The Aftermath

A/N: This is my first Sole story. I have written a so-far thirty chapter Larkko story, and this is a story that I have wanted to do for a couple of weeks. But, I was going to wait until my Langston and Markko story was complete. I decided to go ahead and start this. Those of you familiar with how I write my stories know that the more reviews, the sooner I get updates out to you. I can not guarantee that this story will be updated daily like my other story, but I hope quite frequently. I got the idea for this story from the CTMEOY board. Summary: DON'T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON"T WANT TO BE SPOILED WITH STORYLINE STUFF COMING UP THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 3RD. Cole makes his way back to Llanview and Starr. Can he deal with losing his mom, and how will Starr, Langston, and Markko be able to help him deal with his loss.

Cole Thornhart sat on the plane complete silent. He did not know how to handle any of this. His life had taken such a terrible turn in the last week. He did not know where to go from here. He knew that as soon as they landed, he needed to find Starr. She must be so worried about him. He wanted to assure her that he was okay. He knew that they still had several hours on the plane, so he attempted to sleep. The second Cole fell asleep, he was haunted with his nightmare, a nightmare that he wished was not true.

He finally regained consciousness, and felt himself on the rocks. The first thing that he saw was John. "Cole, are you okay?"

"Where's my mom?" John and Cole both ran towards the van which was still 60 yards away. When they got a little closer, they were both knocked back by the explosion. Cole watched in horror as the van blew up. It was engulfed with flames, and reduced to nothing more than a frame of what is once was. Cole screamed in terror. "No!!!!!!!" He began to run towards the flames. The van had become nothing more than a metal flame, and the smell of burnt tire was absolutely nauseating. John pulled Cole back.

"Cole, she is gone." Cole tried to break free of John's grasp, but could do nothing but collapse to the ground and scream.

"Mom, no!!!!! No, no."

At the sound and vibration of the landing gear hitting the ground, Cole woke up. He hoped that it was all a dream. He looked next to him, and John was sitting there, looking absolutely devastated. It was not a dream at all. She really was gone. "Cole, when we land, we have to go down to the Police Station, and tie up some loose ends."

Cole just nodded. He let John think that he was going to go sit through hours and hours of interrogation. He felt smothered, and needed to get away. He knew that it would be difficult, but he had to lose John. He knew that it was a long walk to his destination, and he could feel the wound on his chest gushing blood, but he had to get away. He needed to go find the one person that could help him, the one person that would get him through this.


Starr was freaking out. She was glad that she was alone, but at the same time, all being alone in the house made her think of was Cole. She did not even know for sure that Cole was even still alive. She hoped that he was. She felt in her heart that he was. There was a ring at the doorbell. She hoped that it was Cole. Starr ran to the door. She opened the door, and sighed. It was Langston and Markko. Langston had a bag with her. Starr had to smile at that. "So, the hearing went good?"

"Yeah, your aunt Dorian is my foster mom, now."

Starr tried to sum up some happiness. She really was glad that she would have her best friend around. Starr sat down on the couch, while Langston took her stuff upstairs. Markko did not know Starr that well, but could tell that she was upset. "Starr, they will find him."

Starr said in a raised voice. "How do you know that, Markko?"

"What if they never do? What if he is already dead?"

Langston walked back in the room, and saw that Starr was in tears. She threw her arms around her. "Starr, it will be okay."

Starr apologized, "Langston, Markko. I am sorry. It is just the more time that goes by, the longer that I am worried. How do I do move on without him? He has to be okay." Starr broke down and cried in heaping sobs. "Langston, he has to be okay."

Markko wished that he could do something for Starr. She loved Thornhart so much. He hated seeing her like this. He really hoped that Cole would be okay. There was a ring at the doorbell. "I'll get that," said Markko in a sympathetic voice. Starr and Langston never even looked up. He doubted that they even heard the doorbell. He opened the door, and Cole fell to the floor. "Starr, Langston get in here."

Starr opened the door and saw Cole on the floor with his shirt covered in blood. "Oh my God, Cole." She ran to him. She threw her arms around him. "Langston, call 911. We have to get him to the hospital."

Cole managed to open his mouth. "No, don't call them. " Markko helped Cole get to the couch. Starr sat down next to him. "Cole, I have been so worried. I was worried you were dead."

"I am fine."

"No, you're not. You are bleeding, Cole."

"Starr, I needed to see you." He hugged her, and he began to cry.

Langston and Markko watched the whole thing from across the room. Langston watched intently. Markko warned, "We need to get him to the hospital. He could bleed to death."

"He is where he need to be, Markko. He knew that he needed to find Starr."

Starr sat on the couch with Cole. She was not sure if Cole was just quiet, but something was definitely wrong. "Cole, Commissioner Buchanan said that your mom was missing, too. Did they have her with you? Is she okay?"

Cole did not know why, but the first thing that came to his mind was, "She is fine. They just have to get her out of the quarry. She is fine, Starr."

"The quarry, what happened?"

"We were being held captive in Ireland. John and this other FBI agent found us. They drove the van off a cliff, and there was a fire. But, she is fine."

Starr put her arms around Cole. She knew Cole better than anyone, and knew that something was terribly wrong.

Langston continued to watch. She saw the look in Cole's eyes, and how insistent that he was that his mom was okay. She knew that look and insistency that everything was okay better than anyone. "Oh my God."

Markko put his arms around Langton. "What's wrong?"

"I think that Cole's mom is dead, and he knows it."

To Be Continued…

Before anyone thinks it, Cole and Langston will not be hooking up at all in this fanfic. I like to give people a sneak peek into the next chapter. Will Cole be able to open up about his mom? Does he really believe that she is dead? Is Cole in serious need of medical attention? This and more coming up!!!! Please review!