidden power or sixth-sense.

Though it was selfish to say, she couldn't wait till all of them could be together in her world.

But, she knew that they all would be happy…she could just imagine them all making hell in Seireitei. It was a great thought.

She would be patient--bedsides she had her family. She was more then content with what she had now. Rukia was just in absolute heaven right along with her husband.

Speaking of family, her little ones were being far too quite for her liking. Looking over she gasped at the sight of poor Hana tied up with Yuki on his lap applying make-up and the two boys getting prepared to cut his hair. His eyes were wide and watery but he couldn't scream because of the tape over his mouth.

"Hana!" Rukia yelped and hurried away from her husband side and to the kids. She bet Yachiru--who had recently gotten really into make up--gave the kids the items. Poor Hana, even her own children bullied him.

Hitsugaya watched her run off with a shake of his head; suddenly he wanted a drink of something strong.

"Hello, Hitsugaya-taichou!"

"Ugh…" The man groaned and looked over to see Urahara. "What do you want?"

"Oooh, even after all these years you are still so cold to me." He chortled, looking very pleased at himself and the fact that he had the power to annoy the most powerful fighter with just a greeting. "I can't even come and say hello?"

"No." Hitsugaya answered gruffly.

"Oooh, I know you love me! After all, giving Yoruichi and myself position of the leaders of the academy shows it!" He said with a grin.

Thirty years ago it was decided that the Academy would still be ruled under Hitsugaya but that there would be another leadership and small and separate squad to handle the school. The positions were given to Yoruichi and Urahara--one over the females and the other over the males and both ruling over all.

They had their own squads that consisted of Urahara's old shop-residents and a few students and other promising shinigamis.

He still ran his shop. He actually had a constant portal from here to the human world. He would open up what appeared to be a door to a bedroom and when he steps through he would be coming out of his closet at his shop--he's still working out on where he enters from.

The two of them were running the school very well--sure there were a lot of very loud explosions coming from the school and rumors that a certain someone was using students as guinea pigs for medicine…but Hitsugaya decided to turn a blind eye to it. He honestly did not want to know.

"YOSH! Drinking contest time!!" Isshin squealed out happily.

"Whoo!!" Matsumoto squealed along with him only to pout when Renji placed her back down and gave her some tea instead.

"How riveting! I shall join you!" Urahara laughed as he pranced away from the white-haired individual.

"Ugh…" He rubbed his head.

"There are going to be so many hang-overs tomorrow." He heard Unohana speak softly and happily to her husband. "We all will be very busy."

Ukitake smiled, "We certainly will be."

Ukitake was forced to retire from his position as captain--all were just too worried that the stress was not doing well for his already weak health. So now Isshin was the stand-in captain and that position will most likely then be handed to his son when he appears.

The white-haired male now helped and worked at his old squad and at the Fourth Division--even helping with some of Hitsugaya's papers and watching over the kids if everyone else was busy.

Though while he might've missed his old position before, Ukitake was now healthier and seemed very happy at being able to help so many and look over the kids, he loved baby-sitting them.

Hitsugaya smiled slightly at the two--they were very happy together.

He could hear Shuuhei's insults towards Aysegawa who shrieked in disdain. Instantly there was a huge dog-pile filled with insults, screams of pain, laughter, and loud clashes of weapons and release of power.

Shuuhei was doing amazingly well as a captain. If there is ever a need for Captain's to go out into battle, he would be the one in charge. He's had a few girlfriends, but as of yet he has not found the one yet. But many figure he will be concentrating on working a bit longer before he actually decided to get serious about any particular girl.

Kira was doing amazing as well. After about a year in therapy from the attack he received he made a fierce and triumphant comeback. During the course of Hinamori's leaving he had made his squad something to be proud of again. After so many betrayals it was hard, but he had strong followers who would listen to him loyally.

He and Hinamori are taking things very-very slowly, being extremely cautions in their relationship. Both have been scarred badly and decided it was what they both wanted…but everyone could see a future happening between them.

Hitsugaya frowned a bit and then wondered if perhaps he should begin looking into the thought of opening a pre-school of sorts. There have never been so many couples before and so many children at one time from Shinigami. That was changing, everyone was beginning to see it was alright to fall in love, get married, and have children…

'I'll talk to Rukia about it.' He thought as he finally got his strong drink and downed it down. He always went to Rukia about everything. It was with her help that he ruled Seireitei so well.

There was an explosion and Kenpachi roared in laughter, "TIME FOR BLOODSHED, YOU BASTARDS!!" And then total mayhem was issued.

Hitsugaya sighed, sweet and perfect normalcy…he needed a harder drink.

It had been a rather busy day--busy being the nice term--so busy in fact that both Yuki and the rather hyperactive Kouga had to be carried back home in their parents arms and were then placed in their room--still not waking up. It seems they had a little too much busy fun.

