Chapter 2- Mirror Flower Eye

Naruto kept his distance from his team to keep them from seeing his shimmering, mirror-like pupils as they returned to Tazuna's home. He even went as far as to walk slower so that they wouldn't notice his eyes.

Every so often his pupils would glint in the moonlight, making it very difficult to hide his new Doujutsu. Thankfully none of them, including Kakashi who had his nose buried in his porn, had taken any notice.

Naruto quickly narrowed his eyes while putting his hands behind his head and feigned stupidity as Sasuke looked back at him with a sneer.

The Uchiha unfortunately had to rely on his pink haired teammate to help him walk back. He would have chosen the Dobe over her, but Naruto had been a royal ass, saying that he didn't want to. Needless to say, Sasuke wasn't in a cheerful mood.

With a snort, the Uchiha made his thoughts known: "Why the hell are you moving so slow? I'm the one that was almost killed."

"Why does it matter to you, you ungrateful bastard! I was the one that saved your ass after you got turned into a human pincushion!" retorted Naruto while narrowing his eyes, further preventing the group that now had their attention on him from seeing his pupils.

Sakura turned on to him with an aggravated look while still helping her crush along. "Naruto, be polite! Sasuke has had it rough!"

"Well, at least one good thing came out of this: Sasuke getting his ass handed to him," added the sun-kissed blond with a smile. Not to mention this cool Doujutsu I got during the fight, he added mentally. Now if only I could figure out how the damn thing works…

Kakashi looked up from his perverted, orange book and added his two cents into the conversation before things could get out of hand. "Now, now you guys. The time for arguing should be saved for a later date. Right now we're tired and we need a good night's rest."

Nobody was going to argue. Indeed, they saw better days, and sleep sounded like a very nice thing to do at the moment.

Sasuke gave one last snort of annoyance before he turned back to the road with Sakura quickly following suit, leaving their blond teammate to his thoughts once more.

Naruto sighed, knowing that he wasn't going to be able to sleep tonight. He lost someone that could've been a close friend had it not been for circumstances. For him, it was a time to mourn, not to celebrate.

The living maelstrom looked up as he caught sight of the lights of Tazuna's home and immediately began slowing down before fully stopping at the edge of the streaming lights. He didn't know if his eyes would show if he were to step into the lights of the glowing home, and right now, he didn't feel enough like a gambling person to test it.

Kakashi turned around as he spied his most unpredictable student suddenly coming to a halt as they entered the household, staying a comfortable range away from the lights.

The scarecrow wasn't sure if he was seeing things, but he would've sworn that Naruto's eyes were glinting. He quickly shook his head to make sure it wasn't an illusion, only to see Naruto close his eyes before he could spy it again.

"Are you coming?" he asked.

Naruto kept his eyes as narrow as possible as he answered with a solemn voice –it wasn't something he wanted to slip out, but somehow it just happened. "No, I… I think I'm going to stay out here a bit and think about things."

Kakashi stared at him a minute, caught off guard by the tone Naruto used. It was very uncharacteristic for the hyperactive blond to speak with sad tones; it was just foreign to hear that voice come out of him.

"Is there something you would like to talk about?" the former ANBU captain asked, genuine concern staining his words.

"Don't worry, Kakashi-sensei! It was just my first battle and I kind of need to sort things out a bit," Naruto answered with as cheer as he could muster.

The silver-haired man stared at him with his single eye for what seemed like minutes and then finally nodded. Naruto kept his smile on as he watched his sensei enter the household. It was a thousand times slower than Naruto would've liked, but then again, his teacher was suffering from overuse of his Sharingan and a variety of gashes. As the door latched, the mask he had put on quickly crumbled, showing his true emotions once more.

With a grief filled look, he walked back to the boardwalk and sat down at the edge of the pier, crossing his legs. Naruto unzipped his jacket to allow the cool ocean breeze to gently caress his body not unlike a mother hugging a child after a long day. With a saddened look, he stared into the water. He watched as his moonlit, distorted reflection in the waves rippled and shifted, catching the newfound shine of his eyes.

More out of curiosity to see his fully activated eyes once more, he added chakra to them, shattering his irises and turning the crystal-blue into reflective, broken mirrors.

Haku was right about one thing: they were very beautiful.

He sighed with his eyes still activated, remembering what he called them: the Miragan.

"That doesn't even sound cool at all," Naruto told the air with a growl.

