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Sarah's POV

Right after Alice took Bella away to talk

"What's going on?" Nick whispered roughly.

I glanced at Edward. He was talking to his brother, not paying us any attention.


Regardless, I stepped a little away from the group, pulling Nick with me.

I spoke lowly so the Cullens couldn't hear.

"A serious problem, that's what's going on."

His brow creased.

"What are you even rambling about, Sarah."

"Give me the rest of it, Nick."

He thrust up his hands angrily in a profession of innocence.

"Stop the innocent act," I hissed angrily, "just let me have the rest of the money. Did you think I wouldn't know? Did you think Zach wouldn't count it? Are you an idiot?"

"You see?" He pointed his finger at me angrily. "Sarah, this is why I can't work with you. You screw up every job we're on together. You just can't get it straight. Sarah, let me explain this to you: I made the exchange and got the money. You took the money and were supposed to hand it over to Zach. How could you screw it up?"

Edward was still preoccupied, but I could see Jasper and the other blonde girl staring at us curiously.

I threw an arm around Nick in a sibling manner. There was no reason to screw over our social lives just because of this little problem. And, it was a little problem. Honestly, as soon as Nick forked over the cash he'd tried so stupidly to hide, everything would be fine. Really! How did he think he'd get away with that?

"Keep your voice down! Do you want them to know about this? How do you think Bella would react to your extra curricular activities, hmm? And you can be sure that if word got out, Edward would lose interest in me too. He seems like a straight-laced kind of guy to me."

He snorted. "Like I care about you getting that plastic surgery enhanced wannabe. I'm only in this to get Bella. Don't forget that. You ruin my chances, I ruin yours."

"Yeah, well, vice versa."

"I gave you that money."

"Nick, you didn't," I whispered, starting to feel scared.

"Sarah, I wouldn't steal from Zach. Hell, no one could be that stupid."

I was starting to believe him.

"How much was missing?" He was looking worried, too, now.

"Did you count it, Nick?"

He was staring at me, his eyes widening in horror.

"How. Much. Was. Missing?"

I was silent.

"No," he sighed.

"No, what?"

"I didn't count it."

My eyes closed.

"Two thousand was gone." The words were just a breath of air.

His face drained of all color.

"Why wouldn't you count the money?"

"I—I, they just gave it to me. It looked like the right amount. What are we going to do?"

"I don't know, but Zach's expecting his return. Right now. Just go find the people you sold it to and beat it out of them."

"They already left."

I exhaled. Zach would kill us if we didn't pay up. Not literally of course. It would probably be Toni or Steven who would do the actual act. Zach would just issue it.

"Think fast little sis, I'm coming up with nothing."

"Okay, okay," I murmured to myself.

We had wandered a slight distance from the Cullen family. I looked over to them and saw they were all talking to a cop, of all people; two cops actually. Good thing we weren't with them at the time. I searched for Bella for a moment, but she wasn't there. Obviously the clueless idiot had gotten herself lost. Great. Wait . . .

She wasn't with them, she was a clueless idiot, and the Cullens were distracted . . . lost . . . clueless . . . distracted . . . cops . . .

The idea clicked in my head with a jolt of inspiration.

"Zach's always looking for new carriers. Just go tell him I'm bringing him a carrier. Tell him I paid her the two grand already as the opening payment to draw her in."


I shoved him a little. "Just go, I'll be there as soon as I can."

Edward's POV

Emmett's booming laughter and my unease and slightly shifty looking expression from being away from Bella had set off the police. They sauntered over to us and started asking us some rudimentary questions. All they needed was a smidgeon of proof to give them the incentive to 'bring us downtown.' The shorter, darker complected man was utterly convinced of our guilt.

Sometimes humans astounded me.

How they could so easily leap from one conclusion to another was ridiculous.

"You're not from around here, are you?"

"No sir, we're not." Jasper answered the sandy haired cop closest to him, but Rose and Emmett were close by to prevent any possible mishaps.

"So what brings you kids to Phoenix, eh?"

Rosalie bristled at the word kids.

"My girlfriend grew up around here; she wanted me to see her hometown. I thought the fair would be a good idea," I answered smoothly.

"She your girlfriend?"

They nodded toward Rosalie.

"No, she's with my sister in the restroom at the moment."

How convenient.

This was so tedious. They weren't going to find anything wrong with us, at least, nothing they were searching for.

Zach would kill us if we didn't pay up. Not literally of course. It would probably be Toni or Steven who would do the actual act. Zach would just issue it.

I sighed mentally. Another problem. Only Bella would have a ring of drug dealers for her childhood friends, how fitting. They would have to be dealt with, and Bella would have to be told the truth. And Sarah's jealous murmurings were becoming stronger. I was becoming utterly furious at some of the degrading ways she thought of Bella. Honestly, as if anyone could mean to me what Bella did, let alone someone of her caliber. I rolled my eyes at the idea. Yes, Sarah would have to be contained completely before we left Phoenix. I was sure Bella wouldn't want any loose ends from this life in Phoenix. She should have closure to go on living. Preferably she would continue to let me stay with her.

I thought of the dangers she had unknowingly been in before she left for Forks. I truly didn't know how she'd survived all those years.

Or how she would in the future.

I shuddered away from that thought. I would find some way to make her understand. She was my life. I couldn't be without her. Even if she left me, I would blend into the background and stay with her unseen. I couldn't bear to let anything happen to her.

