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Chapter 35

Duncan opened the door softly, it creaked a little as it had not often been opened or closed over the last eigetheen months. He walked in first followed by Veronica and Logan.

« What are you looking for? » Duncan asked Veronica who was searching the room with her eyes.

« We're looking for a shot glass from Tijuna. »

« Logan… »

« Not now Duncan. » Logan said harshly. Veronica sighed, now was not the time to have a fight over why Lilly would have a glass from the place Logan was supposed to be. « Logan can you hand me that chair please? » she asked as she looked at the vent in the wall.

« Do you think Lilly put it there? »

« I don't know Logan, it can't hurt to check. » Veronica took a screwdriver from her back pocket and began to open the vent. « Bingo! » She said with a smile as she held the glass and the letter. Just as she was about to screw the nail something caught her attention, it was a camera along with tapes.

Logan arched an eyebrow and took the camera Veronica gave him, Duncan was watching the whole thing unfold before him not understanding what was happening.

« Why would my sister have hidden those things? »

« When Lilly wanted to hid things from your mother she would always put them there, something about Celeste searching her room. Do you have something on which we can see what's on those tapes? » Veronica asked Duncan, he nodded and left the room.

« Vee do you really think we're closer to finding her killer? »

« I do, Lilly wouldn't have put them there unless it was important and needed to be kept quiet. I don't know what she did but it got her killed. »

« I've got them. » Duncan said quickly entering the room and setting up the whole thing. Veronica handed him the first time.

The three of them stood in the middle of the room staring at the TV, knowing their lives were about to change no matter what. Veronica handed the remote control to Duncan who pressed play.

At first nothing could be seen except for what looked like a bed and then suddenly Lilly's face appeared on the screen and as the tape went on Lilly's face got closer to the camera.

« Logan… » Veronica whispered as she grabbed his hand, she knew where the film was made, the Echolls pool house. Logan stood frozen as he watched on screen Lilly discover the camera. Veronica stopped the tape and put another one and this time they all knew why Lilly had hidden them.

« I… It can't be… She would never… » Duncan tried to say. Veronica wanted to break down and cry but she needed to be the strong one this time, the two men with her needed her to be strong and she wouldn't let them down.

« I need to call my dad and tell him about it. »

« What are you going to tell him? »

« Aaron did it, she must have stolen the tapes and he killed her to get them back. » she explained as she dialed her dad's number. « Dad I know who killed Lilly, it was Aaron Echolls, he was having an affair with her …. Yes I know but I can prove it…. There are tapes of the two of them having sex… Ok I'll meet you there. » she hung up and turned to Logan. « We need to go to the police station. »

The closet door burst open as Aaron stood before the trio with a gun in his hand, he smirked as he aimed his gun towards Veronica.

« I'm afraid no one's going anywhere at the moment. Why couldn't you let that case go Veronica? We had her killer. »

« But why Lilly, why did you have to kill her, she was innocent. » Logan said as he pushed his girlfriend behind him so he could shield her from Aaron. From the corner of his eyes he saw Duncan inch towards the door, Logan knew what he wanted to do but Veronica didn't, he had to distract Aaron.

« Lilly wasn't that innocent, that bitch jumped in bed with me willingly and then she suddenly remembered she had a conscience. She had no remorse when in bed with me. »

« She was sixteen and my girlfriend. »

« You weren't together then and she was more mature in the sacks department for a sixteen years teen. Now we aren't going to spend the night discussing the why or how I killed Lilly, give me those tapes. »

« What if I don't? » Logan said challenging Aaron once more. « Will you shoot me, kill your son and alert all the people in the house? There are four people in the room, you can't kill the three of us and think you'll get away just like that. »

« People are stupid Logan, they believe what you want them to believe, you can manipulate them as you wish. As for killing you Logan believe me I'll do it without thinking twice about it, after all you did take an ice pic with my name on it. Did I ever thank you for taking that? Of course no, I was the one who shoved you in front of me to take the hit. »

« You won't walk out of here as a freeman, the three of us have seen the tapes, heard you admit you killed Lilly you'll end up in jail. »

« Honey, can I call you that? » Aaron asked as we walked closer to Veronica. He grabbed her arm and dragged her away from Logan who was struggling to keep a hold on Veronica. « You should let that sweet angel go, she reminds of Lilly, her blond hair so much like hers. Tell me Logan what is she like in bed » he said dragging a finger from her eye to her lips and then suddenly he slapped her.

« You son of bitch! » he screamed as he lunched on Aaron. Veronica managed to get away and closer to Duncan who was yelling for security at the top of his lungs. She saw Logan and Aaron fight over the control of the gun when a shot rang out.

Chapter 36

After she heard the gun went off Veronica ran to Logan's side, she saw blood pooling on the floor, not knowing whose blood it was. She checked his body, looking for any sign of injury but she found none. She turned her head and saw Aaron holding his arm and trying to reach the gun on the floor. She kicked the gun out of his reach before kicking him in the guts.

« Veronica? » she heard Logan call her, she rushed to his side and smiled sadly. « We got Lilly's killer. »

« We did. » she said tearfully. They both watched as the security guys came into the room, with their weapons pointing towards them. Duncan quickly told them to get Aaron and call the police as he tried to murder them and he did kill Lilly. The people around them were pushed back as Duncan's parents entered the room, they immediately went to check on Duncan, looking for any injuries just like she had done with Logan. She excused herself and went to retrieve the tapes, she couldn't let them out of sight, she didn't want people to see Lilly like that.