It needed a better name; it was just too simplistic. He needed something much more eloquent and graceful rather than the half-hazard name he had chosen at the spur of the moment. After all, it was a Bloodline Limit that copied other Limits; it needed to be named something awesome.

He turned his attention to the moon above, remembering what Haku had told him about his eyes. The faux Hunter-Nin had thought they were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen before.

"What would you call it, Haku?" Naruto asked the sky, hoping that maybe the dark-haired boy would come out of nowhere and give him the answer.

Naruto turned his attention back to his reflection, hoping that maybe if he stared at his distorted image long enough that something would fly into his mind.

He needed something that could possibly describe the beauty of the eyes, but at the same time, place fear into whomever he'd fight in the future.

The blond sighed as he realized something else. How was he going to explain this to his teammates? He grimaced at the thought of having to tell Sasuke about his silvery eyes. For all he knew, the Uchiha might go into a tizzy at not being the only one in the group that had a Limit.

But then again, why should he tell anyone? After all, he made a promise to Haku that he would protect his eyes.

Naruto then began to wonder what time it was, but if he had to guess, and from looking at the moon, it was easily around ten-fifteen at night. He sighed as he realized that it was going to be a long night.

He needed something to do, but what was there besides training? Well, he still needed to a pay a visit to the former residence of the Demon of the Hidden Mist and fulfill Haku's last request, but was that smart? The blond prankster ran the thought around his head for about a second and made up his mind for what he was going to do for the rest of the night: he was going to find Zabuza and Haku's hideout.

But he had one problem, traveling in a thick forest at night was difficult, even with a full moon. What he needed was a way to see in the dark, but he doubted that his mirror-like eyes would allow him to do that. He needed another Doujutsu, one that could at least see better… something like the Sharingan.

The Uzumaki groaned under his breath. He still didn't have a clue how to use the different Limits he copied, but now was a better time than ever to practice.

He set his face into a look of determination as he kneeled down on the edge of the docks and stared into his distorted reflection, counting off ways he could possibly approach this. For starters, he tried to will his eyes to do what he wanted, to give him the spinning tomoa of a Pinwheel Eye.

Naruto growled in annoyance, starting to get aggravated, but his efforts weren't in vain as he watched the mirror shards of his eyes fall out to reveal a Sharingan.

He fully stood and began to look around the darkness, his spinning, crimson eyes standing out in the ebony air. Everything took on a higher clarity, giving him a sharper picture of the darkened world around him. Naruto smiled as he began to make out shapes of the objects around him. It didn't allow him to see in the dark but at least it made everything easier to spot.

The blond turned his attention onto the house to get his supplies and decided that this was the best place to test out his new eyes, since everyone gone to bed and were sawing logs.


Naruto slowly opened the door and looked around to see that the coast was clear. He took a deep breath as he glided across the floor, not making a single noise as only a trained shinobi could do. His eyes shifted around, scanning the stairs to make sure nobody was out and about, and when he felt secure enough he carefully made his way up them like a ghost.

He once again scanned the area around him as he opened the door that lead into the room he -unfortunately- shared with his rival.

Naruto smirked as he thought of how easy it would be to pull a prank on the ebony haired boy, but refrained knowing he was on a personal mission.

The blond quickly gathered his basic supplies and stuffed it into his backpack, staying quiet as to not wake Sasuke. His luck, though, ran out as one of his kunai that he was packing into his bag suddenly slipped out and made a clanking sound capable of waking any mediocre shinobi with half a brain. To him, it was an embarrassment as both a shinobi and a prankster for him to be so careless. Then again, he wasn't using common sense either when he let a couple stray foul words escape afterwards either.


The Uchiha jolted awake as he heard a loose kunai to fall to the ground, but refrained from doing anything as he heard the silent cursing of his teammate. He opened one eye to see that the blond was packing things into his backpack. Sasuke kept his attention on the blond as he watched him walk over to the doorway and then began to scan the room once more.

He was caught completely off guard as he saw that Naruto's eyes were crimson instead of crystal-blue -Naruto was too far away for Sasuke to see his copied Sharingan. Before Sasuke could ask what was going on, Naruto quickly ran down the hallway without making a noise.

Sasuke quickly hopped out of bed as he heard the front door silently close and ran to the window in time to see the blond maelstrom making his way into the forest, his orange coat undone and flapping behind him as he picked up speed.

