It has been two and a half months Clelia has fitted into the Joe base as much as she can, she has also been there for the new changes. Along with a new government came a new city/base in Utah, well the old base redone for the old Joe's. Her noticing some tension between Scarlett and Duke like they used to be together, weird.

Clelia shares a suite with Sean and they are still engaged to be married.

Clelia is on her computer that Sean kept when she disappeared, reading a report when she gets a call from Dial Tone, who is also new. Dial Tone tells Clelia her and Kamakura must report to the briefing room ASAP. Clelia then says she will and ends the phone call; Dial Tone is one hot female blonde chick who wears glasses. Like Clelia had to wear glasses as well, after her eyes were affected from being closed for so long. Out in the field she uses her Ninja senses, sticking to her no eye vision mask.

She calls up the nanny that's available and lives in the apartment down the hall, to look after the two year olds.

Then she goes to her and Sean's room and opens the door, seeing Sean laying there in his boxers and smiling in his sleep with the sheet under him and the donna on the floor. The heater obviously making him hot, Clelia goes into the room and kisses his forehead and says, "Honey dearest we have to get to the briefing room ASAP!"

He groans and Clelia shakes him and says, "Hey briefing room ASAP!"

Sean opens his eyes and says, "Honey, I liked when you called me honey better than hey."

Clelia goes to her pants and says, "Okay I'll call you honey then, glad you like it."

He gets up quickly and crosses the space between them saying, "Of cause I love it, honey." Then he kisses her.

Clelia smiles at him then gets back to getting ready, she notices him checking her out as she changes into her pants. She in turn checks him out as he leans over and puts on his pants, she's sure he did that intentionally.

Their soon ready in five minutes and they leave to the briefing room in a hurry, once they get there they enter and take their seats.

Their told about the mission to save Ramsey Strawhacker and what each of them are assigned to do. Ramsey is the son of George Strawhacker, the once fiancée of Clelia's Aunt Terri. Clelia is assigned to take Ramsey from Firefly to safety and the other Joes where they are going to help take back Borovia from corrupt government that's working with Cobra.

Snake-eyes and Kamakura are to meet up with her halfway on the way to the checkpoint.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

The sound of gunfire can be heard, a man runs out with a gun and shoots at her. She dodges and jumps on his head knocking him out. As she gets off she hears Duke ask, "Why didn't you shoot him?"

Clelia points at the Bandana that says,"B" in black. She says, "He's a bandit most defiantly not Cobra, would be the guys you were talking about that support Ramsay in his overturning the government."

Duke looks at her surprised and says, "Yeah, but I didn't think they were armed and made it so obvious who they are."

Clelia smiles Thinking, "He didn't know."

Then she flips and jumps onto a line, running across it like a tight rope. She goes onto the roof top and then hears the thunder and rain. As well as the crying of a little girl with a gun aimed at her, she, "tsks."

Then she flips over the girl and then jumps from one building to another. Avoiding the gun shot and making her way over the rest of the roof tops to the middle of the village, to one building that is right next to the town square. The village is in the middle of a battle between the Bandits vs. Cobra and the government. The bandits of course are losing. Clelia lays down low on the roof and watches the scene, as Firefly is in the middle with a gun to the head of Ramsey Strawhacker. The firefight stops and eyes look at him, wondering what he'll do next.

"Points to you for being the first Joe getting here Karakuri." It's Major Bludd Behind her with a sniper gun aimed at her head.

Luckily for her a sniper gun isn't good at close range she has the upper hand and trips him with her feet, Clelia then moves the sniper gun from his hands as she stands up so the gun doesn't make a sound. She turns the gun on him and then he ends up sliding off the roof since it's so steep. She slides down a drain pipe and as he threw a knife at her she maneuvered out of the way and onto the wet ground. She levels a knife at his jugular and knocks him out for good.

Hearing the sound of movement from the town square she maneuvers Lara Croft style back onto the roof. Waiting for Firefly to make his move and he does, he takes Stawhacker to the building she is located at, just like she thought he would. Since there are two guards below in the square guarding the door, that did not hear the scuffle with Major Bludd. She goes to the back of the building sliding down far enough so she can see through the window, then Clelia sees Major Bludd throw Strawhacker onto a chair. Getting two guards to tie him up. The firefight outside begins again as the sound of the Joe's joining in the fray is heard.

Clelia jumps through the window shattering it and she kicks Firefly in the head as he goes to shoot her, Firefly throws a star at her knocking her in the head and knocking her down on the ground. He then walks casually over to her as she's bleeding out her head, he leans over her smoking, letting the smoke go into her face. He says, "So little Miss Karakuri thought she could beat me with a kick. Not so easy for you to do now is it?"

