Summary: How would you deal with unconventional and surprising love? You don't even know that you had learned to love someone for just spending time with that certain someone to solve your best friends' problem.

Pairings: NaruSaku, SasuIno

Accidentally in Love

by: sasuino811

"Sasuke, you're the biggest asshole in this whole universe! From now on we're over." Exclaimed Yamanaka Ino to the popular guy Uchiha Sasuke.

"Fine, I won't give a shit about it." He answered.

The 18-year old blond girl run off.

She went to the parking lot and entered to her car.

She pushed the engine and drove off.

At Yamanaka's residence:

"Where's Ino?" Asked her best friend Haruno Sakura to Yamanaka's maid.

"Madam, she's in her room." The maid answer.

"Hurry up and give me the her room's key!" Sakura said panicly.

The maid gave her the key and she run off upstairs.

The pink hair lady unlock the door to see Ino burying her face on the pillow, crying.

"Ino, why the hell you ditched the last period?"

"Sakura, leave me alone."

"Like I would leave you alone without telling me what happened. Now go on and tell me what the heck happened."

"Nothing we just broke up, that's it."

"Oh I thought it's a heavy problem, you guys just broke up." The cherry head said without realizing what she just said.

"yeah we just broke up."

"WAIT! WAIT! YOU BROKE UP WITH YOUR 2-YEAR BOYFRIEND? WHY SO?" Sakura said realizing what's the situation.

Ino wiped her tears and nodded.

"Because he is the biggest insensitive jerk in this whole planet!!"

"Ino, you love him, right?"

"Unfortunately, I still do! But this the wisest decision I ever made."

"Ino, you guys are like match made in heaven, both of you are popular, rich, smart, good looking."

"Sakura, lemme tell you this, it's not about compatibility, it's about chemistry and spark. He is not sweet, he never said 'I love you' to me, would you believe that? and the worst, I saw him hugging another woman. He never even embraced me for all this time, yes, we kissed but that's like not more than five times. I didn't even feel that jerk really loved me. He's an asshole."

"Okay Ino, calm down. I just can't believe the fact that he's hooking up with other woman? And whose this girl?"

"Hyuuga Hinata, the used-to-be-shy girl when we're in the middle school and she was Sasuke's ex-girlfriend when he was 9th grade."

"Okay your reason is quite reasonable. But maybe that hug doesn't mean anything."

"Oh come on Sakura, he never hug anyone like that. He never even do that to me."

"Why don't you give him a chance?"

"What for? to be hurt again? No, thanks."

"Ino, grow up. You're my best friend, I don't wanna see you hurt but that will make you happy too, right, to be with him again?"

"Maybe being with him make me happy but the thing is I am tired of being hurt. There's bunch of guys like me out there, I won't waste my life to him."

"Well, you have guts, I'll give you that. But you can't lie to yourself. You can't force yourself to date someone you don't like."

"I don't care at all."

"Ino, today is Friday. We should go to my friend's party."

"I am not feel like going."

"Ino? are you okay? I mean you never said 'no' to a party before."

"I am not feeling well."

"We're first year college, you know that, we can decide for ourselves but aren't you the one told me like a minute ago that you won't waste your life to him."


"Fine, if you don't wanna go, I am gonna spend a night here, I want to make sure that you won't commit suicide and I want you to tell me all your problems regarding Sasuke to make you feel better."

"Yeah, thanks. You're the best, Sakura."

"I know. And I am the best cause I am your best friend, right?"

Ino nodded.

At Uchiha's residence:

"So you and Ino broke up, huh?" Uzumaki Naruto questioned his best friend.

"Yeah, dobe, for the last time, we. broke. up." Sasuke said in irritating tone.

"And why?"

"Cause we did."

"Oh okay, that answered my question." The blond boy said sarcastically.

"Do you still love her?"

"What do you think?"


"Dobe, your dumb, she's my girlfriend for two years."

"So maybe she broke it off for quite reasonable reason."

"She saw me and Hinata hugging."

Naruto was shocked.

"Teme, you know the word hug? If you do, I am amazed."

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"She should brake it off with you, seeing you hugging you with your ex-girlfriend is a really reasonable reason, wait! did you even hug her when you guys are together?"

Sasuke is just silent.

"I really thought that you and Ino are perfect. You guys are really compatible but why did you hug your ex?"

"No reason."

"You know, Sasuke, you're not a good liar. If you don't wanna tell why, it's fine as long as you will apologize to Ino."

"There's no chance I would be back to Ino."

"But you still love her, right?"

He kept quiet.

"Cool. That means 'yes'."


"Oh and teme, I am gonna go now."

Naruto drove off to go home.

A week later:

"Ino is really miserable because of the brake up. She became inactive and really quiet after that. And she lost pounds. Is she planning to kill herself? I need to do something about it. But how? I wonder what Sasuke felt about their brake up. Ino needs me, it's time to pay back her for those things she did to me." Sakura thought while walking at the campus.

Sakura saw Uzumaki Naruto.

"Isn't that Uzumaki? Sasuke's best friend? I will ask him how's Sasuke after the brake up." Sakura thought again.

"Uzumaki!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Huh? who called me?" Naruto wondered loudly.

"I did." Sakura responded.

"Who are you?"

"I am Haruno Sakura, we went to the same middle school and high school."

"Oh yeah! I remember you, you're the friend of Sasuke's ex-girlfriend. What do you want anyway?"

"I am just gonna ask you some things."

"Like what?"

"How's Sasuke's doing after the brake up?"

"Speaking of that, Sasuke is like more quiet than usual, I know she still love your friend but he won't admit that, I really want them to be together again for him to be happier."

"Me too, I love my best friend. I want her to be happy, And she too, still affected because of their brake up."

"Yeah I know what you feel."

"Naruto, cooperate with me."

"Cooperate with you? How?"

"You and I want them to be happy, right? How about we would make them together again cause we both know that they still love each other!"

"That would be great! I am so in!"

"Good, Naruto, we should plan something great!"

"Hell yeah!"

"So when our first official meeting?"

"Maybe three days from now. What your name again?"

"Sakura. Haruno Sakura. What time?"

"I am just gonna call you, give me your cell phone number and email."

She gave her what he wants, her cell phone number and email.

"Okay, give your cell phone number and email too."

He did what she said.

"Our mission will be called Sasuke and Ino: Together Again." Naruto joked.

"I wonder if our mission will work out."

"Of course, Sakura-chan!"

"You just called me Sakura-chan?"

"Yeah! why? Isn't that cool?"

"Are you nuts? I am 18-years old not 8 years old. Just call me Sakura instead."

"Are you sure?"

"I am 100 percent sure, I am gonna go now cause I need to meet up with Ino. Bye!"

"Okay bye."


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