What the hell are you doing, Dobe? Sasuke pondered.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he ran to grab his own supplies and follow his teammate, but was quickly stopped as his side began to ache, reminding him that he had to rest. He growled as he begrudgingly accepted his fate for the night, but he was going to make sure he bullied the answer out of the blond when he got back.


Naruto leapt onto a rooftop in the center of the village and stopped to think about what possible time it was. If he had to guess, it was around eleven o'clock.

He would admit that finding the hideout would be easier in the daylight, but he wanted to do this now so that no one would follow him.

His Sharingan scanned the sleeping village, looking for a high point that he could take advantage of. To his luck, there was a water tower at the corner of town. He leapt from the rooftops to the tower and applied chakra to his feet to walk up one of the beams until he reached the top, once more scanning the area around him with his crimson eyes.

"If I was a ninja and needed a place to hide out in, it would be…" he pointed his finger slowly around the area, trying to figure out where a convicted shinobi would find shelter. His finger stopped on a particularly dense thicket of trees just a mile outside of the village. "… Right over there."

He leapt from his perch on the tower and continued his odyssey towards the hideout.


Another hour later, Naruto was about a mile outside the village and the air was heavy with mist, making his Sharingan near useless. The fact that it was night didn't help either.

With a growl of frustration, he ran to the top of the nearest tree to look at the moon and contorted his face in annoyance as he realized that he was going in circles. He was getting nowhere and fast.

A grimace marred his whiskered face as he leapt back to the forest floor and scanned the area around him again, his crimson eyes still having trouble making out shapes –he could now see why Kakashi-sensei had trouble fighting Zabuza; the mist just threw everything off.

Naruto growled as he began trekking along once more, but as he turned, he could feel his face collide with a wall. The sun-kissed blond rubbed his now throbbing head, but felt his eyes lighten up in victory as he saw the wall of a building. He had found the place at last. The Demon of the Hidden Mist had chosen a good place to hide. It would have been annoying to find even during the day.

The jinchuuriki circled around, trying to find an entrance and then let his foxy grin trace his face as he found the front door. Stepping back to take a better look at the place, Naruto took in what was once the former home of an infamously dangerous shinobi. The building actually looked quite intimidating from the outside.

Taking a deep breath, he gripped the door knob and opened it. With a quick flip of a switch, the place lit up. Naruto expected a lot of things when he entered the place –maybe a wall full of weapons, heads mounted as trophies from various missions, or even a torture chamber. He wasn't expecting to find such a simple place. Furniture was sparse, and the only noticeable markers of the room were a couch and a coffee table.

The blond stopped feeding his eyes chakra knowing that nobody was around to see him. The Sharingan shattered and changed his irises back to broken mirrors. Then glimmering shards fell out of his eyes, leaving them crystal-blue; the pupils, though, retained their mirror-like appearance.

Naruto quickly spotted a hallway and began to carefully trudge along it, hoping that the Nuke-Nin didn't have any traps set up.

His worries were unfounded as he got to the first room. Naruto assumed was Zabuza's since it was the largest bedroom. It was bare like the living room, save for a bed and a nightstand next to it. He ignored the room and went deeper into the house before he finally got to the room he had christened to be Haku's.

Like the rest of the house, it was simple and only had the bare essentials, but the only thing that stood out was a mirror above the chest of drawers with a vase full of white flowers that he couldn't identify. He could tell that it was the boy's room by the Hunter-Nin mask that lay next to the vase.

Being careful to not stir a speck of dust, he walked over to the drawers and quickly began to dig through the clothes. Haku wanted him to have scrolls, and now it was time to start looking for them.

He stopped as he opened the first one and began to stare at a set of water goggles that were neatly folded. Looking at them, he could see that they were used often. Probably because the Hyouton user had an unusual fascination with water, but that could have been attested to the Limit he made active use of.

Naruto cocked his head and continued to stare at them for a couple minutes before his brain concocted an idea. He wanted no one to see his eyes, but that would be an issue during the daytime, but here before him might be the answer to his personal prayers.

"Sorry, Haku, but I really need them," the blond told the air, half expecting the dead boy to suddenly walk in on him.

Taking a deep breath, he strapped them on and looked at himself in the mirror. They were tinted, but were light enough for someone to make out his eyes. He had to admit that he didn't look half bad with them on. To top it off, they were much more comfortable than the oversized ones he owned back at home.

As he continued to think about wearing them, he felt he was carrying on the Hyouton user's memory in way by doing it. Not just by learning his attacks and tricks.