"That's cute." Rukia giggled as she looked at the sleeping figure of her children. They had decided that next year they would separate them and give them their own rooms, but before they had been a bit apprehensive on leaving Yuki all by herself. Luckily Kouga got his overprotective streak from his father and was fine with it--despite the many scuffles the two of them shared.

"They haven't been this worn out in a long time." Toushirou commented as he wrapped his arms around the woman and placed his chin atop of her head. "Perhaps its time to take their training up to the next level…"

"Don't just up-the-ante on their training just because you want them to be passed out so you can be a pervert." She whispered playfully, slapping the back of her palm against his toned stomach.

"Hmph, a pervert?" He asked as he closed the shoji-doors of the children's room. "You're the one who screams for more from this pervert."

Her face colored, even after almost fifty-four years of marriage she still blushed like an innocent school-girl. He found that one of her adorable attributes that he just adored.

"Fine, if you don't want to sleep with this pervert…" He retorted in his snobbish voice and released his hold on her.

"You are such a crybaby." Rukia sneered.

"I am not!" He snapped back, now his own cheeks coloring. He was sill a wee bit sensitive over the fact that around Rukia he could lose control over his emotions and break down. He's cried many times in front of her and she is always very loving and sensitive about it….until later when she will call him a crybaby in their little "Arguments of Flirt" as Renji would call it.

Rukia laughed and tugged at his hair--he would probably need to get a haircut soon, it was beginning to get long. Her fingers ran through the white tresses, sighing at the thick and silky feel.

"You're getting turned on." He said with a smirk, making her scowl and then yank his white-hair hard. "Ow!" He is such a hormonal butthead at times.

"Let's just go to bed. You know you will have some problems in the morning. A good portion of the captains and lieutenants are going to be drunk."

"Ugh," He groaned, knowing the hell he would be seeing soon. Drunken shinigami were not necessarily fun to deal with, at least not when you are the leader of them all.

After getting ready for bed and making love a few times, they were now holding onto each other as they drift off to sleep.

"Rukia," He purred against the skin of her neck, holding her close. "Have I ever thanked you?"

"Hmm?" She looked at him with heavy eyes.

"For everything…for making me so happy, for giving me this life and our kids, for controlling Houshirou, for supporting me…for talking to me…" He kissed her. "You talking to me…it changed my life. Your little banter about juice-boxes…it was just the perfect turning point in my life. None of this would've been possible had you not just sat down and spoke those few words to me."

Rukia looked at him for a moment before she smiled lovingly, "You know…when I first saw you, right before you were about to become captain…I thought you were amazing. I even had a crush on you."

"You did?"

"Yep. I just felt a call towards you…but at the time it wasn't as important as everything else in my life and not too mention I thought it was just a shallow little crush based on your position and your looks. I have always thought you were sexy." He kissed his throat earning another purr from him. "I wonder what would've happened had I actually talked to you then…?"

"Hmm, who knows? Doesn't matter. I would've made sure this," He acknowledged the fact that they were married. "Happened."

She grinned, "You know….you never did try your hand at doing a random conversation."

"I did so." He said grumpily.

"Once." Rukia laughed, kissing his brow gently. "And it was a good one. I was so proud of you. Renji's pompoms." Both laughed a bit under their breath as they recalled their little inside joke. "But only one? We need another one!"

"Hmph, why would I want to? I'll just leave that to you." He sighed and relaxed himself, showing her that he was not going to do anything.

"Aww, you can try!"

"No," He said like a stubborn child, sounding suspiciously like Yuki when she didn't want to share.

"Oh fine. I'll do it." She nuzzled in closer to him and began to allow her mind to calm down and go blank so that she could bring up a topic easier.

Hitsugaya smiled, every night, after putting the kids to bed and after making love--right before they drift off they would always just talk to each other. This was something Hitsugaya would never be tired of, just laying in each other's arms and talking about absolutely nothing…reminding him of how they came to be together, how he fell in love with her, and how he got to know her…it meant the world too him.

He was so pleased that she ha the courage to converse with the dragon of Seireitei--the one that was so bitter towards life and the world. Those simple conversations made him see happiness, made him believe, made him feel emotional, got him to fall in love…it was those words she spoke that changed it all.

And even now she was still as random as before--still had the ability to throw him off. It was just wonderful. This was his life; this was his happy ending…

"Hm," She blinked, making him realize she was ready.

"What?" He looked down at her. At her expression he knew it was going to be one long night of talking about something odd. Like his life, she would throw something at him that would leave him baffled and amsued and warmed. It gave him a sense of peace in a weird way. His life was just going to get all the more hectic with dealing the rise in population, his two children, and his random wife...

"…I just realized that I never found out why boys have nipples."

And he was looking forward to living it.

The End

Author: Here's a fun-fact; I was actually planning on using this Epilogue (the very beginning of it with the kids to where he pushed her on the bed) as the opening/beginning of this whole story. You would've seen the ending and known they had kids and lived happily ever after XD But I decided to just do it in chronological order.

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