Karakuri grunts and then with her mask over her face she can't see but she hears the sound of a tank crash into the building, a Joe tank. When Firefly turns Clelia takes the opportunity to jump and grab his face smashing his head into the ground and as she knocks him out she says, "No not with just one kick stupid!" The two guards aim their guns at Clelia and she leaps up into the air and locks her legs around one guy and snaps his neck as she shoots another guy in the head. Then she unties Stawhacker, the tank moves out of the way into the fight in the town square. Leaving her and Strawhacker open, where people can vaguely see the scene inside, there's yelling and running and Clelia knows its time to leave. She pushes Stawhacker outside and away from the door as gun fire erupts aimed at the door.

Then the sound of Baroness yelling, "You fools don't shoot Stawhacker!"

Clelia knows she can't go the way she came, so she makes her way through the narrow side streets with him. Halfway there she gets cut off between Cobra and the bandits both aiming guns at her demanding Strawhacker. Strawhacker explains to his men, "She's here to help us! Don't shoot her!"

Still his men prefer him to supposedly be safe with them. Then down pop her father and fiancée, Snake-eyes throws them back into the door of a building and then throws a grenade into the crowd of Cobra's. They run through the dark hall to a door that leads to an open court yard and Snake-eyes stops her pointing to the roof, obviously meaning snipers. Clelia gets this information from Kamakura.

Clelia says, "Thanks and thanks for before, thought I was a gone a for sure."

Snake-eyes nods and points to her gun on her back, an M16. She gets he did this from Kamakura and he also says, "Hey babe anytime you need a hand we'll be there for you. Being a Joe is about being part of a team."

Clelia aims her gun at the door and Kamakura opens the door, she peaks in and out taking out the snipers from the roof top with her skills as a sniper.

They then run on through and Snake-eyes looks behind them as they get to a small town square and gestures to the roof behind them and signs. Kamakura says, "Firefly's back there Snake-eyes will make sure he won't cause us any problems."

Clelia says, "Damn, I thought I got him."

Snake-eyes shakes his head at her and leaves climbing onto the roof nearby and soon the clanging of metal can be heard. Kamakura and Clelia keep going to the checkpoint and on the way while running Clelia asks, "Is he annoyed I didn't finish the job?"

Kamakura looks at her annoyed and says, "No, we're both annoyed you don't understand that's just way it is in our job. Lots of times bad guys get up again."

They made their way to the checkpoint and once there Snake-eyes had caught up with them he had a knocked out Firefly over his shoulders, they got Strawhacker to a safe place in a village out of Borovia. Then they helped him build up forces too with people leaving from their country and the Joe's to take Borovia back to the people. Soon when the Joes capture one of their corrupt Generals, it was over the new President elected by the people is Ramsey Strawhacker. The Joe's celebrate at home with some beers.

Soon the focus is on Sean and Clelia's wedding, they are having a small wedding with Firewall aka Michelle as Clelia's bridesmaid since they have become best friends and Sean's best man is Dojo aka Michael, they are good friends. Snake-eyes is going to walk her down the aisle.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The wedding day arrived and Clelia couldn't be more excited, she's wearing a Lynette white gown with a veil, with straps and ruffled bottom half of the dress. She looks at Michelle and asks, "How do I look?"

Michelle says, "You look beautiful, especially with that way the hairdresser did your hair up in a bun. I've never seen you look like this before."

Clelia giggled and said, "Thanks, it was a good idea to get a hair and make up people to come to the hotel."

Then in comes her father in his suit and he smiles with tears in his eyes, Clelia says, "Oh, dad you like it."

Snake-eyes signs(which Clelia learnt), "You look beautiful, Clelia. I'm so proud of you."

He comes and hugs her and then they leave to the foyer, Rian Sean's nephew from Marina goes first. He's the ring bearer. Then Janie Marina's daughter, a cute little seven year old red head with dimples.

"She looks just like Marina did when she was little." Snake-eyes signs.

Clelia nods and smiles knowing her father has a special affection for Marina, since he saved her life and all. Next goes in Michelle, then after Michelle the bridal march starts and Clelia and her father walk to the door and slowly walk down the aisle. People see her, they stand and smile. She can see Sean smiling at her through her veil, she smiles back. This is the best day in her life, something she's always dreamed of. She holds her fathers arm to stop herself from shaking too much with excitement and she feels the comfort of him being there giving her away. For the first time in her life she's the center of attention in a good way, she see's her mum and smiles at her, her mother to her surprise is crying and smiling at the same time.

The music is so beautiful she feels herself looking at Sean, who looks handsome in is penguin suit. They stop at the end and Snake-eyes stands in front of her and takes off her veil. He has tears in his eyes again and he mouths my little girl, then he takes her hand. He gives it to Sean mouthing, "I give her to you to take care of and love and cherish forever."

Sean nods smiling at Snake-eyes, Snake-eyes moves back and sits down with Shana.