With no one nearby to see his silvery pupils, he took off the goggles and hung them around his neck like a necklace before he continued his search for the Ninjutsu scrolls.

Five messy drawers later, he had not found them. The only two places left to search were under the bed and in the closet. Looking towards the wardrobe, he could see that it was out of the question as it looked comparatively bare, leaving the bed.

He quickly sat his head next to the ground and looked under the mattress. Naruto smiled as he found a tin box. With an excited grin, he pulled it out and opened the lid to see a large scroll next to a set of smaller scrolls, all neatly stacked on top of each other. The blond felt as if he had hit pay dirt.

Naruto held a victorious smile as he pulled his backpack off his back and began to carefully put the scrolls next to his supplies, making sure none of his spare weapons harmed the valuable pieces.

Just as he threw the bag over his back to head out, his felt captivated to look at the mirror on the drawers as he saw his own reflective eyes staring back at him. It was very disconcerting to see his own reflection in his eyes. It was like he was seeing into his own soul.

He was about to tear his eyes away before his sight caught something else: the flowers' reflection. Naruto almost felt hypnotized as he stared at the reflection. After what seemed like an eternity, a smile tugged at his lips as his mind finally solved a problem he had been having since he got back from the bridge.

"Yeah, that's… that's a great name for it," he quietly told his self, his smile widening ever so much. "Kyoukagan."

It was almost poetic the way the name rolled off his tongue. The simple word both described the power and the beauty his eyes held, but at the same time, gave the mirrors that were his eyes meaning.

He could see Bloodline Limits, but he could never truly grasp them. He was able to copy them, but he could never be able to call them his own.

Mirror Flower Eye… Man, Haku. Even beyond the grave you're still helping me out, he thought with a smile.

Before he allowed himself to leave the room, he thought over everything he laid claim to. The major target of this whole expedition was to get the scroll with all the ice techniques, but along the way he had gotten a hold of a set of water goggles capable of hiding his eyes. He also found a good name for his Doujutsu, a name he thought for sure Haku would've been proud of. It was a very productive trip altogether.

After taking one last look around him, he left the room and then made his way to the front door.

Naruto breathed in the night air before he shattered his eyes and called upon the Sharingan again. To his mild surprise, the shards that fell out of his eyes whenever he activated a Limit fell at a much slower pace rather than all at once. Seven seconds later, his crimson eyes began to spin once more.

He put this information into the back of his mind, knowing that it was slower to change to a Limit than he was used to.

Leaping to the treetops, he quickly jumped from tree to tree, able to move faster because of the lack of the mist that plagued him on the way here.


The blond finally arrived back at Tazuna's as the sun began to stain the skies with a palette of colors. From the outside, everyone still looked to be sleeping, but he couldn't predict his teammates. It wasn't uncommon shinobi to get up early for training or other things.

Before anyone could wake up and discover that the blond was away for the night, he quickly slid on his new goggles, and with chakra he quickly walked up the wall holding the window leading to his room. Carefully sliding the window open, Naruto made sure not to not wake up his prick-for-a-teammate from his beauty sleep.

Naruto sat his loaded bag down next to his futon and quickly pulled off his jacket, leaving him in a black shirt and orange pants. Before he allowed himself to lie down and get what little sleep he could, he pulled the goggles off and hung them around his neck. Finally, he allowed his head to hit the pillow and not even two minutes later he was snoring.


Sakura walked down the hall to fetch her teammates for breakfast. It was a quarter after nine, and Tsunami was kind enough to make a large meal in thanks defending her father.

"Breakfast is ready, guys!" she said with a cheery voice as she opened the door.

Sasuke slowly got up, popping his back and working out the kinks in his neck from the battle yesterday. He turned to Naruto's bed expecting to see his teammate missing, but was mildly surprised to see a tuff of blond hair sticking out from under the blankets.

Sakura hadn't reacted well to the whiskered boy ignoring her. "NARUTO, GET THE HELL OUT OF BED!"

They both heard him just snore in retaliation and then muttered under his breath, "Five more minutes…"

In truth, he was wide awake, his sensitive hearing having woken him the moment she opened the door, but he couldn't afford for them both to see his Kyoukagan. Until they both left, there was no way in Hell he was getting out of the bed.

His pink haired teammate wasn't about to make things easy, though. "If you don't get out of bed I'M GOING TO…"

"Sakura-chan, calm down. Go ahead and start eating without me… Just give me couple minutes to get half way dressed at least," he sleepily muttered from under his blankets.

