As he stares into the eyes of the woman he loves, he can't help but marvel at how she's complete antithesis of everything that Cristina was. Her face is an open book. She can't keep a secret, can't hide her emotion. Her eyes, the color of the ocean, hold no mysteries that he has to discover. Her hair is the color of sand and straight. His fingers don't get tangled in it like it used to with Cristina's. She smiles. It's not that Cristina didn't smile- she smiled enough, but this smile is different. He knows that she's happy. With Cristina- well, he knew she was happy too. But it was just different.She's taller than Cristina, not as lithe. But she's still beautiful. She doesn't have the body of a dancer- but that of a runner. She jogs with him every morning and they've given up coffee for healthier alternatives. She doesn't eat red meat and she knows how to cook. She cooks more often that he does. He tries to think of it as a welcome break.Her career doesn't come first- she is only a scrub nurse. Surgery is exciting for her, but she doesn't care that much about it. She doesn't know what the big deal about beating a best time means. She doesn't understand how a dissected aorta can be such an adrenaline rush. It's just suture and suction, suture and suction. He finds it refreshing. He didn't like talking about work anyway.His mama loves her. They talk about grandchildren and the restaurant and she listens intently while his mother boasts all of his accomplishments. She's heard the stories a million times, but she listens patiently and acts as if it's the first time she's heard them every time. Cristina would've been bored, would've made eyes at him from across the table that would make him think about things he shouldn't be thinking about at his parent's kitchen table. The sex is very different. She's not as brazen, she doesn't believe in trying to accost him in the on call room before a surgery- she says it's unprofessional and he can't agree more. No, sex is safe and between the sheets. She doesn't talk him into the kind of crazy stuff that Cristina did. They don't waste time in the shower in the morning. They're always at work on time. She says all the words and he knows that she means them. She loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. When he proposed she answered yes without hesitation. He knows that he makes her happy. He knows that she is everything that he thought he was trying to make Cristina be. And he knows that he doesn't want it.He stares into the eyes of the woman he tried to convince himself that he loves and he realizes that everything he loved about Cristina Yang is truly what he wanted. He realizes that what he has now is never what he wanted. So for the second time in his life, he leaves a woman standing in the middle of a church, heart broken and teary eyed.But it's different this time because he's not heartbroken. This time Preston Burke realizes everything he loves about Cristina Yang and he intends to make it known.