Alice had shown me the outcome of her little talk. It was positive. Bella would finally understand. I hoped she really would. That would lift such an uncomfortable burden from my shoulders. She was already going through enough without the worries of my dissatisfaction for her to deal with as well.

Edward! Do some damage control here! Rosalie's going to get rather out of hand quite soon. She's going to cause some serious problems if you don't stop her. I'm on my way with Bella. Be there in a second.—oh! It was a success, I thought you'd like to know. Bella's mentality is as sharp as ever. I think I cleared up most of that insecurity. You helped too with your sulking and general unhappiness—Rose! Rose! Go step in Edward.

"I'll have you know, I am twenty and not a child." Rose poked the short man, Terry, in the shoulder.

"You just seemed awfully young miss—" he tried to backtrack quickly, catching her venomous expression.

"And absolutely not! You may not know what we're doing for the rest of the evening; I think that's up to my family and no one else. I saw the looks you were shooting at my husband, too. Don't think I missed those. Just because he's a more of a man than you'll ever be doesn't give you the right to—"

"Now hold on one minute," Terry blustered.

"Nice, Emmett, were you planning on stopping her, I was preoccupied," I spoke low enough for only vampire ears to hear.

He chuckled softly.

"Rosie can hold her own against the two of them. Breaking into her rants can make things . . . complex."

"Yeah, well, if Rosalie ends up mortally wounding two officers of the law, don't you think that would make things even more complex?"

"My goodness, Edward, haven't you stopped her yet?" Alice popped up beside me, a little too quickly for a public area. I checked, no one noticed. I sent her a warning look. "Fine," she sighed, "I'll handle it."

"Wait," I looked around anxiously. "Where's Bella?"

Alice waved her hand in fluttery, nondescriptive direction.

"She's right behind me."

She wasn't. I didn't even have to turn. If she had been even remotely close, I would have caught her scent. I would have known. I had a natural instinct alerting me when her presence was near.

So she wasn't with Alice.

Where was she?


"Not now," she gritted through her teeth. "So as I was saying officer, my sister is just a tad bit sensitive." Rosalie seethed behind Alice. "And I mean, after the plane ride we've been through—"

"Alice, where did—"

"Not now."

I exhaled in frustration and mounting panic.

Something wasn't right. Had she just fallen behind? I had to find her. I needed to know she was fine.

Before I had even taken two steps, a hot, meaty hand clamped down on my shoulder. I nearly sprang on him. It was close, but Jasper felt my anger and sent me a wave of calm.

"He doesn't like to be touched," Emmett filled in quickly, explaining my reaction to the other police officer who'd grabbed me, Jim.

"Touchy and sensitive, eh son?" Jim chuckled and readjusted his gun belt on his stomach. "Where were you heading off to go in such a rush there anyway?"

I did not have time for this.

"Son, say, didn't you say your girlfriend was with your sister?"

I nodded tersely.

"Well, this here's your sister, isn't it?"

I remained silent.

"You don't have a girlfriend, do you?"

At that moment, Sarah Bishop's thoughts encompassed my mind.

I knew their plan the moment after her thoughts struck me, or rather, Sarah's plan. Her brother was clueless in this particular ploy.

"Zach's always looking for new carriers. Just go tell him I'm bringing him a carrier. Tell him I paid her the two grand already as the opening payment to draw her in."


"Just go, I'll be there as soon as I can."

Finally, a solution. Actually, this is killing two birds with one stone. Getting rid of Swan and taking care of our debt all in one. There's no way Edward would want to stick with that trash after he conveniently discovers she's involved with drugs. Wow, this worked out pretty well. Now to find Bella.

There was a moment's pause and then,

Aha! There she is. I'll just make this quick, clean, and easy then. Nick had better have already filled Zach in on everything.


Frozen with fury, I watched her physically grasp onto a lost looking Bella's arm. She began towing her the opposite direction, away from us. Her voice was starting to fade out and grow weaker. I concentrated harder. I needed to stay connected to her vile mind. And Bella, trusting person that she is, went along; confused, but without resistance.

I now knew what was going on, and there was no way I was going to let Bella get within a thousand yards of those criminals.

"Alice, you'll have to take care of things here. I have to go get Bella."

She tossed a blinding smile at the irritated looking policemen and grasped my elbow. I could have thrown her, but I was intent on not causing a scene.

"Excuse me, just one moment gentlemen," she chirped.

"Alice, what are you doing? I need to go. Now!" I was literally trembling with suppressed emotion.

"Edward, I just saw what's going on. I'm sorry. I know you're worried. You have every right to be, and I'm sorry that I didn't keep a better eye on her. But I do know that you have to stay here for another fifteen minutes. I need you here. You're the one they suspect and if you leave, it's going to get ugly for us. This could turn into a huge mess if you don't placate them, and you know best," she spoke directly and quickly.

"Alice," it was almost more of a groan of pain than a word.

"We need you for fifteen minutes, just fifteen minutes. Then we'll go find her. She'll be fine. I promise."

"Did you see a vision of that, or are you guessing Alice?" I hissed impatiently.

"I don't need a vision. It's going to be fine. Fifteen minutes is hardly a world of time. If someone were to happen to her, I would get a vision. Since I haven't, I find that to be promising. Now, go charm them so we can find her."

Unwillingly, I turned around and spent the longest fifteen minutes of my life waiting in paralyzed panic.

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