Both of the other occupants in the room raised an eyebrow at the weird behavior Naruto was exhibiting. Usually, he was the first one downstairs for a meal, but now he was asking them to start without him? For a second, they wondered if he was their teammate.

The green-eyed girl looked towards Sasuke, who had raised an eyebrow at the blond, with a questioning glance, but received nothing but a shrug from the ebony-haired boy. Deciding to ignore his teammate, Sasuke slowly willed his sore legs to get him downstairs where the food was waiting.

As soon as the door was shut, marking the absence of his team, Naruto threw the blankets off his head and sighed in relief. Like Sasuke, he got up to eat breakfast, but made sure to pull his goggles over his eyes as he left the bedroom. He was still wearing his black shirt and orange pants, but decided to leave the rest of his clothes, including his prized headband, next to his stuff.


Everyone looked up from their food as Naruto got downstairs, just not dressed in his usual attire, leaving him in his black shirt and orange pants, and instead of his headband, he was wearing water goggles. Without his headband, his hair was even wilder. It was the goggles, though, that caught everybody's attention.

When he took his seat on the table, Sakura was the first to voice her curiosity. "Hey, Naruto, where'd you get those goggles?"

The sun-kissed genin looked from his food hearing his name spoken and found everybody, including Tazuna and Inari, curious as to how he procured his new eye wear. Excuses were now buzzing through his head like flies on a dead carcass, trying to pick out the best one. That was the one thing he forgot to do last night was to come up with an excuse!

It only got worse the moment Sasuke spoke. "I have a better question. Where were you last night?"

That question caused Kakashi to look up from his infamous orange book with a raised eyebrow. So there was more to Naruto staying up last night…

Finally, an answer seemed to stick. "I was training last night," Naruto explained with a shrug. "I couldn't sleep, so I went out and got some work done. As for the goggles, I found them fair and square."

He didn't quite know how they would react if they discovered that he went to the hideout, but he was deeply hoping everyone bought it. To his relief, Kakashi shrugged and turned his to his ever-interesting novel while Inari and Tazuna went back to their food. Sakura just sighed in exasperation, thinking her teammate was being an idiot like usual.

Sasuke on the other hand was far from convinced.

"Oh really?" he said slowly with his superiority smirk plastered on his face. "Then why were you packing your backpack last night?"

Naruto coughed on his food as soon as the words left the Uchiha's mouth. That little question was enough for him to become angry enough to shatter his crystal-blue eyes and turn them into the broken mirrors, though nobody could see it because of the tinted eye wear. But the jounin of the group could feel the chakra spike in the air, sensing it as if someone had activated a jutsu.

For a second, the Uzumaki wondered if it was possible to shove an icicle up his teammate's ass with Hyouton. That is… when he learned how to use it of course. But then again, he might have trouble getting it up there past the stick.

It was also to his dismay that everyone's attention turned onto him again, but this time Kakashi fully put his book down and began to stare hard at his blond student. Naruto might be able to fool Sakura and Sasuke, but it was damn difficult to get the upper hand with a Jounin trained to pick apart lies. This only confirmed the hyperactive knucklehead was hiding something, and the chakra spike only made Kakashi ask more questions.

Naruto snorted as he retaliated with another excuse. "Okay, I'll admit it! I needed my bag because of all my extra weapons. Satisfied Teme, or do you also have to tell you…?"

"Naruto, relax," ordered Kakashi, his lazy look returning to his eye. "You went and did some training last night. I don't have a problem with it, and neither should you two."

He directed the last part towards the other two members of Team Seven, causing them both to get back to eating their breakfast. Though, Sasuke went back to his business with a scowl.

"Now," continued Kakashi, "I think we all should take a day to relax. That means you too, Naruto."

It was Naruto's turn to scowl at the masked man. On a brighter note, he had a small assortment of scrolls that he could look over if he wasn't going to be able to train.

"All right, fine," conceded Naruto. "But there is no way in hell that I'm going to stay in this house all day."

"So be it," said Kakashi. Good, thought the copy-cat. If he's hiding something, then he'll be more willing to talk about it if he's by himself. I just hope that it doesn't have anything to do with the Kyuubi.

The blond of the group quickly wolfed down his food and made a run towards the bedroom to get fully dressed.

"Is it just me or has Naruto been acting weird since we left the bridge?" whispered Sakura to Sasuke. "I mean, he keeps trying to avoid us. Not to mention he was the last one to breakfast –that never happens."

