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Sweat trickled down Alex's brow. His thoughts were all concentrated on one decision. MI6 had not contacted him. He was not out saving the children of England or anything. All he was doing is what all the children in his class were doing, taking a test. It is just an ordinary day in any school kid's life. Only it was unordinary for Alex Rider.

Alex is a fourteen year old spy. First confronted by the secret intelligence agency, MI6, after his uncle, Ian Rider was killed by the assassin, Yassen Gregorvich. Alex then had to take his place and find out what Herrod Sayle was up to with his computer Stormbreaker. Luckily Alex was just in time to find out he was planning to kill innocent school children with a poison inside it. Along with other adventures that included saving Europe or America countless times, Alex is just the best agent MI6 just might have. So even if the start of the day started off normal does not mean it will stay that way.

After what seemed like hours but really was just about thirty minutes school was out. Alex ran all the way to his house. When he got inside Jack Starbright, his housekeeper and legal guardian was watching the TV. Alex said hello than ran up the stairs to his room to start his homework.

After about two hours or so Jack called him down to dinner. One of her infamous five minute recipes was sitting on the table. Yum, Alex thought to himself, roast turkey and steaming green beans with mashed potatoes. It was at that thought the first bomb went off. Boom! It was just like a wave in the ocean hitting you straight in the chest, except this was ten times worse. Alex and Jack were thrown to the side at the mere force of the impact. IN a blink of an eye Alex was back up. Immediately Alex began screening the area with trained eyes. He saw his house in terrible condition. The front door was blasted of the hinges, hinges that were not even there. The stairs crumbled and were flying down onto the floor. That wasn't even the worst. The windows were shattered and just shards of glass. That is when he remembered Jack. He scrambled over to where she had fallen over. Luckily when he got there it wasn't as bad as he had expected. Her arm was cut with shards of glass. Quickly he helped her up. That was when he realized they were not the worst. They were not even the target. The next block down is where the explosion had happened. The whole place was blown to splinters and shards. Sirens shrieked across the London night. "We should probably get out of here." "Good idea," said Alex. Jack and Alex ran out of the house and were instantly hit with the aroma of burning wood. Alex ran over to Jack's car to find it okay. "Let's go," Alex suggested. Jack didn't need to be told as they jumped into the car. "To Liverpool Street," Alex said. "Sure, anything to get out of here," replied Jack.

Quickly they scrambled in and started the engine and were they off. Jack pushed the pedal to the metal not caring what the heck the speed limit was; all she cared about was getting Alex away safely. As they passed the targeted house Alex released whose house it was. It was Miss. Bedfordshire's house. Why would anyone target a school teacher's house for a bomb? Alex thought about this for the short ride to Liverpool Street.

When Alex and Jack took a step out, Alex almost fainted. It is gone, he cried to himself, the moment I need them they are gone. Alex took a step over to where the door used to be. Alex could not believe it. "Let's go," he sighed, "there is nothing more to see."

Alex took one more look out the window at the ruins of MI6's Liverpool Street headquarters.

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