They were sitting in the hall of the Neptune Police Department waiting for Lamb to tell what would happen now that they had arrested Aaron. She put her hand on Logan's shoulder, feeling tired, the whole evening, even year had worn her. She felt her father kiss her forehead and whisper it was ok to sleep now but the door burst open.

Lamb was standing before them in his uniform trying to act like he was the man behind Aaron's arrest. She had seen him on the news smiling as he led a handcuffed Aaron out of the Kane's mansion towards an ambulance. When Aaron was released from the hospital he was immediately taken in custody but he had asked for a lawyer.

« We just wrapped the interrogation and he keeps saying he didn't do anything. According to Mr Echolls he saw Logan hit Veronica and when he tried to intervene Duncan came in holding the gun. He claims he is the victim of a trap you set out to extort money. »

« That's a lie! What about the tapes? » Duncan asked.

« He says they are fake, part of your extortion plan. »

« What if I told you I have a proof that shows what happened in that room? » Logan said suddenly. All the people around him looked at him, why hadn't he said something sooner, he pulled a pencil from his pocket and gave it to Lamb. « You have a confession about Lilly's murder and that he's been feeding you lies. »

« How did you do it? » Duncan asked.

« Your sister was smart and while Veronica was pulling things out the vent I saw it on the bed when Veronica pulled it oout and for some reasons I kept it on me. When Aaron barged into the room with the gun I turned it on and let it record whatever was about to happen. You can call it an insurrance. »

« What's going to happen now? » Duncan asked Lamb who was stupidly starring at the pen in Logan's hand, hitching to get it.

« We have enough evidence to prove Kunts' innocence so the verdict could be reversed, I'm pretty sure the DA will want to go over your statements. » Lamb explained still staring at Logan's hand. « As for you Mr Kane, your parents'll have to face charges for what they did when they hid evidences. » Lamb explained. Keith stood up and took Veronica's hand explaining their presence wasn't needed anymore. He turned to Logan and told him to come home with them since his mom was on a plane back home from New York.

« Don't forget to give the pen to the Sherrif Logan. »

« Me ? »

« Yes, you. »

« Alright. » Logan said with a smile before handing the pen over, but when Lamb put his hand on it, he refused to let it go. He pulled on it to bring Lamb closer to him. « Lose it or do anything that could jeopardise this case, and you'll be the next one whose family is mourning. » he told him in a deadly soft voice. He dropped the pen in Lamb's hand and spoke loudly. « If I were you I'd make a copy of the tape and give Mr Mars a copy and without a complain. Understood ? »

Lamb sent a glare his way, gritting his teeth as he nodded, knowning there was nothing he could do. Logan grabbed his girlfriend's hand and just as he was about to leave, he turned twoards Lamb one last time.

« If you think Veronica's scary then let me tell you, you haven't seen anything. I can and will do worst. »

Mars apartment

Logan was sitting on a chair in Veronica's room while she was sleeping, he didn't want to disturb her sleep simply because he couldn't sleep. He had a million thought running through his mind, while he was happy to know Lilly's killer would be sleeping in jail from now on. He was just having troubles erasing these pictures of Lilly with his dad in a bed.

How could she do that to him, to Veronica but mostly to herself, she knew Aaron was bad news and abusive. Lilly knew about the abuse and the scares on his back so why did she still choose to sleep with him?

He could not even think about what his mother must be feeling and she's alone. She had gone to New York for a meeting with a director and was supposed to be back tomorrow, but that was before the whole tape « incident ». When Lamb and his deputy got to the Kane mansion while Veronica and Duncan were explaining what had happened with Aaron he had walked away so he could call her. Her cries, sobs and yells he could not get those sounds out of his mind, the press is now standing on the Mars' doorstep waiting to catch a glimpse of him or Veronica. His mother took the first plane out of New York when they hang up, she wanted to hear from him he was and Veronica were fine. She had also sent a lawyer for them to make sure no action could be taken against them because of Aaron and his lawyers.

Logan felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he glanced at the name on the screen before pressing the red button on his iPhone. He wanted to turn it off but he could not in case his mom called him again, he was more worried about her and Veronica than himself. He had seen pictures of her leaving her hotel in NY, it was crazy, paparazzi shouting outrageous question about Aaron and Lilly and then him wanting to kill Logan. TMZ had somehow managed to get the audio tape in which Aaron confessed his crime and his intention to kill them. Everything was going down, they had caught Lilly's murderer but maybe the price to pay was too high for them.

Could his relation with Veronica survive, he didn't even want to think about his friendship with Duncan, maybe that was the blow that would break apart their years of friendship. He was worried about what his life would be like from now on, would he be branded as the son of a movie star turned rapist slash murderer? What about his mom what would she do now? Could she survive this scandal, another one caused by her now ex-husband.

« Logan? » he heard Veronica mumbled in her sleep as she began to roll on his side of the bed. He let out a little sigh and went to bed.

« I'm here. »

« Hmm I thought you were gone. » she said opening her eyes.

« Never, remember it's the two of us against the world. »

« Yeah, love you. » she said before closing her eyes again.

Logan smiled at her, she was so cute. They were both living a nightmare but she was still the cutest thing when she was sleeping, she was carefree, no worry.

« Love you too shortie. »

« Ass » she replied. Logan laughed, he could not help it, with just one word Veronica had begun to re-build his world, maybe everything was going to crash after all.

The end

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