Sasuke, for once in his life, couldn't help but agree with her. Naruto had been avoiding them like the plague since the battle with the Nuke-Nin. Top that with his weird behavior last night, his brain had calculated one logical explanation: Naruto was hiding something.

"You know," he whispered back, "I think he's not telling us something."

Sakura played with the thought for a moment before everything began to add up. "Wait a minute! You're right!"

Now that he had come to that conclusion, he wanted to find out what it was that the blond would want to hide and not show the whole world. Sasuke could tell that it was something big or otherwise Sakura would at least know. The day the Dobe would tell him a secret, though, was the day Hell would freeze over.

He shuttered as he realized that he needed help, someone that Naruto would be willing to talk to.

"Sakura," he said, turning to the girl and snagging her attention, "There is no way in Hell that he'd tell me about whatever he's hiding. I'm curious, and I imagine that you are just as curious."

The cherry blossom rapidly bobbed her head up and down, listening to her crush as if it was a life-or-death situation.

He gulped as he gave the proposition. "We're going to have to work together if we want to find out."

Sakura's mind only registered two words: work together. Sasuke had just asked her for help! Dreams really do come true!

The Uchiha on the other hand, was slowly backing away. Sakura's eyes had hearts in them and she was now staring off into space.

She quickly got her mind out of the gutter as the two members of Team Seven watched their blond teammate run past them with his backpack in hand. They all turned their heads to the window in time to see the living maelstrom make his way into the forest.

"Okay, I'll do it!" Sakura agreed with excitement.

For a second, Sasuke thought he made the worst choice of his life.

Unbeknownst to the two, two other people had listened in on the conversation. The first was Kakashi who was thinking he needed get to Naruto before they did. Inari was the other; the little boy, on the other hand, thought he could help his surrogate big brother defend whatever secret he was hiding.

Everyone turned to Kakashi as the man stood up from table while putting away his book.

"Please excuse me," he said. "I forgot to ask Naruto about something." I better find and ask him about whatever he's hiding before the other two do.

The wiry man walked out of the front door, giving the two rookies a chance to plot ways to get their hyperactive, knuckleheaded teammate to talk.

And Inari listened, planning his counter pranks that were sure to throw them off.


Naruto finally found a good clearing hidden well enough that it would take his teammates a good effort to find the place.

With an excited grin, he sat his self on a large boulder that was jutting out of the ground and pulled off his backpack to grab one of the scrolls.

His hand rummaged through the bag before he pulled out the first one he touched. Unrolling it, it was a Medic-Nin scroll with various pressure points used for acupuncture. At the moment, he had neither the patience nor precision to practice something like that. He also needed senbon, a commodity he didn't quite have at that moment.

Putting it aside, he grabbed another scroll, but this one was much thicker. He smiled as he unrolled it to see a Taijutsu scroll. The only thing that put a damper on his excitement was the fact it was a Medic-Nin based fighting style. But he quickly felt his excitement return in full as he saw that it was changed to make it a unique form of fighting. Though it was precision oriented.

Like the other scroll, he put it to the side knowing that he would wait to learn it. The next scroll he found put a grin on his face that threatened to split his head in half. It was a water ninjutsu called Water Release: Water Guillotine Technique. If it was possible, his grin widened as he read a note on the scroll that said it was easily a B-ranked technique. Unfortunately, it was precision oriented as well which knocked it off of his list of things to practice for the day.

He once more dug into the backpack like a child digging for the freshest cookies at the bottom of the jar, and pulled out another scroll, this one larger than the one that containing the Water Release: Water Guillotine Technique. Skimming over what it was, it was a scroll that contained Haku's notes on Hyouton, along with the chakra theories behind it and how to properly combine the chakras. That was going to be something he needed.

If the scroll containing the ninjutsu on it had Naruto begging to learn it, the next one he pulled out of the bag had him drooling in anticipation. The attack was incomplete, only having been completed three-quarters of the way, but it had to be the most powerful water jutsu that Naruto would lay eyes on. It was easily S-classed. The chakra it required was huge, the control it required was huge, but who says that the blond wasn't up for a challenge. Or a leg up on his rival.

Naruto then realized something: Haku hadn't completed the attack before he died. He now felt compelled to finish the attack where the dark-haired boy failed.

Just as he was about to pull out the Hyouton scroll to finally give it a quick look over, a voice rung through the clearing: "I didn't know you read so much."

Naruto looked like a kid that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, both figuratively and literally since his hand was in the bag.

