Chapter 1

"Hey V I've got something for you!" Weevil yelled from the other side of the squad as he made his way through the crowd. Veronica put her fork down and gave Weevil a smile which he returned before throwing a bunch of sealed envelopes on the table, right next to her right hand. She looked at him before taking them in her hands.

"What are those and where did you get them?"


"Somewhere, really, like a post office? I'm really worried now, there are sealed envelopes with my name on them. Where you trying to rob a post office?" she asked with a smirk as she shook them and then put them next to her ear. "No tik tok, no bomb which is good!"

"Veronica I don't think a bomb would fit in such a small envelop." Wallace said with a smile before swallowing the end of his pizza.

"Wallace you never know!"

"Yeah yeah." he replied as he took a French fry from Veronica's plate and who glared at him, she never shared her French fries with anyone. He did not care much, he was way too angry to care about her non sharing food policy.

"Well I'd better go my guys are waiting for me."

"Okay, but where did you find these letters?" Veronica asked more seriously, she wanted to know who they were from. Surprises usually do not go well with her, she hates them.

"Somewhere I just thought I would give them to their right owner, but if you don't like what's written just tell me, I'll take care of the problem."


She watched him leave and she put the letters in her bag without really paying more attention to them. She turned around and looked at Logan who was once again the center of attention, like always, no longer being the guy she used to know and be friend with.

"If I had the kind of money they have, do you think I would be like them?" Wallace asked her as they collected their belongings.

"No, you have to be born in Neptune and be rich to be like them to be like them."

"So not a chance."

"Yup! Let's go, I've got to get something from my locker and I don't want to watch the last prank Logan Echolls is going to pull."

"Yeah." Wallace replied as he grabbed his bag from the floor and followed her into the school.

"Check it out." Veronica said as she showed Wallace a magazine she had pulled from her bag.

"You know this is for a baseball camp, right? It's not like a hot guy catalogue. "

"Do they have a hot guy catalogue? " she asked curious as she pretended to turn the pages to look at the other pictures. Wallace laughed and punched her friendly on the arm, he took the magazine and went back to look at the page she had showed him earlier.

"Attend a week long Padres fantasy camp at their first class training site. It's a perfect Christmas present for my dad."

"In a world where you can afford three grand for a baseball camp, yeah. I hate being poor, do you realize how great I would be if I were rich. I would be the new Paris Hilton, Lindsay Logan and Britney Spears, all in one!"

"I don't think the world is ready for a combination of the three, do you realize how horrible it would?"

"Who cares, I would the best rich the world has seen! I would be so good in that role." she said as she raised her fist in the air with a smile, just as Wallace was about to reply, Duncan walked past them, bumping into Veronica without even apologizing. She was about to say something when she saw him grab Weevil by his shirt, she heard him yell something about wanting to have his laptop back and not having taken his money. Weevil's boys came and grabbed Duncan by the shoulders and shoved against a locker.

"I get my money and you get your laptop back, you should have known better than to steal something from me."

"I didn't take your fucking money!" Duncan yelled as he struggled against the boys who were still holding him against the lockers. They pushed him against the lockers forecefully one last time before letting him go.

"I don't care, you find who has my money and you might stop losing your stuff." Weevil told him before leaving along with his boys.

Veronica shared a look with Wallace before joining Duncan who was banging his head against the wall, she looked at him and asked him what was going on between him and Weevil.

"Nothing, we played poker last night and Weevil won, but his money disappeared and since then he's taking our things."

"Well you're stupid!" she told him with a smirk. "Are you stupid? Seriously who would be crazy enough to play poker with a guy like Weevil? Good luck getting your stuff back."

"You're also concerned by that!" Duncan told her as she was leaving, she stopped and turned back to look at him.

"What do you mean I'm also concerned by that?"

"I keep my journal on my laptop, something I've been doing for the last few years and you're mentioned. In fact, there was a time when you were kind of a feature and I've been pretty prolific when we were together."

"Please tell me you never mentioned my name and used pseudonyms as every sane and intelligent person would do." She said hopeful, but when she saw the look on his face she understood. Veronica hit him on the chest and asked him how he could be this stupid and do something like that, what happened to the good old paper and pen.