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Prolougue- Of Kings and Trash.

The night had been a long one for all the Pridelanders. It was finally here. The birth of a new heir was iminant. Ahadi, King of the Pridelands, paced back and forth in front of his den, where Queen Uru was nearing the end of her cub-birth. She cried out during a sudden burst of pain, to which Ahadi paid no attention. He was trapped in his own thoughts, speaking quietly to himself.

"Soon," Ahadi whispered to himself, "I will have an heir to my thrown. One I can mold, to rule as I have. Then, and only then, shall I be at peace."

Ahadi smiled calmly. He could see it now. As soon as his son was born, he would enter his den to see Uru, his queen, cradling the new prince. Ahadi had already picked the perfect name for his son. Mufasa. Mufasa would be perfect in all ways, a king to surpass all expectations. A son Ahadi could be proud of. A ruler respected by all others. Suddenly, a small blue hornbill appeared on Ahadi's shoulder,who, as it happened to be, was Zuzu, Ahadi's majordomo.

"Isn't it wonderful, sire?" Zuzu chirped. "In a matter of moments,you shall have a son or daughter to..."

"Daughter?" Ahadi interupted. "Oh no, Zuzu, I will have a son. There is simply no way that my first born could be a lioness."

"And just who are you to decide that,Ahadi?" retorted Zuzu, ruffling her feathers.

Ahadi quickly spun, knocking the small hornbill off his shoulder. He placed his paw on her back, pinning her to the ground.

"Insolent parrot!" He roared, " I am your king! You refer to me as sire, and sire only! Having a daughter would be unacceptable! I must have a son, to rule my kingdom after I am gone! My word is law! If I say that I shall have a son, I WILL HAVE A SON!"

"Forgive me,sire, I beg of you!" Zuzu cried,"I forgot my place. It won't happen again! I promise!"

Ahadi released Zuzu, who immediately crawled away a few feet and turned around to face Ahadi, breathing heavily. Ahadi stared at his paws, and then at the trembling hornbill. He calmed himself before speaking again.

" I am sorry, Zuzu. I'm just under a lot of pressure right now, with Uru in pain over the birth of my son...or...daughter." Ahadi seemed to have vommited that last word from the pit of his stomach. Zuzu smiled widely.

"Oh, that reminds me," Zuzu laughed, " I came to tell you that Uru has given birth already!"

"WHAT!?!?" Ahadi roared, and then tried to swipe at Zuzu, who flew off, laughing widely.


Ahadi entered his den to see Uru smiling down at a bundle of fur in her paws. Ahadi walked over to her slowly, praying that it would not be a girl. He reached Uru and nuzzled her. Uru looked up at him, as she didn't even notice him come in. She raised her head, allowing Ahadi to see what she was smiling at. He looked down at a small, golden lion baby in her paws. Ahadi picked it up and drew it over to himself. It was indeed a male. Ahadi looked at it in awe. It was perfect in every way. Already Ahadi could see that it would grow up to be a wise, powerful king.

"Uru," Ahadi gasped," He is perfect!" Ahadi then smiled jokingly at Uru before saying, "But what do you expect? He is MY son!"

Uru laughed, and then smiled as she spoke. "Be careful, Ahadi. Your other son might get jealous."

"Other son?" Ahadi replied, before seeing something twich in Uru's paws. He walked over to Uru and looked closely. Sure enough, there was another cub. Ahadi simply hadn't noticed it because it blended in with Uru's dark fur almost perfectly. Ahadi picked up the cub and placed it in front of him. This cub did not please Ahadi at all. It was scrawny and weak, and could barely raise it's head. Ahadi looked upon it with disgust.

"Uru, we can't keep that one." Ahadi stated.

"What?" Uru gasped, jumping to her feet. "Of course we can! He's our son!"

"No, Uru," Ahadi sighed, "He cannot be my son. Look at him. He is not fit to be a prince. He's just not...right." At this, Uru leaped forward, grabbing the dark-furred cub in her mouth and carrying it to the other side of the den. She then turned back to Ahadi.

"How can you even say that?" she said with tears in her eyes,"Whether he's pleasing on your eyes shouldn't matter. He's your son. Why should it matter what he looks like? Besides, it isn't your choice whether he stays or goes." She licked the dark cub, and continued,"He's my son, and your not taking him away from me."

