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The hum of the engine as it went into overdrive was overpowering. Jack and Alex had tried conversation, but it was useless. When it looked like Jack was going to blow up the car Alex finally screamed stop! Lucky for him Jack heard him and slowed down. "What?" she asked him. "Your going to destroy the car!" "Fine I will slow down," she huffed,"I was just trying to keep us safe." "You are going to throw us into turmoil if the car blows up!" Jack then gave the international sign for OK, her index finger and thumb creating a circle while her other fingers were all sticking up. So Jack finally went the speed limit. About ten minutes later Alex asked,"Where are we going?" "We are going anywhere. I was just driving around looking for places to sleep." "Oh," Alex said. It was then that Alex spotted a person at the side of the road. "Look, Jack, there is something at the side of the road." "Let's take a look, he looks slightly familiar somehow." What Alex saw shocked him. It was John Crawley.

His face was covered in blood. One of his eyes were swollen shut, and his lips were all cracked and bleeding. His hair was a whirly mess. The white button down he was wearing was turned red with blood. Quickly Alex stuck his ear to his heart to see if he was alive. Thump... thump... thump, That was all he needed to know he was alive. "Mr. Crawley," Alex said,"are you ok?" All he heard was moaning. "Scorpia... spy... bomb..." With that Crawley's head fell down, and his body slumped. He was dead. Alex cursed under his breathe. "Who was that?" asked Jack. "That was John Crawley, a former MI6 agent. He was definitely shot. Right in his heart or a major artery. All he could manage to say before he died was,'Scorpia, spy, bomb'." "What do you think it means?" I don't know, but I have an idea and it is not good. I think Scorpia might have gotten us back by sending us a promising new agent. Only I think the agent was a spy for Scorpia. The person must have received orders to destroy Liverpool Street. He had a bomb." "Oh my gosh," Jack said. "We need to find Mrs. Jones," Alex said. "Good idea," Jack replied. So jack and Alex scrambled into the car and once again Jack pushed the engine to the limits.

With Alex guiding her, they were there in minutes. Out in front was a sign that read,' No interruptions, party for occupants. Any non-regestured people will be arrested immediatly.' Alex found this very suspisous. Then he remembered the watch Smithers had made him for the Snakehead mission. Quickly he ran over to the car told Jack what he was about to do. He knew she was going to disagree, but he did not care. To his surprise she agreed to it. She said," Alex you need to do this. All of England is counting on you to find Mrs. Jones." All he needed to do now was to set the gold watch to distribute a radio signal to MI6, or what was left of it. Then he turned to Jack and told her to put the watch on the ground and leave after he walked in. When he was satisfied with the watch and Jack, he took a deep breath and walked to the door. Just out of curiostity Alex took off the note from the door and looked at the back. On the back there was a scorpian and these words,' Enter and die'. At the end of 'die' there was a splatter of blood. Alex shuddered, I knew this had to do with Scorpia. Alex cursed under his breath and pushed open the door.

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