Looking up, he caught sight of Kakashi lazily reclining on a branch above him with one of his legs dangling off the side of the branch. Surprisingly, the man didn't have his nose in his book. In place of his book was a look of curiosity and intrigue.

"They were presents from a friend," Naruto retorted while holding a look of suspicion.

"Really?" asked Kakashi, the info spiking his interest. "Were those from Iruka? Or someone else?"

Naruto quickly answered with a lie: "They were from Iruka-sensei."

"Well, I'm just glad that you're doing as told and actually trying to relax."

"There's not much to do around here other than training though," the maelstrom muttered.

"Yes, I would agree, but if you don't give your body a break you can burn yourself out." Kakashi paused for a second before he asked another question. "So what's with the goggles?"

Naruto shrugged, sticking to the lie he had told everyone at the breakfast table. "I found them and I thought they looked cool."

The older ninja just blinked for a second, feeling like he had just experienced a serious déjà vu.

"Funny. My old teammate also wore goggles," he said, recalling all his distant memories of Obito.

"Really?" asked Naruto, his curiosity starting to come out.

"Oh yeah," Kakashi smiled under his mask, knowing that he broke down some barriers and was a step closer to finding out what his student was hiding. "As a matter of fact, you two act a lot alike. The only difference was that he was late to everything by at least two hours. He was my best friend; sort of like you and Sasuke, except I acted like Sasuke."

"You acted like Sasuke?" Naruto questioned, thoroughly surprised that their sensei had acted like his prick of a teammate once-upon-a-time.

"Yes. I was by the book all the time, and I often thought the mission was more important than my teammates. I regret acting like that every day of my life, though."

"What made you change?"

Naruto started to regret asking the question as he watched his sensei's single eye suddenly show sorrow.

Before he could apologize, the silver haired man answered with a hint of emotion in his voice. "Obito passed away. You could say that I act the way I do to keep his memory living on."

Naruto's visage quickly went south as he started to remember his battle with Haku. He never knew him and his sensei were so alike in that aspect. They both were carrying on the memories of people that had taught them powerful lessons. It was the only way he could stay close to the person he could have called 'friend'.

"You know Naruto, if there's something that's bothering you, you can tell me. I really want you to be able to trust me," said Kakashi, hoping to establish that bond with his student.

Even though he hadn't been showing it lately, he really did care for him. The blond was so much like Obito that it was almost unreal (and now that he thought about it, he also looked a lot like his old sensei). He didn't want to play favorites like some other teachers did.

Inside his mind, Naruto was having an inner struggle whether or not to trust Kakashi. He wanted so much to talk about his feelings, the weight of knowing that he had lost someone that was like a friend to him, but having no one to talk to about it. Then there was also his Bloodline Limit. Half of him wanted so much to brag to everyone about it, but it was possibly dangerous since he had a rough idea of what it was capable of.

Another thing that gave the scarecrow extra points in Naruto's mind was that the man was willing to talk about his past to him when his teammates weren't around. He wanted so much to have someone other than Iruka that he could lean on, but could he trust him?

"You… You wouldn't tell anybody, right?" he finally asked, taking a gamble with the masked man.

"Of course. I promise that I won't tell anybody, but if it's dangerous, I may have trouble trying to keep it," Kakashi answered, finally glad that he could establish a teacher/student relationship.

Naruto nodded in understanding before he took a deep breath and allowed his mask to slip a bit, now donning a heavier face that told of hard times.

"Before the battle… I… I met Haku," he tried his best to not allow tears to stain his eyes, but he knew it wasn't going to be of any use.

Naruto pulled off his goggles knowing that he wasn't going to help what tears slid past his eyelids.

Kakashi jumped down from his perch and took a seat next to Naruto, waiting for him to continue his tale.

"We…We could have been friends… We had so much in common."

Finally, the blond could feel the sensation of frigid metal running down his face once more.

Kakashi could feel for Naruto and felt some of his old memories of people he knew and lost come to the front of his mind.

As he was thinking of his old comrades, his single eye widened a bit as he caught sight of a tear of liquid silver drip from Naruto's face onto his jacket, staining it metallic. Finally, his student opened his eyes to reveal his silvery pupils, catching the scarecrow completely off guard. He had no clue that the blond had developed a Doujutsu!

"I… I just wish that things could be different… then maybe he could be alive and… I wouldn't be alone again." Another silvery tear dripped onto his jacket as Naruto finally let out some of his emotions that he had been keeping bottled up for the past couple days.