"Uru," Ahadi growled losing his patience, "I am king. Everything is my decision, and I can do anything I want. Try to see reason.We don't need him. We already have a son to become king.Besides, he will never be like the other cubs. You can tell that just by looking at him. He won't be able to keep up. We have to end his misery now."

Ahadi stepped over to Uru, and bent to grab the shivering cub. Uru immediately stepped between them and growled at Ahadi. Thus, began on of the rare events that Ahadi lost his temper with Uru.


Uru simply looked up at him and laughed sarcastically, growling, "Oooh, I quiver with fear!"

Ahadi stepped a few paces back. Even kings knew enough not to argue with their wives when they were this passionate about something.

"Fine," Ahadi growled, "But don't expect me to like him."

Uru smiled sweetely and rubbed against Ahadi. "I'm sure you will eventually," she said, "It just takes time."

Ahadi spit on the ground.

"Charming," Uru stated, picking up the golden cub and bringing him back to it's brother. Both cubs fell asleep in their mother's arms, peacefully purring.

"What should we call them?" Uru asked Ahadi happily.

Ahadi looked down on the two cubs. "Well, my son's name will be Mufasa," he stated pointing to the golden cub,"But your son shall be called Taka," Ahadi said coldly,"Because no matter how much you love him, no matter how much you defend him, he will always be "trash" in the eyes of everyone else!" Ahadi then slowly stepped out of his cave and fell asleep under the stars.

Tears streamed down Uru's face, still devastated by what Ahadi had said. She licked both her cubs lovingly.

"I'm sorry,Taka," she whispered to the dark-furred cub,"It will only get worse from here on out. Mufasa is the first born, so the right of becoming king is his. I fear that your father will never see past your appearence."

Taka,she thought to herself. Yes, the name may stand for trash and dirt, but what is wrong with that? Even trash serves a purpose.Uru sighed. Ahadi. In a perfect world you would see him as more than a scrawny cub. Your pride would see him as a leader. A superior. Maybe even, a king?

Uru shook her head slowly.

No. Mufasa shall become king. And there's nothing wrong with that. I just hope Taka will understand. It's not Taka's fault that he was born second.

Uru looked down at her cubs. "It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks,"she whispered to what was, according to Ahadi, her son," I love you, Taka."

Although she knew that Taka was to young to understand her, she noticed Taka smile, as if put at ease by his mothers words.

Uru then looked down at Mufasa, who was swatting air in his sleep. She reminded herself to give Mufasa attention, too. She spoke softly to the golden cub

"Tommorow, you will be presented as future king,"she said, trying to sound proud,"But that won't make you any less Taka's brother. Please look after him when you're both older. I'm sure he will repay the favor someday."

Two lionesses entered the cave, having heard the news of twins. They walked over and looked down at Uru's cubs. The one called Shakarri spoke up.

"Well," she started, "Which one is to be our future king?"

Uru smiled at them and pushed Mufasa in front of them.

"Just as well," Shakarri smiled," The other one looks like he'll be dead by the morning!"

Uru's smile faded as she looked down at her sleeping cub, hurt by Shakarri's words.

"Mother!" gasped the second lion,Zhenga,"How can you even say that! Have you no respect for anything?"

"Shut it, Zhenga," Shakarri retorted,"If the queen finds my comment unacceptable," Shakarri crouched down, baring her teeth at Uru,"Let's see her do something about it!"

Indeed the queen did do something. Uru lifted her paw and brought it down on Shakarri's skull, knocking her to the ground."

Shakarri quickly got up and ran out of the den in terror. Zhenga slowly stepped over to Uru and spoke.

"Please excuse my mother," Zhenga smiled, "She's kinda a bitch."

Uru returned the smile and brought Mufasa back to her and Taka. Zhenga began to exit the den before slowly turning around and speaking.

"For what it's worth, I think their wonderful cubs," Zhenga stated,"Both of them." Zhenga then leaped out of the cave and ran down to her mother.

Uru knew that Zhenga would be able to see Taka as something more than an object . Zhenga and her had always been close friends, despite the attitude of Shakarri. Uru knew that in a matter of days, Zhenga would have a cub of her own. Uru was sure that Zhenga's cub would be a good friend to her own.

"Good," Uru whispered to Taka, who was sound asleep,"That makes two lionesses that likes you."

Uru laughed before adding, "Now we just have to convince the rest otf the pride!"


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