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The loud crash of the door startled the muggles on the inside as well as Remus Lupin who had accompanied Kenneth to their house. After he'd gotten the message, he'd yelled through the bathroom door to Remus of what he had to do. A few seconds of silence and Remus burst through the door willing to help. He couldn't let his cousin do it alone. When he'd said something about owling the ministry, the werewolf urged him not to. It would be best if they dealt with it as best they could and analyze the situation before calling them in. Secretly, Remus wanted to see Sirius again. He was so afraid, but he wanted to see him because he needed to know if what he said that night in front of his house was true.

"Moony! Please just listen! They changed the secret keeper at the last minute to Wormtail. He was the secret keeper. He told He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I promise you."

There it went again… with hearing Sirius as plain as day. He wished he could get that deep, rushed voice out of his mind. He hated thinking about that night. The night where, perhaps, he could have helped Sirius. Wait… What was he thinking? He gave away Lily and James' secret. He killed Peter Pettigrew. He was NOT to be trusted. There was no way he could begin to believe that Sirius was his Padfoot anymore. Sirius Black. Convict and murderer. Not Padfoot. Not anymore. Remus should have allowed Kenneth to owl the authorities when he'd asked to. This was insane…

A tall blond stood up and strode over to Kenneth and Remus. He had light blue eyes that surveyed the two. "He's down in the basement. I thought you might know something about this… You'd know more about it that we would anyway. I'm so glad you got here. Marla was the one that suggested we call you. She said it wasn't something that we, or our police, are capable of dealing with. I'm not sure what that means…"

It was then that Remus noticed three other girls and another guy in the room. The guy that had walked up to them, Remus identified as Peter by the voice. He gave a soft nod, realizing that Remus was there only now. He introduced himself and everyone else in the room. Catherine got up and hugged Kenneth. "You're going to take care of this, aren't you?" She looked panicked. "I tried to call the police, but they didn't believe me."

"That's not unreasonable, Cat." Kenneth grinned, but his face quickly changed to an expression of worry. "We need to do this. In the basement, right?"

"Yeah." Peter showed them to the door.

Kenneth glanced at Remus and nodded gently before opening the door. It was musty; the old smell of the place made Remus feel faint. The sun had just set and the small amount of light in the sky didn't help them see at all. Kenneth reached for the light switch. It clicked on and off, but no light graced their way. Burned out. They stepped down into the darkness, taking each step as if it were their last. It very well could have been. Remus shut the door after them, lest Sirius should kill them while they were down there and try to escape that way. This made the light even more scant in the already pitch black basement. The only sound Remus could hear was his own heart pounding like the tattoo of rhythmic drums into his hypersensitive ears. Fear. It crawled over him like a cockroach. Everything creak in the downward stairs made him jump out of his skin. Chills ran up his spine. Sirius Black was going to kill him. Here. In a muggles' basement. The thought was depressing. Finally he made it down the stairs, but it was no consolation. Somewhere, in this thick darkness, was a killer. Somebody who would take no mercy on him like he'd taken no mercy on his friends. He held his wand in a steel grip. It's small lumos charm on the end made things only more eerie. Silence, save for the beating in his ears from his heart. He went to his right, Kenneth to the left. It was much too quiet.

He hovered the light over shelves, a minifridge, old records, an old couch and bed that had obviously been slept in recently. He wondered if Sirius had slept there. Suddenly, there was a loud crash. Kenneth let out a yowl of pain. Remus froze. He quickly recovered and ran over to where the scream of pain had come from.

"Don't worry, Remus… I ran into a bloody step ladder. Who puts up a ladder in the middle of the effing basement?" Kenneth gripped his knee and looked up at Remus.

Remus frowned deeply. "Somebody who wants to get out."

They both looked up at the window and saw it was open. Realizing that there was no point in looking, he helped Kenneth up. He was already gone.

Only minutes before, Sirius had been curled up under the covers of the worn bed. It smelled like mold. In fact, the whole basement smelled like mold. This was going to be wonderful. He'd just gotten out of Azkaban, and now here he was, being held captive by muggles who were probably going to call the police. Why they hadn't already arrived, he had no clue. He peeked out of the blankets to the small window much to high for him to reach. It was day outside. He got out of the bed and began to push it toward the window, hoping it would make him tall enough to pull himself out. There were no doors to the outside except for one that was up the stairs, and he just knew that there was somebody on the other side of it waiting for him to try to break out. The first shove he gave it made it squeak rather loudly. He laid back down quickly. Sirius was so very hungry… He wished that he had at least gotten some food before he changed back to his human form.

He heard the door open from the top of the stairs. Frozen. He lay there as though if he didn't move whoever it was wouldn't see him. "Hey… Sirius… Isn't that your name?"

It was Marla. He peeked out from the sheets to look at her. Why would she possibly want to talk to him? He was a murder, apparently. Sirius nodded his head roughly. She looked very dark. Almost like a dementor. He scooted farther back on the bed.

"Alright… Well I brought you some food. Eat it now though. Somebody is coming here to get you right now so you'll want to hurry. I wouldn't let them call the police… Well, Catherine got to the phone, but they didn't believe her because she called them lots of times for murders and monsters and stuff. Catherine believes that the guy that lives next door to us is a vampire and she'll call the police on him regularly. I tell you, that girl is more paranoid that anything. I think he is though…" She smirked. "See… I know you didn't do anything you're accused of. You wanna know why?"

Sirius gave her a puzzled look and opened the container of food. He began to eat. It was in a Tupperware container and consisted of a big slab of meat and mashed potatoes. He began to shove small pieces of mashed potatoes in his mouth quickly as though it could be taken from him any minute. The warming feeling in his stomach was amazing. He managed to mumble out a few words between bites. "How would a muggle like you know something like that?"

"You see… that's where you're wrong, friend. I'm a squib. The mistake of my father that his fellow death eaters will not let him live down. When they took you in for the crime, I specifically remember him laughing hysterically at the prophet. My mother asked him why he was laughing, and he said something along the lines of 'wouldn't know a real death eater if he kissed them right on the face, now would they?'" She went over to a dark corner of the basement and got a ladder out that Sirius hadn't seen before. Marla set it up next to the window. "I would hate to see an innocent man go to back to Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit in the first place. Have a good life, Sirius Black. And watch out for people."

By this time, Sirius had shoved all the food in his mouth and hurried up the latter. He gave Marla one last look before climbing through the window. It led to an empty back yard. He stuck his head back in to tell her goodbye, but she was already gone. He quickly changed into Padfoot and made for a hole in the back fence.

As Sirius was leaving from the back, Remus Lupin was entering from the front and he couldn't have been more nervous.