As much as it was eating Kakashi to find out about the boy's unique eyes, right now wasn't the best time. At the moment, his student needed comforting; having lost someone that he had considered a comrade and friend. Something that he himself could attest to.

"Naruto," he tried to comfort. "Listen to me; there are still people out there that care for you. You got Iruka, you got the Sandaime, and you got me… or at least I'm hoping you allow me in. I know it's rough to lose someone. Trust me, I know that feeling more than you think, but you can't dwell on it. It will just eat away at you; you need to move forward and try to live for the future."

Naruto sat there for a minute trying to digest what the copy-cat had told him. It was true, he still had Iruka and Jiji; and now he felt as if he could add the silver-haired man to the list. But it was hard to lose someone you had even a small attachment to.

Kakashi sat next to him, waiting for his student to collect his thoughts. Death was never an easy thing to deal with, especially when it was someone you knew. Zabuza's student and Naruto obviously had a bond, but both had to act as shinobi at that moment on the bridge: one of them had to die either way. Such was the way of the ninja.

"Why does everyone have to die?" asked Naruto as another silvery tear ran down his face.

The scarecrow just shrugged as he answered, "Death is just more universal than life; not everyone lives, but everyone has to eventually die. It's another lesson that people have to understand."

The one-eyed jounin thought it was funny how he had switched places with his sensei. He was consoling Naruto like Minato had done to him countless times when he had a down day or just needed some advice. Kakashi felt a sad smile tugging at his lips at how the roles of a person could quickly switch.

Maybe he should try to talk to his student like his old sensei use to do to him when things were particularly hard.

Naruto looked up with his Kyoukagan eyes as he felt his sensei put a hand on his shoulder, beckoning him to make eye contact.

"All of us walk down a path where each of us will meet death at the end of it. Sometimes it's little more abrupt than we would like, but it's always the same. We meet the same end. As a shinobi, it can be cut extremely short, but that's why we should live without regret. Haku did. He was fighting for something he truly believed in, and we should respect that."

Naruto let a sad smile trace his lips as he listened. Kakashi was right; death was just another part of life that everyone would have to deal with eventually.

"Thanks sensei… I think I understand."

The said man did his signature eye smile. "No problem. Now, about your eyes…" Naruto felt like shrinking as he looked at Kakashi's eye. "We'll worry about them later. I think its something that we're going to have to talk about with the Sandaime when we get back home. Got that?"

Naruto nodded his head in affirmation, "Yes, sensei."

"Good. I wouldn't mind talking about it right now, but if you developed a new Bloodline Limit, there's no telling who might be listening in on us." The scarecrow's thoughts drifted to his other two students who were probably planning how they were going to uncover the truths. "So, for the moment, it will be our little secret."

The blond nodded his head once more. It really did feel a lot easier to hold a secret when someone else was sharing it.

The living maelstrom watched as Kakashi slowly stood up and worked out the kinks in his back.

"For the moment, I think I'm going to hit the rooftop and read my favorite book. So, by all means, keep on reading those scrolls. I'll find out how you got them when we get back to Konoha."

With a slow stride, the copy-cat walked out of the clearing to think about things. He could understand Naruto's emotional pain; it was something he was going to experience eventually. But what he really needed to think about was the Doujutsu Naruto somehow developed. A chapter of Make-Out Paradise was sure to help clear the mind.


At Tazuna's house, Inari was carefully listening to every detail of the plans Sasuke and Sakura were exchanging as they whispered to each other from across the table. And he had a counter plan to every single last one.

Tomorrow wasn't going to be a good day for the Haruno or the Uchiha.

Kill Joy no Jutsu (A.K.A. Author's Note): Onto business! Well for starters, I'm not going to make Kakashi asinine in this story like so many authors like to do. Okay, so he played favorites a bit in the anime and manga, but I fully believe that it wasn't like that. On top of this, the copy-cat is a really diverse character that I find entertaining to work with.

The next chapter will also contain some humor with Sakura's and Sasuke's failed attempts at trying to uncover what our favorite blond is hiding. Inari is seriously going to give them hell.

I changed the name of Naruto's Bloodline Limit from Miragan to Kyoukagan mainly because it sounded better and it was a more literal translation. In general, Kyoukagan appeals more to my aesthetic than the former. Thank you whoever sent me that, it sounds way better.

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Kyoukagan- Mirror Flower Eye