Then the officiant begins the service they say the traditional vows and then put on the rings. Clelia's ring is the same as the engagement ring, blue sapphire with diamonds around it and a white gold band, it connects to the other ring. His ring is a plain yellow gold wedding band. The officiant then announces they are both married and introduces them as Clelia Collins and Sean Collins for the first time. Their two year old children are sitting with Shana in their nice clothes. Wade in a penguin suit and Eowyn in a white dress, their smiling at them, both have forgotten about Firefly. Now they treat Sean as their father, which he is.

The officiant then says, "You may now kiss the bride."

Sean gives her a big kiss and she feels so in love, when they part he's holding in her arms. He's looking at her lovingly and he says, "I love you Clelia."

Clelia looks into his eyes and says, "I love you Sean. My husband Sean."

He says, "I know you do Mrs Collins."

Everyone then says, "Aww."

They then separate and all head to the reception area, as they walk arm in arm through the people they lightly threw rice on them.

They then enter the reception area; they all sit down at their seats. Eowyn and Wade stay with their grand parents at the same table as Clelia and Sean. They have served to them the meals of Crab or lasagna, Clelia and Sean have Crab cut up already. First Snake-eyes says a toast, Shana speaking for Snake-eyes while the children are looked after by Clelia and Sean.

Snake-eyes signs, "I love my daughter and my new son in law. I couldn't say how happier a man can be to know someone who I thought of like a son and a friend is now my son for real and a friend still. No one else would I trust with my daughter and I am so glad their two children are alive and here to enjoy it. Two wonderful children that light up my life, I love being a granddad and I love being a father. Clelia I know this is new to me, but be patient I'll get it right and be your father even when my time has passed I'll always be watching over you. And I'm glad your with this man, my daughter with my apprentice, a happy marriage I wish for you both and forever a love that will last a life time just like my love for Shana has lasted half a life time and more to go. I'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on the picture of you and when I first saw you, I was impressed a beautiful girl who is nice and kind who looks just like her mother and who's caring goes beyond boundaries to children in war and prisoners of war. I love this girl and this man, so I wish them the best in their marriage and future endeavors."

Everyone clapped and Clelia cried a bit, Ewoyn asked, "Mommy why are you crying?"

Clelia wiped her tears looking at Snake-eyes and she said, "Mummies happy dear."

They all toasted to that and then drank their drinks and then there were two more toasts from Micheal and Michelle, who were starting to get together despite the age difference. Though they were great toasts neither compared to Snake-eyes's toast. Glasses were clinked and Clelia and Sean then kissed with mouths closed like actors, since it would be too weird to kiss full on in front of everyone.

They all eat their dinners, the children back with their grandparents. Sean talks to Clelia about how good the place she chose is and how beautiful she is. She agrees with him on the first point and thanks him on the second point.

Soon they've all eaten dinner and they go onto the cake, Sean and Clelia cut it. Snake-eyes takes some photos and Clelia smiled at the camera with Sean feeling amazing. The knife slides through the cake that's a mud cake, not a white cake. Since Clelia hates white icing. Sean then put a bit on her face ate it with one hand and then she put some cake on his face, he laughed and ate his quickly before it ruined his clothes. They then let the caterers serve and they all sat down and ate desert. Sean couldn't help kissing Clelia and marveling how beautiful she looked. Clelia told him how handsome he looked. Clelia and Sean then dance to 'Lovers in the air' and it is the most amazing feeling ever for Clelia. All eyes were on them, she felt weightless, nimble and graceful. Being turned around by Sean and looked into his beautiful brown eyes. Her grandfather filming from his wheel chair. When their dance finished, they kissed lightly on the mouth as they parted. Clelia saw Snake-eyes with a smile on his face and tears now fallen from his eyes he stood before her. She took his hand and they danced, it was an amazing feeling as well. She put her head against his chest and felt so happy, he moved her around the empty dance floor effortsly.

She heard Eowyn say, "Grandpa's dancing with momma."

Wade is asleep in Clelia's Grandma's arms. Snake-eyes waves to Eowyn and nods signing, "Yes I am."

Which she is surprisingly picking up the sign language quite quickly.

Then the song ends and Everyone else steps on the dance floor and dances, Shana with Sean. Clelia takes a seat, only to be taken back onto the dance floor once the next song ended by Sean. They danced to songs like, "This is a wuv song," "Love story", "You found me" and "Just dance." Once the songs ended they left the reception area and people said goodbye, they kissed the two sleeping children goodbye, waking them up so they could see them go. They go off alone to their room and change and pack their nice clothes to be sent to their new home outside Utah, they take their bags. They leave to the airport with another farewell from people, they went in their old fashioned hired car and went to Las Vegas airport, to go on their honeymoon in Hawaii.